Social Work Law and Practice Assignment Essay

“To be accountable is literally to be apt to be called upon to give an history of what one has done or non done. The history may include all or some of descriptions. accounts. alibis or justifications. ” ( Banks. 2004. p. 150 ) . Within my current bureau context I have a professional answerability which appoints me a responsibility to transport out and warrant my work through ; informed theoretical cognition. professional opinions and legal models which govern the societal work profession in the field of condemnable justness ( Kleinig. 2008 ) .

To day of the month I have carried out my ‘supervised direct pattern placement’ within a 3rd sector bureau whose purpose within the ideal of societal attention and protection is to advance the economic and societal public assistance in Scotland in working with ex-offenders and immature people deemed ‘at risk’ to supply them with the movable accomplishments they each require to assist them happen or remain within employment or instruction ( Agency Policy. 2010a ) .

The assortment of scenes and engagement manners I worked within over this period of clip. although diverse. all aimed to continue the administrations statement of intent which defines that. “our work adheres to the usage of the organisation’s employability theoretical account to ; place. buttocks and tackle barriers faced by our service users such as debt. household jobs and piquing. This service bringing should reflect upon the relevant techniques and counsel which focal point on cut downing re-offending and supplying both counsel and advice on strong belief relevancy and disclosure” ( Agency Policy. 2011b ) .

As a societal work pupil I have answerability and attachment to assorted organic structures and persons whom govern my professional pattern. This responsibility to the work within the lines of multiple answerabilities which are frequently in tenseness with each other pose complexness on the work I deliver. which in bend both represents therefore public organic structures whilst precautions and promotes the public assistance of service users.

This statement is agreed by Ingram ( 2011 ) who indicates that societal workers within Scotland have “complex mutualities and relationships in presenting safe. effectual. accountable and professional practice” ( Scots Government. 2011 ) . This remark besides expands on the important professional partnerships I have with other bureaus and statutory services. In the intent of my professional pattern I have worked together with the appropriate functionaries and bureaus that all have the common intent of undertaking and presenting pattern of assorted grades to service users within the condemnable justness field.

Our service users are the cardinal constituents of our involvement focal point and have brought us together to work with a common intent ; their public assistance ( Banks. 2004 ) . Knowledge of the remit in which other bureaus work within is critical. leting for the decrease in both convergences and nothingnesss in our service bringing ( Glasby and Peck. 2004 ) . In my current bureau I have used partnership working as a tool to both beginning information and gather professional sentiments from those working with persons in a different capacity.

This has marginally been in interceding with societal workers for developed background information on the service users I have worked with and informing their professional determination doing with respect to each individual’s patterned advance with the administration following referral. This multi-disciplinary manner of working. although good to my development and patterned advance of work with persons is to boot a legal criterion of behavior which governs my professional public presentation ( Pycroft and Gough. 2010 ) .

The Scottish Social Services Council ( SSSC ) is the regulative organic structure whom describes and governs the criterions of behavior which I am accountable to present in my work with persons. Through my indispensable enrollment to them it is their counsel that outlines those criterions and values I must adhere to in my professional pattern. It is this Council that foresees the essentialness of ; “Recognising and esteeming the functions and expertness of workers from other bureaus and working in partnership with them” ( SSSC. 2003: 6. 7 ) .

This codification of behavior influenced my function of with a figure of service user during pattern arrangement in roll uping informations both verbally and in the signifier of certification from professionals. most normally their societal workers. whilst lucubrating on the implicit in ends I had in footings of developing ‘employability skills’ . This in bend reflected upon my code’s of pattern in lending to the acquisition of others in bettering and developing my cognition of our each particular ; answerabilities. powers and accomplishments within our contrasting functions of working ( SSSC. 2003: 6. ) . Assorted research and enlightening statute law lineations my upheld values and responsibilities within the Scots context of societal work. It is this legal authorship aboard academic literature that influences my ‘need’ to move in peculiar ways and present ‘required’ services.

It is in equilibrating my responsibilities and answerabilities outlined by this published counsel that I am obligated to do my informed determinations and professional opinions with respect to my service user group ( Lishman. 2007 ) . Alongside this is to boot my responsibility o service users and my pattern administration. they may both have outlook from the pattern I deliver. nevertheless endeavoring to congratulate this by working closely within the remit of my allowances as a trainee practician is what I have aimed to grounds to day of the month ( Fraser and Matthews. 2008 ) . “It seems that the balance of answerabilities of societal work pattern has become slightly skewed. with excessively much accent on answerability to the employer and non plenty on single professional accountability” ( Scots Executive. 2006. p. 30 ) .

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This statement agrees that the bringing of effectual pattern is frequently focused more to a great extent upon one group or administration. My working has aimed to expose professional accountable to all those persons and appropriate bureaus during this pattern larning whilst still implementing and working within the statute law that governs my work as a pupil societal worker. Within my single working with service users I have used both theory and ‘skills’ derived from the professional context such as active hearing and open ended inquiries.

