Social Services Of The United Kingdom Social Work Essay

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is besides known as the UK.The population is about 60 million people.UK is a multi-national province composed of four parts which are: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.Uk has a entire country of 244,820 sq km.Its capital and largest metropolis is London and its pecuniary unit is greatest lb ( £ ) .Languages spoken are English, Welsh, Scots Gaelic. Ethnicity/race in UK are: English 83.6 % , Scots 8.6 % , Welsh 4.9 % , Nothern Irish 2.9 % , black 2 % , Indian 1.8 % , Pakistani 1.8 % , Mixed 1.2 % , Others 1.6 % ( 2001 ) .Religions: Christian ( Aglican, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist ) 71.6 % , Hindu 1 % , others 1.6 % , unspecified or none 23.1 % ( 2001 ) literacy rate is 99 % ( 2003 est ) .

The study conducted by Office for National Statistics, which taking the population of United Kingdom as a whole show that the resident population of the UK was 61,4 million in mid of 2008, up to 8,1 1000000s from 1983 to 2008. It estimated that the population will make 71, 6 1000000s in 2033. ( Table 1 ) . The population of constitutional states of the UK England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland individually took up 84 % , 5 % , 8 % , and 3 % in mid-2008.

From the tabular array we can easy happen that the population in the UK is ageing and population will go on turning. The per centum of the population under 16 which lessening from 21 % to 18 % is in blunt contrast with that of population over 65 which grown from 14 % to 18 % between 1983 and 2033. The per centum of the population 16-64 increased from 64 % to 65 % , so down to 59 % in 2033. There were dramatic rise in two population groups of the age of 65-84 and over 85. Taking the aged over 85 for illustration, the population doubled lifting from 1983 to 2033. The tabular array indicate that there were merely 0, 6 1000000s people in the UK in 1983. Then it increased from 0, 6 1000000s in 1983 to 1, 3 1000000s in 2008, geting at 3, and 3 1000000s in 2033 and accounted for 5 % of the entire population. So the age 85+ is the fastest increasing group and oldest old population.

Life anticipation of the UK

The population pyramid shows age and sex construction of the UK, which is determined by birth, decease and migration from the Office of National Statistics. The population pyramid indicates that the age about 70 between male and females remained equal. The figure of females who are over 71 old ages old exceed by that of Males. This means the life anticipation of females in old age are much longer than males.

( The tabular array from the office of national statistics )

The graph 1 describe that the rate of life anticipation at birth of males and females in the UK continues to lift from 72 old ages to 77,4 old ages of male and 76 old ages to 81,6 old ages of females between 1980 and 2006. Females live longer than males, for illustration in 2004-06 ; the life anticipation at birth for males expects to populate 77, 4 old ages, while the females will populate 81, 6 old ages. The graph 2 told us the life anticipation will turn in the hereafter of 2020 particularly for older grownups among the age over 65.The tabular array shows that the England has the highest life anticipation at birth 77, 7 of males and 81, 9 of females compared to the lowest that of Scotland, which born was 75, 0 of males and 81, 2 of females.


Harmonizing to the Office for National Statistics of life agreement 2007 indicate that the per centum of adult females populating entirely and that of work forces in different age groups. For illustration, the adult females over 75 unrecorded entirely history for 62 % is in blunt contrast with the work forces, which take up 32 % . With the growing of the age, the per centum of people lives in the married twosome family lessening from 76 % to 61 % for work forces and 61 % to 28 % for adult females. The per centums of the adult females and work forces who lose their relations individually are increased 23 % to 61 % for adult females and 11 % to 27 % for work forces. The per centums of the widowed adult females over 75 take up 61 % compared to that27 % of widowed work forces. The big figure of the adult females prefer to populate in communal constitution than work forces due to gender difference in matrimonial position because the longer life anticipation of the adult females are more going widowed and higher degree of disablements.

Ripening Policy

The population in the UK is ageing. The people over 75 as the fastest group addition. The life anticipation and the province pension have grown. The authorities introduced a national ripening policy “ Constructing a society for all ages ” to handle the alteration. This study from eight facets indicated the chief aim of ageing policy. Here are the purposes of the ripening policy:

Improve subsequently life today

The challenge in front and a vision for the hereafter

Having the latter life if you want

Older people at the bosom of the households

Bettering fiscal support

Better public service for ulterior life

Building communities for all ages

Government act assorted policy docket on people ‘s public assistance in ulterior life including province pension, work and wellness every bit good as remaining active, which are regarded as more of import than others. Adding the basic province pension and supplying fiscal support in order to increase the aged ‘ income and protract the retirement age. Salvaging is the new responsibility in the fiscal planning and Money Guidance service aid more people fixing their hereafter to better subsequently life good. Bring forward the reappraisal of the Default Retirement Age and pension reform, which focuses on undertaking poorness are promoting people working longer or employers to give employees more pick over their retirement and advancing good being and independency in ulterior life. The aged besides are the market buying power, so developing Designed programmed run into their specific demands.

