Social science and natural science Essay Sample

Science is the The observation. designation. description. experimental probe. and theoretical account of phenomena. . In other words. it is such activities restricted to a category of natural phenomena and Such activities applied to an object of enquiry or survey.

Therefore the intent of the scientific discipline should be description. account. control and anticipation. Description is drumhead the something and seek to demo the phenomena really. Explanation is statement about specific phenomenon moreover define the ground and consequence. Prediction is utilizing a basic theory. to make more complicated theory.

I mention these thing merely briefly. I’ll discuss those thing more earnestly after ;

So what is societal scientific discipline?

The survey of human society and of single relationships in and to society. Besides it can be defined as a scholarly or scientific subject that trades with such survey. by and large regarded as including sociology. psychological science. anthropology. economic sciences. political scientific discipline. and history.

And so. what is natural scientific discipline?

A scientific discipline. such as biological science. chemical science. or natural philosophies. that trades with the objects. phenomena. or Torahs of nature and the physical universe.

However can I believe human behavior should be studied in the same mode as other phenomena in the natural universe?

Some people don’t think that societal scientific discipline can be involved class of scientific discipline. Because they don’t believe it is possible to subject people to any survey that can be called scientific.

Even though. societal scientific discipline and natural scientific discipline are rely on those end.

1. Description 2. Explanation 3. Prediction 4. Control

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1. Description

The similarities between natural scientific discipline and societal scientific discipline are which they are both detecting specific phenomena. But observation for societal scientist can be divided as observation. inquiring inquiry. analyzing written papers. But natural scientist is non able to utilize those ways. Because people can non be studied like metals and chemicals. They do non act in consistent ways. If natural scientist observate something. it can be a kind of measuring.

But in societal scientist can non mensurate people. Because people have motor and perceptual experience. In other words. societal scientific discipline is based on intuition and guessing. Natural scientific discipline has to be more accurate. It has to happen cause and consequence from specific phenomena.

2. Explanation.

In natural scientific discipline. account means place the clip order of event and set up insouciant links between variables.

But in societal scientific discipline it can non be adapted precisely. Because people has got ain personality which can alter following specific state of affairs. besides in people’s society. timing of event is non ever accurate as something happen in natural scientific discipline. Rules of natural scientific discipline can non be the same as societal scientific discipline.

When natural scientist discover some cause and consequence from specific phenomena. they have to halt at that place. But in societal scientific discipline. if they discover something. they need to specify that phenomena. to add the intending what we do. Besides they would break believe that phenomena associating with civilization and society.

3. Prediction

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In societal scientific discipline. scientist can explicate something without being able to do a anticipation. societal scientific discipline anticipation have more actuality instead than determinate. For illustration. societal scientist research rate of divorce in age 30 to 40 English people in England. But in my state Korea. societal scientist can non foretell rate of divorce age 30 to 40 Korean utilizing a that research. Because those people has got ain individuality and there are tow different civilization between two state.

But in natural scientific discipline event has to be explained by cause and consequence. It means that scientist decidedly happen theory and regulation which can show that phenomenon. So If Korean scientist discover some chemical reaction between two component. English scientist can foretell any event utilizing a that find.

4. Control

In natural scientific discipline the natural order of topic which is studied is non necessary to analyze. In other words that is non core survey for natural scientist. And natural scientist doesn’t have to promote that order to alter itself. It is non truly helpful for natural scientific discipline surveies. it doesn’t affair to be good organized or non.

This is a illustration. In natural scientific discipline. we have found some component have a concatenation reaction with specific component. It is merely a fact. We can measure that response is good or non.

But societal scientific discipline is the survey which is purpose on human being. Therefore societal scientist wish alteration this society. Understanding of this society is indispensable for their survey. So they need to measure state of affairs which they face. they need to discourse phenomenon to do a better society

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I have been seeking to compare societal scientific discipline and natural scientific discipline so far.

The similarities in each scientific discipline is each scientific discipline are utilizing similar manner to analyze a phenomenon. In other words the intent of both scientific discipline are description. account. anticipation and control of event.

But I have to do certain that even though each scientific discipline are utilizing similar manner of analyzing. what they are seeking to accomplish is basically different.

The intent of societal scientific discipline is analyzing this society and people. So for societal scientific discipline apprehension of current society is valuable and societal scientific discipline should be a critical perusal for better political orientation.

In natural scientific discipline is different. It has to be focused on what’s traveling on in natural universe. That means consistent relationship between variables through the clip and infinite is indispensable instead than people.