These ‘skills’ are indispensable in portraying my professional competency as a societal work pupil and good to the forming of effectual professional relationships and information assemblage. Equally good as exposing my ability to pattern these methods within my working I am accountable to make so by the SSSC who province that I must ; run into the lineations criterions of pattern whilst working in both an effectual and safe manner whilst within the boundaries of current statute law ( SSSC. 2003: 6. 1 ) . This has been displayed most normally been through the initial contact assessment meetings I have both conducted and participated within.

The chief intent of these meetings is to ; inform. buttocks and discuss available paths and options available to each service user whilst expecting their offending behavior and condemnable strong beliefs and other relevant factors which could act upon the sustaining of current or future employment ( Agency Policy. 2010b ) . A common illustration of my working in this service bringing is in join forcesing a revelation missive with an person. this papers inside informations their condemnable strong beliefs and gives an history for their happening ; whilst pulling on the influences that were evident for them to hold happened.

In order to finish such a missive with a service user I have had to obtain signed mandate from them in order to entree their charge sheet which is in the ownership of their societal worker. This component of work is governed by Shedule 20 of the Data Portection Act 1998 ; which outlines that the societal worker has the authorization as an official worker to provide confidential information if requested whilst permitted by the person who is specified within the informations ( Gibbons-Wood. 2008 ) .

Upon having a transcript of this official sum-up of strong beliefs. I so cipher what strong beliefs are ‘spent’ and ‘unspent’ under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. This statute law governs the proviso of the ‘employment and guidance’ service the administration delivers. I worked within the remit of its legal counsel by ciphering what strong beliefs need to be disclosed to an employer and what 1s do non in each service user’s instance. This computation is made dependent on ; nature of strong belief. clip in between piquing and reoffending and the length of sentence/probation period they served ( Croall. et Al. 010 ) .

The result of back uping service users to compose a revelation missive is finally to hold a paper papers that will back up their occupation applications and interviews. The missive. in conformity with the relevant statute law provides the information that will let an employer to measure the relevancy of an individual’s strong beliefs to the station being applied for ( McLaughlin. 2008 ) . Within this work I was aware to be honest in my recommendations with respect to service user’s wishes towards employment whilst esteeming their determinations and desires towards work.

I did non at any point want to be seen as discouraging or negative about their aspirations but had to be realistic about how the nature of their strong beliefs could impact the station they want. One illustration of this lies within my working with Stacey* ; she was eager to larn about the most appropriate manner to unwrap your yesteryear to en employer including her condemnable strong beliefs with the aid of the administration. Stacey wished to prosecute a calling in kid attention nevertheless had four strong beliefs of ‘assault doing lasting disfigurement’ and several pending charges of larceny.

Although she may hold been deemed as holding the aspiration and lovingness nature which is required for this work her strong beliefs would most likely set a barrier on working with kids and those within a vulnerable people grouping. I had to convey this information to her suitably whilst being sensitive to her feelings. Ultimately I explained that I could non supply a factual reply to whether or non employment in this field would be possible as it is ever at the employers’ discretion. nevertheless had to be realistic in footings of how these strong beliefs may act upon Er working with kids. Delivering this information in the most ; unfastened honest and accurate manner I could posed complexness on the relationship I was constructing with Stacey through this treatment as I was unable to find how she would react although I aimed to non let any false pretensions within her outlooks. This honestness to service users is a factor governed by my professional responsibility to pattern and uphold the appropriate ethical determination devising and values for societal workers ( Walker and Crawford. 2010 ) .

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My values and moralss although in portion derive from some personal beliefs and experiences are governed within my professional pattern through my answerability to the British Association for Social Workers ( BASW* ) . This association defines my duty to service users alongside the moralss and values I must adhere to within my work with them. It is within this counsel that my duty and responsibility to esteem service user’s backgrounds and beliefs are outlined every bit good as valuing their ideas and wants whilst working at all times to run into their demands and involvements ( BASW. 2002 ) .

The quandary I faced in working with Stacey came following the treatment we engaged in about her condemnable strong beliefs presenting restrictions on her desire to work with kids. She told me that she understood why she may non be able to work in this sector and how restrictions to other occupations in the attention and support field may besides be a consequence of this. Despite Stacey admiting and demoing understanding to this information she disclosed that if she thought within any occupation application that she would non be considered due to her condemnable record she would merely claim that she has no condemnable strong beliefs or pending charges.

This left me with a an ethical determination to do ; although I felt that Stacey had many personal properties and the passion to do a success of a calling within kid attention her non unwraping this information could finally set persons including the kids she may come to work with at hazard. I was both responsibility edge and accountable to convey this information to employers or other professionals in this case for the intent of both public and child protection if she were non to make so herself and I made this clear to Stacey.

Although I encouraged the importance of being honest with employers when it comes to the condemnable history of service users I am bound by governmental policy in relation to child protection to portion any information that may set the public assistance or safety of kids in hazard ( Scots Executive. 2002 ) . Parallel with my answerability to service users are my extra answerabilities to my administration and pattern of the societal work profession in which I represent as a pupil.