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The first measure to accomplish the vision of society for all ages is introduced of Equality Bill to turn to age favoritism and civilization alteration. The aged people can as importance resources of informal or formal health professionals in the household, so to print Families and Relationships Green Paper in the following fall can assist the aged as cardinal function in their household. Promoting them continue to work and maintain in touch with household member. So digital engineering preparation as the manner helps them such as learning in how to utilize on-line resources. Its deserving adverting barrier free environment that topographic point accent on the importance of preparation to utilize new engineering in the working. Pre retirement instruction helps them working longer.

Older people have the rights to acquire public wellness services and preventive service to diminish unwellness in ulterior life. The NHS launched by mid- life cheque, which focus on the wellness appraisal in order to better physical wellness and good being. Determining scheme on infirmary, dementedness, stroke etc and mental wellness services assisting the aged maintain independency. Care and Support Green Paper is the new vision of attention program steering them to utilize bar services such as oculus cheque, autumn and break treating and accent on mental wellness and memory loss. Better audience for the aged how to forestall unwellness. Local public services sponsored by local authorization and primary attention squad supplying attention to assist people bask in the ulterior life such as offering free coach travel and swimming. The service should besides aim to the rural countries. Communities can assist elder people to dispute the stereotype so constructing safe communities for the all ages to run into up friends sharing or exchange experiences and older people besides can go voluntary in the community. Design functional lodging meet older people ‘s demands and do certain they live in the safe topographic points. Having civilization and assorted activities during the daytime older people can acquire more out-of-door activities and ocular therapy, which maintain their physical functional capacity.


The cardinal authorities of the UK has their ain rights to make up one’s mind the authorities activity. The services in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have secretary of province and administrative section which belong to the cardinal authorities.

HM ( Her majesty ‘s ) authorities:

It introduced ageing policy guideline and scheme of fixing for our ageing society, Discussion paper to turn to the demands of people in ulterior life.

NHS ( National Health Services ) :

It is the biggest Centre supplying wellness information. Peoples can easy acquire medical advice and look into up for symptoms and unwellnesss every bit good as attention, which maintain and improve wellness and well-being

DH ( Department of wellness ) :

They take duty for wellness attention and societal services.

DWP ( Department for work and pensions ) :

They deal with state ‘s public assistance and pension reform. The concern of DWP is to straight present client services via operational organisation, the pension service, Disability carers service and occupation plus.

Local authorization and Primary attention squads besides have the duties of helping the aged holding the ulterior life. Local authorities are steps ain services. Local authorities association, the betterment and development bureau etc must be work with the authorities.

Government and Non authorities organisation should be working together to assist older people populating longer.

Government and the 3rd sector and will supply a “ one halt store ” about


These services for the older people are largely funded by the through the National Health Services. The Large Lottery Fundss besides financess the services for older people in the U.K with half of the national lottery. There are voluntary services such as WRVS which happens to be U.Ks biggest voluntary group do spouse with other charities such as Age Concern therefore the largest charity group working for older people, local governments and back uping communities.


Harmonizing to the Copyright 1996-2010 Med huntsmans article, United Kingdom uses the National Health Service ( NHS ) which was founded in the twelvemonth 1948 and goes on to supply those “ usually resident ” in the state ( including abroad pupils, refugees, refuge searchers ) with free comprehensive, high quality health care. The National Health Insurance is the largest organisation of its sort in Europe.

The 99 % of the British population that is registered with the National Health Service is entitled to free physician visits and hospital intervention. Certain precedence groups ( low-income earners, pensionaries and kids under 16 ) besides receive free alveolar consonant attention and oculus trials. A well- developed societal attention programme is besides an built-in portion of wellness proviso.

