Social Problems Essay Sample

I have reviewed the Term Paper Outlines submitted by last week’s deadline. Most of you have been traveling along nicely with the work related to the Term Paper and have accumulated a just proportion of the points available at each phase. I will return your ranked Outlines on Tuesday. April 15. Corrected Outlines may be turned in April 22 ( Optional ) to recover some of the points that may hold been deducted. Outline Corrections will non be accepted after the terminal of the category period on April 22. It’s clip for the last push towards the Term Paper Final Draft. We’ll be discoursing some of import issues related to your Term Paper in category on Tuesday. April 15.

I am seting some of these observations in composing here for your mention. Transcripts of graded Annotated Bibliographies and Term Paper Outlines MUST be submitted along with the Final Draft of your Term Paper. The Final Draft of your Term Paper should be Titled and should include a complete List of Mentions at the terminal. Mentions should be in the proper format. Article rubrics in citation Markss. rubrics of books. magazines. and diaries underlined or italicized. etc.

The Final Draft of your Term Paper should turn to any remarks. corrections. or suggestions I made on your submitted Topics. Annotated Bibliographies. Outlines. etc.

The Final Draft of your Term Paper should follow the accepted/corrected Term paper Outline

The Final Draft of your Term Paper should include treatment of Sociological Perspectives and Theories relevant to your subject. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. I have made suggestions in your Outlines as to where your treatment of theories and positions might be included in your Term Paper.

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Explain why your subject is a societal job. ( see disagreements between stated social values and Torahs and “objective societal conditions. “

Define all relevant constructs. Supply SOCIOLOGICAL definitions.

In your Decisions. you may desire to include a subdivision discoursing what options you might prefer in footings of policies. plans. Torahs. etc. to turn to the issues you have analyzed in your paper. If you are working on a Group Term Paper.

The Final Draft of the Term Paper submitted MUST be ONE ( 1 ) coherent. incorporate treatment. non a aggregation of 2 or more documents attached together.

The Term Paper Title Page should include the complete names of all the members in your group.

The List of Mentions should include a lower limit of 8 beginnings. but would ideally include 8 beginnings times the figure of group members and/or subdivisions in your paper. This information is posted as “Final Draft Pointers 04. 14. 14″ in the Term Paper Folder on Blackboard. Be ready to discourse on Tuesday. April 15. any inquiries related to this that you may hold.