Should schoolboys be allowed to have long hair Essay Sample


With the development of society. people’s lives have undergone enormous alterations in many facets. New life style. new thoughts and new civilization impact on the mode of believing. As the head of the times. the immature people are the leader and follower of the tendency. An increasing figure of immature people challenge the traditional frock codification by have oning the personality apparels. For illustration. they frequently wear broken denims instead than have oning the suits ; the misss like their hair dyed colourss to foreground the personality instead than to be a good miss in household ; male childs have begun to have on earring and have long hair to do them different. Facing of these alterations. many people can non accept. particularly the aged. They think that these behaviours break the societal moralss. and pervert the societal morality. But a turning figure of people have started to understand this phenomenon from different positions. In this essay. I will concentrate on one facet – should boys are allowed to remain long hair? In my sentiment. schoolboys besides can hold long hair like misss. and the school has non the right to interfere. But some people insist opposite thought that it is non right of schoolboys to hold long hair. So foremost I will present their basic point of views. so I shall rebut these thoughts one by one harmonizing to gave my grounds and some illustrations.


Actually. in modern times. people formed a traditional aesthetic criterions. It is the male should hold a short hair. while long hair is the sole preserve of adult females. Short hair for work forces is even more dynamic、spirit and clean. When seeing a long-haired adult male. it will be the first feeling that he is non a good adult male because it is a misdemeanor of this criterion. In the eyes of the huge bulk of Chinese people. long hair is by and large respects as the mark of those defeated authors and alone creative persons. From the beginning of the nineteenth century. many counties ban the male to hold long hair by assorted of ways. including soft ways and strong ways. ( Guo Chun-lin et Al 2007 ) said. in China’s history. each dynasty had its narratives related to hair. It seems that since Ming and Qing Dynasty. China’s political relations has been tied to the hair more tightly. The hair even became the composite of the nationality which couldn’t be explained easy. Take China for illustration. many male cut his long hair to bespeak that they support scientific discipline and democracy. when the democracy revolution over threw Qing authorities.

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Another. some school officers said pupil should pay attending to his instrument. Many schools have made many commissariats in this country: misss do non dye hair. and are non allowed to have on unusual vesture ; male childs may non remain long hair. even misss must besides remain short hair in some schools. They believe the regulation makes the school more standardization. As a portion of school. pupil should detect these regulations of school. In other manus. instructors are disquieted that pupils spend excessively much clip in their visual aspect. alternatively of paying attending in analyzing. It is bad for pupil to emphasis on external beauty while disregarding the preparation of the intrinsic quality.

But. as a younger. I do non hold with the above thoughts. I will give three grounds to back up my point of view. First. as we all know the history of the universe. in the ancient twenty-four hours males ever have long hair. such as the gentlemen in eighteenth century of France and England and the people in the old dynasties of China. They think the long hair make themselves more fine-looking. Handsome looks leads to greater assurance. Another it makes them look different and standout.

For illustration. people individuality and image and showing their personality creativeness by the manner of his hair. At last. the length of hair besides stands for power and position in some states and countries. In China. depending on the alteration of age and societal rank. the manner of hair is different. So it is incorrect that some people have some the bias on schoolboys who wear long hair. They think them womanish and take them upon. In fact. we should take their avocation or this phenomenon as normal. They should non be discriminated because we have our ain position on beauty. We should have and esteem other chooses.

Second. schoolboys wear long hair which doses non defy the jurisprudence. As we know. many states manage province personal businesss harmonizing to jurisprudence. Under the regulations of jurisprudence. so does the direction school? So far. there is no any jurisprudence or ordinances which forbid the schoolboy have long hair. Furthermore. they have their right and freedom to take the life which they prefer including taking the hair manner ( John. Stuart. Mill. 1978 ) . Even if some school made some regulations. we can still doubt whether these regulations made by them fit to the jurisprudence. and fit to the moral standards. In my sentiment. everyone expresses personality by sorts of ways. particularly the immature people. Such as. they enjoy singing the vague vocal ; misss like have oning the alien manner apparels and male childs like holding long hair. If the self-expressed bash non disobey the jurisprudence and the morality. the school should non interfere much more. by contrary ; the behaviour will damage the creativeness of younger. ( Iozzi. L. et Al. 1998 )

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Neat creates the Percept that the school is really professional and good run. But we can non state a long-hair male child is non orderly. . merely if he cognize how to clean up it up. As we know. we can non do certain that holding short hair must better school public presentation. For illustration. if a short-haired male child merely eats drinks and dramas on the outside every twenty-four hours. he will stain the school’s repute. On the contrary. a long-haired male child frequently makes their hair clean and orderly and can concentrates on his survey. so that the outside universe will give the school the best congratulations. If a school wants to won a good repute and receives the esteem depending on its academic success. The rigorous frock codification does non play the most of import portion. Furthermore. in fact. paying attending to visual aspect does non conflict with acquisition. A pupil who has a good program can cover with the relationship of two facets good.

Third. the modern universe advocates the equal position between adult male and adult female. That does non merely intend adult female have the equal right in many facets with adult male. but besides adult male have the same right in some facts. Because of the limitation of traditional aesthetical criterions. it seems that the long hair merely belongs to the female. In fact. hairstyle depends on the person’s face and the disposition instead than on the footing of the sex. If a long-haired miss whose face tantrum for the shooting hair will do people experience uncomfortable.

However. if a male possess of a suited long hair harmonizing to his ain fortunes. it make everyone happy. In South Korean. more and more combinations of immature people are emerging in amusement industry. Many work forces in the composing of the male childs have stayed a long hair. but because the hair styling is really appropriate. they look really dynamic. They are extremely loved and respected by immature people. The increasing figure of male childs is copying them excessively.

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This epoch gave everyone a self-display infinite. Young people have a more ardent desire to show themselves. The figure of long-haired work forces remains wrinkling now. Some schoolboys have besides been affected and get down to remain the long hair. In order to forestall the development of the phenomena. many schools prohibited male childs have long hair. This regulation caused a batch of contention. including person who is in favour of the school and person who opposites it. Standing the point of immature people. I agree that the male childs can remain long hair in school and it should non be prohibited. First before the modern clip. many states had the tradition of long-haired male. This non merely makes them more self-confidence but besides it is a symbol of position. Science at that place was this aesthetic criterion in the yesteryear ; it should non hold been ugly in modern society.

Second this act does non go against any Torahs. There is no proviso which ban the adult male to hold long hair in any state. On the contrary. inordinate intervention from the school is regard to incorporate the immature person’s inventions. smothering their nature. And. the relationship between frock criterions and academic success is non excessively much. Finally. everyone has the right to take their ain hair. whether male or female. Regardless of long hair or short hair. it is faultless every bit long as the hair manner is right for you. The society is developing and we must come on our believing invariably. Too many limitations would deny immature people’s creativeness. We should see it with the vision of accepting.


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