Sky Lee’s novel “Disappearing Moon Cafe” Essay

In Sky Lee’s Novel. Disappearing Moon Café . the character Kae breaks the circle of female suicide that has restricted and isolated the adult females of the Wong household through three coevalss. By detecting the secrets of her family’s history. and more specifically the truth about her dead aunt Suzanne. Kae learns to wipe out the boundaries the have hindered her ain aspirations and rejects the Chinese patriarchal values that confined and controlled the adult females of her yesteryear. The rediscovery of her single individuality allows Kae to encompass her ain gender and artistic aspirations and. in bend. leads her to prosecute a sapphic relationship with Hermia. Kae finds company. love and trust from Hermia. and leaves behind the stiff restraints of a patriarchally defined society for a female community.

Throughout the novel. a close analogue is drawn between Kae’s quest to uncover the secrets of her yesteryear and her journey towards self-fulfillment. By easy patching together the tragic fortunes environing the self-destruction of her aunt Suzanne. Kae begins to recognize her ain way. This new way finally evolves beyond the pattern of traditionally defined Chinese patriarchal ideals that controlled her aunt Suzie. Kae becomes obsessed with the truth about Suzie. which she closely connects to the geographic expedition of her single individuality. Through her ain readings. Kae gives Suzie a agency of look and a character that is comparable to and symbolic of her ain.

With the birth of her first-born boy Bobby. Kae’s female parent Beatriz eventually reveals the truth about her households past. “the same yesteryear that has shaped so much of my ain life. with evil tentacles that could hold wormed into the inexperienced person. stamp parts of my babe. ” Kae resolves non to allow the past influence her and her babe the manner it bounded the adult females of in the times before her: “…it will non be so unless I make it so. By placing the smothering barriers that resulted in Suzanne’s eventual self-destruction. Kae realizes that she must non destine herself to the same destiny of her ascendants by leting the masculine to pull strings her being. Kae expresses this in a missive to Hermia: “I am afraid that I am merely every bit vulnerable as Suzie to holding my first existent originative look thwarted. Aborted. “

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Kae’s determination to airt her life and go a “poor but pure writer” symbolizes the concluding phases of her transmutation. Finally Kae is whole plenty to be able to prosecute the loving and fostering sapphic relationship she originally deprived herself of with Hermia. Hermia ever has possessed the ability to acknowledge the desires and life Kae starved herself of when they were in college: “Kae I can see it in your eye’s/that thrust to love and make. Why do you desire to deny? Women’s strength is in the bonds they form with each other…” When Kae notifies Hermia of her programs to come and see her in Hong Kong. Hermia responds by wire. ask foring Kae to prosecute their relationship: “am enraptured you take advice after 16 years/we could populate merrily of all time after. “

Kae’s ability to happen love and support from another adult female contrasts the functions adult females have embodied and played out between each other in her hereditary yesteryear. Alternatively of reenforcing the Patriarchal societal construction that dominated three coevalss of Wong adult females. Kae is able to emancipate herself from the loads of her ancestors’ yesteryear and alternatively learns to “live a great novel/not merely compose one. “


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