I upheld this duty through attachment to and pattern within the diverse organizational policies which were in topographic point and abided by the local and national policy that administers work within the field of condemnable justness. A cardinal papers which outlines my acquisition demands and elements I must both adhere to and show is The Framework for Social Work Education in Scotland. It is this papers. set out by the authorities. which displays therefore guiding rules I am expected to continue and pattern through my work with service users.

One of which is my ability to show within a pattern puting a “high degree of movable skills” ( Scots Government. 2003 ) . This in bend defines my duty to set my acquisition of theory and a scope of ; faculties. accomplishments and information I have studied from the societal work context into pattern within my pattern administration and show it to a competent criterion. An duty I have which is outlined in subdivisions within the Social Work ( Scotland ) Act 1968 is to enter with regard to each person ; what I did. why I done it and the results or professional opinions I made in each case ( Davis and Gordon. 2011 ) .

In relation to my administration I fulfilled this responsibility by maintaining records up to day of the month and accurate. documenting lone information that was relevant to the public assistance of the service user and purposeful sing their employment demands. Most of my work with the administration has been with immature people aged between 16-25 old ages who are in contact with societal work. A big proportion of my working with them has been influenced by conditions/orders or strong beliefs they have incurred through the Crime and Punishment ( Scotland ) Act 1997 and Care and Protection ( Scotland ) Act 1995 ( Gibbons-Wood. 2008 ) .

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However it is dependent on the nature of strong belief which deems what statute law most to a great extent influences the sentencing of each service user and besides the diverse nature and purposes of the on the job manner being formed with them. In my working with convicted sex wrongdoers I was cognizant of the relevant statute law and counsel in topographic point a national degree which governs my working aims and lineations my responsibility to be proactive in sharing information with external administrations and local authorization squads.

The Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements ( MAPPA’S ) model was formed following the Management of Offenders Act 2005. It is this model that governs my professional working with those convicted of a sexual offense doing me “obligated by a statutory responsibility to collaborate. all relevant bureaus including local governments. voluntary administrations and. crucially. wellness services are jointly charged with the ‘management’ of such wrongdoers ( Gibbons-Wood. 2008. p. 232 ) .

Prior to my first assessment meeting with an person charged with a sexual offense I used supervising from my workplace supervisor to discourse my concerns over my deficiency of experience in covering with those service users convicted of agenda one offences. I felt I required more information on the individual’s fortunes and strong beliefs prior to this arranged contact to help my readying and cognition of his condemnable history. I explained to my supervisor that I wished to reach his societal worker to roll up this information. which would ease my concerns on this juncture with regard to his referral information being highly brief.

This allowed for more relevant readying to be conducted and a strengthening in partnership working with his societal worker as we shared professional sentiments and other information relevant to the intent of his referral to the service. This professional partnership working adhered to the MAPPA model in helping our bringing of effectual and applicable pattern ( McNeill and Whyte. 2007 ) . The readying on this juncture besides included me independently bespeaking a hazard appraisal to be carried out before run intoing the single via one-to-one battle.

As I have to day of the month had no sex wrongdoer or collusion preparation I requested this be carried out with support from my co-workers. My workplace supervisor explained to me that this is non compulsory within the policies and processs of the administration nevertheless I explained that I felt it to be necessary on this juncture and how I felt it would positively help future pattern. Following the look my concern I was forwarded hazard appraisal paperwork from my higher-up in which I passed onto the individual’s societal worker to be completed.

The hazard appraisal paperwork aimed to let his societal worker to ; “Make professional opinion on the degree of hazard this person may present onto staff members whilst detailing their strong belief and victim group and demoing what they recommend for hazard direction for the named individual” ( Agency Policy. 2011a ) . I felt in my petition for such an appraisal to be carried out I displayed competency in my ability to utilize resources to help my working relationships and back up a ‘safe’ working environment.

Although it was non basically common pattern within my bureau is proved to be good pattern in helping my preparedness for initial contact. Conclusively. a quandary I faced throughout the continuance of my pattern arrangement was that the bureau was non a statutory administration. This meant that my work on a twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours footing was non ever governed by national guidelines and authorities statute law. alternatively by organizational policies and processs which were in certain instances merely influenced by this relevant statute law.

I responded to this by working every bit good as I could within the commissariats set from both my administration and those in topographic point for me to outdo utilise my accomplishments as a societal work pupil. Working in the closest relation to the duties I have as a trainee practicioner from the Social Work ( Scotland ) Act 1968 I acknowledged that ; “the demand to hold an apprehension of legal issues which service users may confront even though at that place may non be a direct societal work duty involved in the issue” ( Brammer. 2010. p. ) . I understand that I am non a qualified or approved societal worker therefore I am non yet apt for to do single determinations without the input of supervising from co-workers ( Lackey. 2006 ) . However. I aimed to demo my answerability to the huge array of persons and administrations I came into contact with over the continuance of direct pattern larning despite my duties lying largely with the administration I was practising within.