Social Work Essay

Initial assessment The initial appraisal will get down with the two kids and therefore continue with an appraisal of their parents. Other considerations will be included such as other grownups populating with in the family viz. Michael and Edith with consideration of their environment.

Darren at hazard of having an anti-social behavior order ( ASBO ) ; nevertheless O’Dell ( 2011 ) suggests young persons are frequently misunderstood by society and implies ASBO’s contribute to this by adding to frights of offense instead than a true contemplation of existent offenses. Furthermore Crawford ( 2010 ) suggests adolescence is a clip of convulsion in footings of exceeding from childhood to adult and connote cultural influences play an of import function in happening 1s individuality.

Although Darren has expressed he enjoys school when it is football and art Darren behavior. losing school and pulling the attending of the constabulary is a cause of concern to his male parent Graham Bennett. this is reflected in Graham’s efforts to anchor Darren and the unfortunate forcing incident that lead to Darren holding a cut above his ear. In add-on Darren’s school inquiry the cogency of Darren’s account of his caput hurt and have concerns over his hapless attending at school. which has led to this referral.

Jessica Jessica’s school have made this referral over concerns of her behavior. delayed acquisition and delayed address. nevertheless aside from any possible medical deductions refering to Jessica’s delayed address. in respect to Jessica’s behaviour the household kineticss which will be highlighted subsequently in this appraisal. may propose troubles in Jessica’s fond regard ( Ainsworth 1978 cited in Howe 2009 p45 ) . suggests. when a kid has unmet fond regard demands they may go baffled and defeated.

Maclean ( 2009 ) echoes this by saying Children “express fond regard anxiousness in their behaviour” . Graham Graham is clearly concerned over his anxiousness issues ; Lishman ( 2007 ) suggests anxiousness can impact an individual’s ability to work usually. Graham has attempted to turn to this with visits to his physician who has prescribed anti-depressants. however Graham feels progressively isolated from other household members and as developed intoxicant dependence that possibly due to unemployment or a sensed deficiency of intent with in his household unit.

Furthermore Rantakeisu ( 1999 ) implies the long term unemployed experience high degrees of anxiousness and decreased degrees of self-pride. In add-on ( Goffman 1990 cited in Thompson 2010 ) refers to a “spoilt identity” . mentioning to societal stigma and how cultural influences can be damaging to an individual’s individuality. Karen Karen has expressed her want to better her employment chances by returning to education nevertheless Karen is working two occupations at nowadays. due to this Karen spends a batch of clip out of the household place.

Karen as uttered feelings of being overwhelmed and feels Graham should make more to assist with the kids while he is unemployed. In add-on at that place appears to be an complete trust on Michael Karen’s eldest boy from a old relationship. Adding to Karen’s household committedness strains Karen as experienced the loss of her female parent two old ages ago. ( Kubler-Ross cited in Lishman 2007p202 ) suggests those whom are sorrowing go through a transitional stage that may include denial.

Correlating to this is Currer ( 2009 ) suggests single experiences of loss consequence behavior. This may explicate Karen’s reluctance to prosecute with Jessica’s school and may wish to avoid any farther anxiousness this may do. In add-on Currer ( 2009 ) implies a wide position of loss would enable the Social worker to be genuinely anti oppressive. Michael Rogers Michael is Karen’s eldest boy from a old relationship and lives in the household place. at present he is sharing a sleeping room with Darren and Jessica.

He supports his female parent with Jessica by taking and roll uping her from school. However Michael is hiding personal issues from his female parent in fright it may add to her already nerve-racking life. Nevertheless Adams ( 2005 ) suggests Social work is diverse and facets of gender should be considered in order to better Social work cognition and enable the Social worker to be non-judgemental. however Michael as expressed his desire to travel out although he worries this may besides add to Karen’s emphasis degrees.

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Edith has her ain local authorization run place nevertheless she has moved in to the Bennett household place to help her recovery from unwellness. Edith appears to be able to maintain Jessica composure and enjoys looking after her. However Edith loss her girl two old ages ago ( Karen’s female parent ) and may be sing similar feelings as Karen. Nevertheless Edith appears loath to return to her ain place. Currer ( 2009 ) . However ( Erikson 1982 cited in Crawford 2010 p142 ) suggests there is a challenge between success and desperation in the aged with each case being subjective. Environment

Although the Bennett household live in an country of want there are marks of betterment. a school. wellness Centre and certain start Centre are new to the country. However there are still a figure of societal jobs such as burglaries. packs. hooky and a drug civilization. Nevertheless the household is overcrowded in their current state of affairs and high degrees of emphasis are apparent in Karen and Graham Bennett. where uneffective communicating appears to be. There is nil to propose the Bennett’s are in reception of benefits. although they are clearly entitled to a figure of benefits due to Karen the female parent working.

