Social issues in Criminal Justice Profession Essay

The Criminal Justice System is plagued with societal issues in this of all time altering society. Youth force has become a turning job due to the economic dislocation in the interior metropoliss and the handiness of illegal guns. Criminal Justice professionals are responsible for the control of illegal guns and the gun markets. Young person in today’s society have turned to covering drugs and packs because they see no other manner out of their economic and societal force per unit areas. Criminal Justice professionals need more preparation or instruction in covering with disfranchised young person. There needs to be great consideration in funding more youth plans that can supply a safe topographic point for our young person. Inner metropolis young person began transporting guns as agencies of protection from hassling drug traders and pack members and they did this because there merely aren’t adequate jurisprudence enforcement officers out at that place for single protection.

Another societal issue that the Criminal Justice professional faces is the unbelievable sum of drugs in our communities. Drug markets were one time ran by organized offense groups. but now they are ran by persons seeking to do fast hard currency. This subculture of people lives by values and life styles that devalue the legitimate agencies of gaining a life and they embrace the usage of force to work out differences. The Criminal Justice professionals are plagued with the function of collaring and prosecuting both traders and nuts therefore making overcrowding in our prisons and gaols. There needs to be options to drug sentences such as more community based condemning like mandatary in house intervention installations for arrestees. These installations should be clinic or infirmary based with parturiency and security. Arrestees should besides be tested for drugs upon engagement and if tested positive. they should be placed in compulsory intervention while detained on their offenses.

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Violence against adult females is another societal issue that plagues the Criminal Justice professional. Rape and battery of adult females is non an old issue. but it is a cultural issue. Womans have been seen for old ages as the weaker species and hence necessitate to be controlled. Before women’s rights were gained. work forces had control over their married womans in such a manner that it was okay to crush their married womans for noncompliance or to coerce their married womans to hold sex against their will because that is her responsibility as a married woman. This outlook continues in a batch of work forces today and colza victims still find themselves blamed for the colza in a tribunal of jurisprudence. The function of the Criminal Justice professional is to protect the victim. apprehension and prosecution of wrongdoers. and supply victim outreach plans. There needs to be more namelessness for the victims of colza and battery because so many victims are excessively scared to come frontward. afraid of revenge from the wrongdoer or their life being put on test in tribunal. Minorities are greatly underserved when it comes to victim outreach plans so at that place needs to be more support for these persons such as multilingual services and minority staff offered to this group of persons.

Young person force. drugs. and force against adult females plague our justness system and our communities. There must be some great consideration in our federal. province. and local authorities in support for these societal issues. Laws need to be reformed for our young person. adult females and our prisons and gaols.

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