Social Theories Essay

There are many societal theories. Three theories include Structural Functionalist Theory. Social Conflict Theory. and Symbolic Interactionism. These theories differ greatly in how they describe society. Comparing the theoretical accounts gives one a sense of how society interacts.

Structural Functionalism

Hagiographas of theories co-occuring with structural functionalist ideals day of the month back to Socratic duologue documented by Plato in theRepublic.There was a theory that organisations in society decided how thoughts would flux. Each person contributed to the success of this system “In hisRepublic.Plato posed an analogy between society and an being. a system of related parts in dynamic equilibrium.

In the ideal society he described. each class of participants in the societal construction performed activities that contributed to the overall attainment of societal harmoniousness. ” ( DeFleur. 29 ) . In 1957 Robert Merton examined these varied structural functionalist theories and combined them into a set of regulations in which we borrow from today. Rules are the footing of the structural functionalist theory.

Society today is based on mass communicating. Ideas non superior are non by and large adopted by society. The best thoughts win blessing. It is the function of media’s insistent activities that distributes thoughts for society to either accept or cull.

Social Conflict Theory

Social struggle theoreticians believe that the best thoughts arise out of conflicting thoughts.

Symbolic Interactionism is an interesting construct. Everyone has a topographic point. We all learn to set the readings of the universe in which we live. Learning common symbols apprehension of the functions in which we play socially. Symbolic Interactionism explains this by researching the symbols we assign. The effects of Symbolic Interactionism are in the media. Television. wireless. and internet allow for symbols to be transmitted all over.

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Symbolic Interactionism

Peoples within the same society learn behaviours by analyzing actions posed by others. People learn what is accepted every bit good as significances given to the point.

This behaviour helps to convey the individual into their civilization. The Symbolic Interactionism Theory can be defined as a theory where “…people give significance to symbols and those significances come to command those people. ” ( Baran. p 238 )

Symbolic Interactionism can so be talked about in footings of itbeinga portion of society instead than holding an consequenceonsociety. In SIT the media helps to circulate the information which is already present in a society.


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