Should the elderly live in old people’s home or in their own homes? Essay Sample

Here is my piece of argumentative essay. Please give me some remarks on my authorship so that we can portion ideas together. and I can better my authorship. Thank you every much.

“Health attention service has become popular in our modern society. In some developed states. the old semen to populate in old people’s place with nursing services which are partially paid by the authorities. However. in my sentiment. aged people should populate in their ain places.

First. aged people are offered better attention when life at place. As a household merely looks after one or two aged people. other members can instantly fulfill their demands. Furthermore. their kids understand old people’s wonts. so they can easy give the most suited attention. In contrast. in old people’s places. there are many old people while the figure of nurses is limited. Therefore. they can non acquire good attention immediately. Additionally. many nurses merely attention for the old to gain their lifes. so they are likely less enthusiastic than old people’s household.

Second. the old normally consider household as a good environment actuating them to populate merrily. They can bask the cosy atmosphere when holding repasts with their household or playing with their grandchildren. Witnessing their children’s success and grandchildren’s adulthood ever gives them a great sense of self-realization. On the other manus. life in old people places. they can non normally run into their household. They likely feel isolated. which affects their wellness severely.

Some people may reason that nurses specialize in giving wellness attention to aged people. Therefore. they can play the function of health professionals more professionally than old people’s household. However. what old people truly necessitate is non merely good attention but besides a happy ambiance of household with their relations environing them mundane. Therefore. household is decidedly a better topographic point for aged people.

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In general. household should be responsible for taking attention of old people. By making this. immature people do non merely assist the old enjoy their
lives but besides express their regard and gratitude to their aged relations.

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