Slavery and Sectional Attitudes, 1820-1860 Essay Sample

By the mid 1830s many Americans were now holding assorted fillings about bondage. In fact the state was even threatened to divide over the whole issue. Possibly it was one of the chief grounds that the United States has fought the civil war. Basically the bulk of the people populating in the North were against bondage. and the white Southerners were proslavery.

The north saw bondage as an immorality. They said that it was immoral ; that in a state such as the United States. where rules of equality and freedom come from. bondage is incorrect and shouldn’t exist. In add-on. the north argued that the state shouldn’t depend on merely the harvests produced by slaves. It should prosecute in other systems of commercialism.

In October of 1854. Abraham Lincoln made a address about bondage at Peoria. Illinois. He said that bondage violates many rules of the United States’ political relations. How can slavery be in such a state where freedom and equality exist? In this address he warned all Americans that if they continue to work the slaves for net income so the state may fall and even white man’s freedom could be jeopardized.

In 1857. Hinton Helper has published a book called “The Impending Crisis” . In this book he stresses on the economic effects of bondage. He argues that the United States has grown so accustomed to slavery that it has forgotten other systems of commercialism. He says that the state can non depend on lone bondage and the basic harvests. He suggests that the U. S. should get down to seek other agencies of obtaining wealth. He says. “We must get down to feed on a more significant diet than that of proslavery politics… . Before us there is huge work to be accomplished… It is non less a work than that of inculcating the spirit of autonomy into all our systems of commercialism. agribusiness. industries. authorities. literature. and faith. ” He concludes by stating that “oligarchal absolutism must be overthrown ; bondage must be abolished. “

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Possibly the one of the most influential pieces of literature against bondage was a book called “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” which was published in 1860. This book helped convert many Americans that non merely was slavery incorrect but it besides reviled many negative facets of a slave’s life. This book was widely sold. In fact. 135. 000 sets and 270. 000 volumes were sold to 1000s of Americans and other people all over the universe. converting many people that bondage is incorrect and immoral.

Contrast to the northern bulk. white Southerners viewed slavery as a positive good. They said that overall the slaves of the South. were treated much better than the workers in the mills in the North. They argued that the production of staple harvests depends on the slaves. Last. the slaves did non merely work on the plantations but besides provided other services such as nursing the kids of the Whites.

When Governor George McDuffie addressed the South Carolina legislative assembly in 1835. he said that in many facets the lives of slaves were really better than those of some of the workers in the North. He said that the mills in the North had conditions that were even worse than those of bondage. He besides discusses how many people starve in the public poorhouses in the North. He concludes by stating that the slaves ne’er have to see anything like this.

In 1837. William Harper wrote a Memoir on Slavery. In this memoir he inquiries that if the emancipationists are successful so what is traveling to go on to the plantations of the South? He answers this inquiry by stating that slaves are important to the production of the staple harvests such as cotton. If bondage was to be ended than certainly the production of cotton would be ended and with it the economic system would plump.

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Another positive facet of bondage was that non merely were the slaves responsible for the harvests but some were even given the undertaking of nursing the kids of the Whites. This was self-contradictory because the Masterss would non let the slaves to ain belongings or exercising civil rights. yet they entrusted their ain kids into the custodies of the slaves. Many slaves served as a alternate female parent for the progeny of the plantation owner category.

As it can be seen both the North and the South had good statements. The North said that bondage was incorrect and evil. The South said that it was necessary for the country’s economic system. However in the terminal history reveals that it was incorrect and immoral. The state is even forced to split over this issue and fight one of the bloodiest wars which was called the Civil War.