Nash ( 2005 ) implies sing environmental elements to households and single lives enables Social Workers to derive a deeper penetration to how persons behave ; moreover ( Payne 1997 cited in Nash 2005 P 32 ) provinces this may help the “recognition of the influence of systems in the life of people” . It could be argued the place environment or household kineticss relate to this on the premiss that Jessica sees small of her parents whom through no mistake of their ain have their ain troubles. Planing

National occupational criterions require Social Workers to adhere to many cardinal functions harmonizing to ( Walker 2008 p58 ) “key function 1: Prepare for. and work with. persons. households. carers. groups and communities to measure their demands and fortunes. ” Correlating to this ( Sutton 1999 cited in Parker 2007 p8 ) suggests this is aided by a Social Work process known as the Aspire theoretical account. an acronym that describes a Social Work rhythm as appraisal. planning. intercession. reappraisal and evaluate.

As the initial Social Worker moving on a referral from two schools it is of import to recognize statute law when sing the Bennett household. ( Brammer 2010 p183 ) . provinces “safeguarding kids is paramount in conformity with the Children’s Act 2004″ . In add-on Milner ( 2009 ) suggests the Children’s Act 2004 besides acknowledges the importance of parental engagement in supplying wellbeing for kids. which stipulates local governments to intercede with other services in order to accomplish greater parental engagement.

During my Introductions I would explicate this to the Bennetts and give the ground of my visit and inform them of what they may anticipate from me as a Social Worker while reding them of my responsibilities sing safeguarding kids as highlighted antecedently. To help the appraisal and to affect the Bennetts to the full. an account of the appraisal procedure will be given and inquires will be made in to how the Bennetts would prefer theirs to be done. either on an single footing or as whole household together. nevertheless a figure of household members may wish a one to one appraisal.

Butler ( 2004 ) suggests this is a valuable procedure to the Social Worker and service users. in this case the Bennett household. Furthermore ( Dalrymple and Burke. 1995 cited in Dominelli p32. 2002 ) suggests this attack is service user focused and authorising. Additionally Wilson ( 2008 ) implies service user engagement in the planning procedure is important to effectual intercessions that should affect the service user from the oncoming. After the initial appraisal the Bennetts will be informed of the findings and advised of the possible attacks that may be used to ease their battles.

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Therefore stage two of the Aspire theoretical account will get down and be aftering will get down ( Parker 2007 ) . A figure of issues come to visible radiation with the appraisal of the Bennett household as ( Beckett 2005 cited in O’loughlin p1 2008 ) states “Values and moralss do non be on the peripheries of Social Work. but are at the bosom of Social Work practice” . Associating to this. Doel ( 2005 ) implies personal values influence pattern. in add-on Oko ( 2008 ) suggests Social Workers must be critical of their ain values and how they influence pattern.

With this in head. my ain work moral principle and positions on kid raising would be clear influences on my ain pattern. because of these factors a non-judgemental attack of the Bennetts has been attempted by taking in to account societal. cultural and environmental facets this attack as besides included human growing and development theories along with medical facets in respect to Jessica’s delayed address and acquisition. As suggested earlier household kineticss may be a conducive factor to Jessica’s holds. high degree of stress evident in Karen and Graham Bennett combined ith a deficiency of effectual communicating between a figure of household members may be intensifying factors. Nevertheless a farther analysis of the appraisal. several troubles arise as Social Work literature suggests there is a wide range of theoretical positions and attacks aimed at assisting the Social Worker addition penetration to those sing troubles in their mundane lives. However with full engagement of the Bennetts it is proposed direct work with Graham and coaction with wellness and instruction regarding Jessica would be the most advantageous in deciding their experient troubles.

A undertaking centred attack appears the most appropriate intercession to work in coaction with Graham Bennett ; this can be justified on a figure of degrees. Maclean ( 2009 ) suggests this theoretical account is appropriate for those sing defeat. sing trouble in function public presentation and operation. the unemployed and personal struggle. An analysis of Graham’s fortunes highlights several analogues to this theoretical account. Graham feels isolated. is unemployed. intoxicant dependent as small or no influence with his kids and is unable appears unable to pass on efficaciously with his married woman Karen.

