Should college athletes get paid? Essay Sample

In the athleticss industry. many struggles and determinations develop. One major issue over athleticss is whether to pay college jocks or non. Some people feel paying college jocks would be a great alteration. while others believe it will take to an addition in jobs and corruptness. There are sensible statements for both positions on this affair.

There are many reasonable grounds as to why college jocks should be paid. These jocks are merely seeing what everybody else is acquiring. College athleticss bring in hard currency trough ticket gross revenues. ware. fees for playoff visual aspects. When points such as New Jerseies with their Numberss on them are being sold. it can be viewed as unfair because the athlete doesn’t receive any of that net income. Their school’s return in an extended sum of money from corporate patrons. and the managers are paid 1000000s of dollars. while jocks don’t acquire any of that money. These jocks put in a batch of attempt through difficult patterns. preparation. while they receive an instruction at their college. It is besides known that the NCAA regulations limit the occupations college jocks have. An jock can non keep a occupation paying him/her over $ 2000 during the twelvemonth. ( hypertext transfer protocol: //reallythink. blogspot. com/2003/04/should-college-athletes-be-paid. hypertext markup language )

On the opposite terminal of this subject. there are many grounds why paying college jocks would non be a good thought. When traveling into a college for a athletics. pupils receive scholarships which pay for most. if non all of their necessities anyhow. Scholarships enforce the pupil jock to maintain their classs up so they can maintain this money given to them. These pupils are already acquiring free repasts. ware. and exposure so why add more money? College jocks should non be paid because it is non their occupation to play in a athletics. They are in college which means they are acquiring an instruction while entertaining themselves with a athletics. They are pupils playing a athletics in college. non professional jocks. It is non their calling so they should non be paid as if it were one. Another ground why paying college jocks is non a good thought. is because the differences in wages will do more jobs. It will be tough to find how much these participants receive. why they receive what they do. Questions of who is acquiring paid more and why. will get down jobs. Besides. it may convey discouragement to smaller schools who can non needfully afford scholarships to being in the best “stars” to go to their college.

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The lone just manner to pay college jocks is all every bit. Giving more money to the better player’s will diminish teamwork. and take instruction of these pupils heads. All they will believe about it how to go better and derive more money. That may besides affect taking the school that pays the most. and what happens to the little schools so?

Although both positions are sensible. I do non experience college jocks should be paid. They receive many free things already. and their scholarships are what they should be working for. Students will believe less of school assignment and instruction. and more of athleticss and how to acquire more money if the NCAA decided to put wages for college jocks. Lone professionals should be paid. because it is their calling. Although colleges may be conveying in 1000000s because of college sports. these jocks are still pupils and should be treated so.