Small Team and Group Essay Sample

The group that comes to my head most conspicuously is my old Sunday school category. There were five of us and we were tasked with make up one’s minding on a category name and how we wanted to adorn our schoolroom. We were the in-between school girls’ category so we had rather a hard clip make up one’s minding on what we should make. We were non rather a portion of the young person group. but we besides were excessively old to be a portion of the children’s group. The undertaking fell to all five of us ; Melanie. Julie. Rachel. Laramie. and myself.

Melanie was ever a natural leader. She was smart and magnetic and there was merely something about her that exuded trueness. All five of us were friends. but Mel was ever the ring leader. Julie and I were a batch likewise but she was more outgoing. while I was more reserved. so she ended up the one to guarantee that everyone got a just say in what was traveling on. Rachel was the 1 that was merely bubbling with thoughts. she was ever originative. more so than even me. so she reasonably much dominated most of the conversations.

Jules kept her in line for the most portion. Laramie was smart and organized. so she decided when we would run into to speak and where. and she kept path of everything. I. being the diffident individual that I am. largely stood back and observed. The lone times I of all time truly needed to step in were when person would get down a dissension. It did non go on frequently as we were friends outside of church as good. but on occasion I was needed. We each seemed to hold our ain topographic point that we fit in and that was how we handled most of our jobs.

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Finally we ended up with two jobs: we were stuck between two possible category names and two different colourss that we wanted to paint the walls. Since there were five of us. Melanie decided that we should keep a ballot and Laramie suggested weighing the pros and cons of the category name before we voted. We were stuck between ‘The Salteens’ and something else for a name. The salteens thought came from Rachel. of class. who decided that since we were preteens and we ate a batch of saltine crackers every Sunday. we should unite the name.

It was originative. clever. and merely a spot cunning. We ended up make up one’s minding on that name with four of us in favour of it. and one non rather so much. When we went to vote on the wall colour. nevertheless. I was hit with a explosion of inspiration. Why non paint two walls opposite each other one colour. and so paint the other two walls the other colour? That was nem con decided to be a good thought. By the terminal of the following month. we were ‘The Salteens’ with a blue and green painted schoolroom. It was a really effectual group.

Melanie was really much a democratic leader. Everyone was given a say and the determinations were made together as a squad. Melanie kept us together and equal. non merely in the group undertaking. but in our friendly relationships every bit good. Even now. old ages subsequently. I can candidly state that I think everything in the group was handled good. The old ages I spent in that category were really much the best old ages of my life so far. I had great friends who appreciated me and made me desire to be the better version of myself. That group was one of the really few that I have been involved in and went good. I do non believe Mel could hold done anything to do it a better experience.

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We were in in-between school and while engineering was a thing for us. we were still in that stage in which we would prefer being around each other and speaking face-to-face instead than instant messaging. I am non even certain instant messaging was about in our town so. If it was. it was in the early yearss of AIM. and we were non interested. Face-to-face communicating let us cognize when we all liked something or when there was something that needed to be discussed. We knew each other good. so we knew our ticks and Tells. That strong gestural communicating kept everything on path merely every bit much as our verbal communicating did.

Looking back on the group with the cognition that I have learned in this category. I can state you that we were a great squad. We each had different personalities. but they seemed to steal together like different pieces of a mystifier. We each had a topographic point and we worked like a well-oiled machine. Our land regulations and our norms. all the features that we each had were known and largely shared by the other group members. Do I think that group would work merely every bit good now as it did so. particularly since I have lost touch with all but one group member? No. If we were still friends and working on something together once more. we would decidedly be excessively gabby together and we would ne’er acquire anything done. Back so. though. we worked difficult on material like that category because it meant something to us. We were non merely a Sunday school category. we were a household.

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