Skaters Proposal and Annotated Bibliography Essay

My research paper is about Skaters. I chose this subculture because I find it intriguing how skaters are able to suspend themselves in the air. and execute fast ones with their skateboards. In add-on. I am amazed at how relentless skaters are to honing skateboarding fast ones. I have found assorted beginnings for this research paper. besides the three listed below I found an MTV docudrama on skateboarding. and besides an article that focuses on the manner manners of skaters. In add-on. to scholarly articles. I will besides carry on my research by questioning skaters on campus and off campus. Peoples assume that most skaters are in the lower category group. which leads to the preconceived impression that skaters are associated with condemnable activities. and that is my chief concentration for this research paper. My research inquiry is “What are the factors that make people believe that skateboarding is associated with condemnable activities? ” Beal. Becky. and Charlene Wilson.

“The Distinction of Risk: Urban Skateboarding. Street Habitus and the Construction of Hierarchical Gender Relations. ” Comp. Matthew Atencio. Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise. NO. 1 erectile dysfunction. Vol. 1. Taylor and Francis Online. Routledge. 13 Jan. 2009. Web. 25 Oct. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. tandfonline. com/doi/pdf/10. 1080/19398440802567907 & gt ; . I found this article through Google bookman. The article by and large focuses on the gender dealingss refering to skateboarding. It refers to habitus. a term used in the rubric. as a “a subconscious manifestation of societal construction that includes societal wonts. values. ways of being. thought and moving which are jointly generated by societal histrion while being reinforced by others” . Skateboarding is a pre dominant male athletics. the article interviewed some male skaters and observed that most male skaters don’t see female as reliable participants in the skater subculture.

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The female skaters besides shared their positions refering genuineness. The article relates skateboarding to “the DIY ( do it yourself ) culture… the ideals of freedom and hazard are integrally linked with DIY civilization. ” which gives a sense of being self-made. The article besides clarifies the difference between street skating and incline skating. “Street skateboards explicitly enact an urban individuality that invokes freedom. non-conformity and battle with hazard. Indeed the street skateboarding societal field has been defined unsafe. poetic. reliable. rebellious” . This article will be helpful in my Skater research paper. This article seems believable because it written by bookmans who have a good background in physical instruction. Wooley. Helen. and Ralph Jones. “Skateboarding: The City as a Playground. ” Taylor and Francis. Routledge. 04 Aug. 2010. Web. 26 Oct. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. tandfonline. com/doi/abs/10. 1080/13574800120057845 & gt ; .

The article analyzes adolescent old ages and propose how a teen’s ego individuality is established. and besides how they socialize in Urban environment. In add-on. the article narrates the history behind skateboarding and the different types of skateboarding. It suggests a skater’s penchant when it comes to skating locales. The writer defines the strong civilization behind skateboarding. The demographic of skater is shown in this article. It besides defends skaters on the misconception that they are “committing societal incivilities and hooliganism in the signifier of wanton harm to the landscape” . Bradley. Graham L. “Skate Parks as a Context for Adolescent Development. “

Journal of Adolescents. SAGE. 29 Jan. 2010. Web. 26 Oct. 2012. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //jar. sagepub. com/content/25/2/288. full. pdf hypertext markup language & gt ; . The article suggests that skateboarding AIDSs in the development of striplings who are involved in that civilization. In the article. an interview survey was conducted to “identity issues associating to utilize and nonuse of skate Parkss. the features of user…” The article discusses the media portraitures of skaters. which contributes to the misconception of skateboarders in our society. In my paper I will be discoursing the misconception of skateboarders and this article covers that which will be really much helpful.

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