Significant Event in Health Care Essay Sample

The wellness attention system in the United States has been turning and altering for old ages and will go on to make so for old ages to come. The one invariable in the Unite States wellness attention system is alteration and development through ratings of those alterations. If there had non been unrest with the degree and commissariats of attention in the early 1970s Managed Care may hold ne’er been introduced. President Nixon signed statute law in 1973 termed. Health Maintenance Organization ( HMO ) Act of 1973. This polar event in the wellness attention system allowed for a alteration from the fee for service theoretical account to a comprehensive scope of medical or wellness attention services in a individual organisation. ( Mueller. 1974 ) Although there had been anterior paradigms. such as Kaiser Foundation wellness program. this statute law was certification of the authoritiess support and the beginning of Managed Care. The impact of managed attention is both historic and changeless. yet even today. with the early growing of consumer-driven health care. managed attention continues to morph ( Navarro et al. 2009 ) . Prior to the HMO Act of 1973 patients paid for every service that was rendered on an single footing as the services was needed and provided. The construct behind the HMO Act of 1973 was to bear down the consumer one set monthly or one-year fee.

This fee was pre-paid regardless of the demand for services. The set fee covered basic services to be rendered as the enrollee needed them. During the development of the HMO Act of 1973 it was determined that an HMO would be defined as entities that provided basic wellness services to those who were enrolled for a set fee per month. extra services could so be provided. but they incurred an extra fee. ( Mueller. 1974 ) The inclusion of that clause allows for HMOs to bear down the enrollee fees beyond their monthly premium. In 1974 the construct of a 400 copay would non hold been relevant. Surprisingly plenty. Navarro and Cahill indicate out that the construct of Managed Care was. developed in response to unmet economic and societal demands. ( 2009 ) This is important to the United States wellness attention systems history and hereafter because it was the authoritiess foremost publicized support of equilibrating quality attention and cost effectivity. Health attention in the United States is go oning to germinate from the fee for service of the yesteryear to the Affordable Care Act people are presently sing.

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