However, there are a batch of services provided for the older people in the United Kingdom which is the same as the demand for services for the younger and in-between coevalss. These services are provided for by the Department Of Health and Social Welfare in the state. Below are the services provided:

*National Frame Work for Older Peoples

*Independence Older Peoples

*National Health Service for Older Peoples

*Nursing Older Peoples

*Falls for Older Peoples

*Charity Older Peoples

*Day Care Services for Older Peoples

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*Dementia Older Peoples

National Frame Work for Older Peoples

This is under the Department of Health ( U.K ) and has been established to look at the jobs Older Peoples face in having attention in order to present higher quality services. The chief / key criterions that underpin the model include the programs to eliminate age favoritism and besides to back up individual centered attention with freshly integrated services. For this intent, a new bed of intermediate attention is being developed at place or in attention scenes such as Nursing Homes and Older Home Institutions. This model besides seeks to take action or expression into the bar of shot, publicity of wellness and active life every bit good as to assist cut down the figure of falls for Older Peoples.

This peculiar service can be used by all older people exactly from the age of 65+ and supra.

Dementia Older People Services

The Social Care Department is responsible for the proviso of this sort of service for the older people particularly with memory upset or dementedness. The Department has a scheme known as National Dementia Strategy which sets out enterprises designed to do lives of Older Peoples with dementedness, their carers and households better and more fulfilled. It besides seeks to make consciousness of dementedness, guaranting of an early diagnosing and intercession and besides, radically better the quality of attention that people in this status receive. The Strategy besides proposes to present dementedness specializers into general infirmaries, attention places and mental wellness squads to measure people with dementedness.

Independence Older Peoples

This service is basically shifted in the manner people ( Society ) think about the older people from being dependent and shortage towards independency and good being of the aged. It besides challenges the Older people every bit good as the society to guarantee that Older Peoples are found in an environment that can determine, thrive and assist them unrecorded life to the fullest every bit long as possible therefore supplying them with populace services which will assist the aged to remain healthy and active to promote their part. In a nutshell, it helps battles against Ageism in a manner by making consciousness through positive instruction through assorted communities and councils in the state. This targets all Older individuals except those whose wellness has or begun to neglect them and can non be independent.

Nursing Older Peoples

This is a service for Older people in the nursing places therefore the 1s who are dependent and need the aid of forces and carers.The service besides defines the degree of nurse intercession, distinguishing between direction, oversing and existent or directing attention giving functions. It does this by mensurating the demand for the types of aids that reflect the grade of battle between the nurse and the older individual.

Falls For Older Peoples

This is a sort of service provided by the NICE ( National Institution For Clinical Excellence ) to measure and forestall falls in Older Peoples. It targets or covers older people who live in the community, either at place, in a retirement composite or in a residential or nursing place. About 50 % of the Older people from and above 65years receive this sort of service. It does n’t cover the aged who are bound or who are in the infirmaries for grounds other than intervention after autumn. This sort of service does non besides look at the bar and intervention of osteoporosis.

Charity Older Peoples

Counsel and Care is the national charity working with Older People and Families/Carers to acquire the best attention and support. They provide personalized in-depth advice and information, which besides informs their research and run work. This sort of service besides produces a broad scope of accessible publications aimed at Older Peoples, professionals and policy shapers. They therefore rely on the generousness of public contributions and bequests. Local governments, NGOs and companies do spouse to back up the service. It available for all Older Peoples both whole hearty and sick.

Needs Appraisals For Older Peoples

The Healthcare section in U.K has the demands appraisals for older people through the Single Assessment Process ( SAP ) .This is an debut to the individual appraisal procedure for older people.The demands of the older people are assessed foremost by handling older people as persons. It ‘s standard purposes are to guarantee that the National Health Services and Social Care services dainty older people as persons and enable them to do picks about their ain attention. They believe this is achieved through SAP, integrated commissioning agreements between wellness and societal attention and incorporate commissariats of services.

Another manner of measuring the demands for Older people in the U.K is by effectual and co-ordinate attention planning. The demand to develop the SAP, follows acknowledgment that many older people have wide-ranging public assistance demands, and that bureaus need to work together to guarantee that the appraisal and subsequent attention planning are effectual and co-ordinated.It goes on to stress that attention should be holist and involve users. There are besides counsel and resources such as information that relates to the execution phase of the SAP processes including checklists and tools of involvements to National Health Service and Social attention professionals involved in the appraisal and attention direction of older people ‘s demands.

User Fees For Social Service

Charging for societal attention is non a new development in the U.K.People have ever had to pay for, or contribute towards, the cost of societal attention. There are different agreements for bear downing for residential attention and non-residential attention that take into history the single demands and state of affairs of the individual necessitating attention.

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However, local governments are responsible for make up one’s minding what to alter. Thus all relevant local governments are responsible for construing and using the demands and guidelines in order to make up one’s mind what to alter.