A farther justification Marsh ( 2005 ) suggests undertaking centred work is service user lead and therefore authorising. cardinal values for Social work pattern. Gscc ( 2002 ) Marsh ( 2005 ) suggests the execution of a undertaking centred attack should be ‘SMART’ an acronym standing for Specific. Measureable. Achievable. Realistic and Timely. Trevithick ( 2005 ) suggests this is achieved by the service user placing three jobs. prioritizing identified jobs and explicating aims puting ends.

Furthermore Maclean ( 2009 ) suggests one time ends have been set and prioritised an understanding is entered in to by the service user and Social Worker. this is to aid focal point of the service user and to specify the Social workers function in helping the service user achieve their ends. However has it has been highlighted that undertaking centred attack is authorising and focused. Maclean ( 2009 ) suggests undertaking centred attack does non turn to complex issues and rises inquiries over service users come ining understandings connoting contracts take pick and therefore taking authorization.

It is suggested a clip bound of 12 hebdomads would be an appropriate clip graduated table for Graham to accomplish his ends Lindsay ( 2009 ) these ends may include a decrease of his intoxicant consumption or disbursement more clip with his kids. a starting point may include watching a football game with Darren or seting Jessica to bed a figure of darks a hebdomad and reading to her. However it is for Graham to put his ain ends and for the Social Worker to promote him in his effort to accomplish them Marsh ( 2005 ) .

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Working to the ‘Smart’ theoretical account would in its ego be a little measure in accomplishing coveted ends therefore giving the service users encouragement and a sense of purpose Marsh ( 2005 ) . In respect to Jessica HM Government ( 2010 ) province coaction is indispensable for effectual intercession success. with this in head coaction from Jessica’s school and local wellness Centre will be sought. This will be to determine Jessica’s degrees of hold and to find if there are any implicit in causes to her delayed address. such as hearing damages.

Trevithick ( 2005 ) suggests this attack is an ideal chance to authorise and derive the trust of service users as they may experience they are still in control of their ain parenting. However Lindsay ( 2009 ) implies although statute law requires bureaus to work in coaction with others there is frequently confusion of occupation functions and any benefits gained are frequently lost. Review and measure The concluding two phases of the aspire theoretical account as described earlier is an chance for all those involved to reflect on their part to the work carried out from appraisal through to intercessions Parker ( 2007 ) .

Furthermore Dominelli ( 2002 ) suggests this is an chance to analyze if as a Social Worker they have worked anti oppressively. Nevertheless as portion of the rating it is deemed authorization is the lone class of action available to Michael advice will be given in respect to Michaels valid attack to his ain issues Trevithick ( 2005 ) suggests aside from the fact he would non come under the range of any statute law and he is non a vulnerable grownup and is sound in his capacities. enablement is the lone possible class of action.

However it is believed the greatest betterment will be gained if Graham is empowered to acquire through his battle. The determination to work straight with Graham did non come easy given the comprehensiveness of attacks and theories. An illustration of one such theory. loss and heartache. this theory has been explored in respect to Karen and Edith therefore proposing heartache reding would be the most appropriate attack. However Lindsey ( 2009 ) suggests that loss and heartache may be considered a clip of crisis therefore naming for crisis intercession attack.

In add-on Thomson ( 2000 ) suggests Karen’s experiences of being overwhelmed may so represent a clip of crisis. Correlating to this is ( Chaplin 1965 cited Maclean 2009 p225 ) list of three phases of crises. impact. kick. and accommodation and versions phases. In kernel the three phases attempt to depict what an person may see and how coping mechanisms used as an individual’s get bying scheme may go overwhelmed in a crisis.

In add-on Trevithick ( 2006 ) suggests crisis intercession strengths include authorising the service users as successful intercessions frequently elicit higher header degrees. nevertheless Payne ( 1997 ) implies crisis intercession is frequently used by those sing uninterrupted crises and suggests there are clip bounds when this intercession attack is effectual. moreover Trevithick ( 2006 ) suggests specific preparation is frequently require for practicians to utilize this intercession. Because of these factors sing the elapsed clip since Karen and Edith experienced their loss it is felt crisis intercession would non be an appropriate intercession.