Social cognitive theory Essay Sample

Social cognitive theory ( SCT ) argues that persons get cognition through observation of others in the societal interactions. media and experiences. As such. people learn behavior through human endurance and reproduction of behavioural traits of other persons in society ( Coreil. 2008 ) . The theoretical model AIDSs in comprehension of behavioural forms of patients and their households since it is possible to tie in a individual single behaviour with that of the environing population. Further. the behaviour of patients is a reproduction of the household members’ behaviour because of the premise that the two portion a common societal scene. Therefore. managing and taking attention of the patients in the infirmaries entails taking into consideration the behavioural activities of the household members.

Nursing theory and borrowed theories have the similarity of simpleness and offering a guideline for critical thought. every bit good as decision-making procedure. As such. the theories support evidence-based pattern where nurses have to follow a construction. which ensures that they deliver choice wellness attention to patients ( Alligood. 2013 ) . Further. these theories have the similarity of being logical in nature. population focused and increasing cognition through research. An illustration of this similarity is the demand theory and societal cognitive theory.

The borrowed theory to work with the demand theory is the planned behaviour theory. Planned behaviour theory has a focal point on cognitive factors. which influence the purpose of an single to execute a behaviour. Such a theory provides room for groking the behavioural forms development among persons. As such. it is possible to hold an effectual nursing practicum. which will accomplish the intended aims in an effectual mode. Furthermore. the theory will help in groking behavioural activities of the alumnus pupils.

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