Charges differ consequently. For case: Charging for residential attention includes their capital assets and income which are taken into histories when assessing charges for them. Legislation and counsel is in topographic point to promote a just and consistent attack. Residential charging are up evaluation of the capital bounds, personal disbursals allowance and nest eggs neglects. Curates have agreed that from 12 of April 2010, the above points will be up rated as follows:

*Personal Expenses Allowance to increase from £21.90 to £22.30

*Lower Capital bound from £14,00 to £14,250

*Upper Capital bound from £23,000 to £23,250

*Single individual ‘s nest eggs disregard from£5.65 to £5.75

*Couple ‘s nest eggs disregard from £8.45 to £8.60

Charges for Non-residential/Home Care givers societal services are at the discretion of local governments. Statutory counsel is in topographic point that seeks to guarantee that all charges are just.

Guidance On Charging For Non-Residential Care

Under Section 17 of the wellness and Social Services and Social Security Adjudications Act 1983, local governments are given discretional powers to bear down for non residential societal services and that the charges should be just and no 1 should be asked to pay more than they can moderately afford.

Statutory Guidance on Fair Charges

The Department issued statutory counsel on bear downing for home-based attention and non-residential societal services to all councils in November 2001.The purpose is to guarantee, that bear downing is based on fairer, good designed bear downing policies. In peculiar, service users on low incomes are protected from bear downing and any charges levied on disablement benefits and capable to an appraisal of disablement costs, to guarantee that they are sensible.

Social Services in U.K

These are same as the demands for services in the state. The demand for assorted services includes Social attention, section of health care which looks particularly into mental wellness services for older people. It besides takes attention of older people with disablements, who needs go oning attention, formal attention by nurses for older people in residential and nursing places, informal attention by friends, relatives etc. Social service besides helps to seek and entree Housing built for older people. They guarantee that the people who prefer to be in non-residential attention have handinesss to their kitchens, bathroom, sleeping room and life room.

They besides provide Day Services for Older people by assisting them to travel on life in their ain places for every bit long as they want to, by adding to their other support they might have like Home attention, or community repasts.

In decision all these services, its commissariats, the people who are accessible, peculiar group or older people in general are about 80 % of the older population from 65+ harmonizing to 2008 statistics.


Main challenges in societal service proviso for older people in UK.

Harmonizing to a instance survey carried out throughout UK about challenges, benefits and failings of aged intermediate attention ( 2008 ) the following were highlighted as the chief challenges:

-Workforce Shortage i.e. attention workers and rehabilitation helpers. This means that those who need care particularly to enable them unrecorded longer in their places may stop up acquiring admitted in infirmaries. Troubles associating to the enlisting and keeping of both qualified and non-qualified staff were identified as the most important challenge. Some big geographical countries do n’t acquire covered by adequate attention givers.

-Funding deficit. Insufficient support and jobs pulling staff to stations were highlighted as the chief causes. Low rewards and long working hours for support staff moving as a barrier to enlisting.

-Lack of knowledge/awareness about available attention services. Eligibility standard for services are excessively narrow hence non making all those who need them.

-Lack of specialist mental wellness input in aged intermediate attention and bing services served them ill.

-Poor coordination between services.

-Potential for professional isolation within little community based squads.

-Poor squad work/disengagement in the medical profession due to resistance in flexible working particularly across services.


-Through a extremist reform of public services to enable people to populate place for longer periods of time/independently confident that services are of high quality, safe and advance their ain single demands for independency, wellbeing and self-respect.

-Through self-respect in attention runs. This are runs aimed at stoping tolerance to indignity in wellness and societal attention services through raising consciousness and animating people to take action.

By promoting independency to enable aged people to carry through their functions and duties of citizenship throughout their life while keeping self-respect, independency and pick.

-Through local country understandings to find precedences and marks for a peculiar country.

-Through efficiency betterments in attention services efficiency.




United Kingdom

-Promotion of independency.

-Patients centeredness in attention proviso.

-Flexibility of staff as a consequence of working in multi-disciplinary environments.

-Poor coordination between intermediate aged attention services.

-Problems in accessing intermediate attention services.

-Lack of consciousness

about intermediate services.

-Insufficient capacity to supply services to all who need them.


-Elderly transit services

-Meal services

-Home alterations to guarantee safety and handiness.

-Overmedication of aged

-Multi-use of medicines for aged

– Figure 1.A comparing of societal services for older people in U.K and Finland.