Shame Is Worth a Try – Essay Example

In the beginning of “Shame Is Worth a Try” written by Dan M. Kahan, he started by “Is shame an appropriate penalty for felons? ” to indicate out dishonoring the populace is better than directing useless harmful individuals to gaol. Kahan explains there are different dishonoring penalties and the manner you perform these penalties. He argues. “Shame is an effectual, cheap, and humanist option to imprisonment. ” ( Paragraph 3 ) The tribunals should picks dishonoring for a condemnable penalty instead than imprisonment for smaller offenses. Kahan has given different illustration of different provinces and how it works; “Indeed, preliminary studies suggest that certain dishonoring penalties, including those directed at defaulter pas. are extraordinary effective” ( Paragraph 10 ) He besides mention the opposite point stating that dishonoring punishments can be abused. He explains that some dishonoring penalty such as public whippings may do penalty more expensive for society and destructive for the wrongdoer. However, dishonoring penalty is inexpensive and effectual; we should give it a attempt.

By reading “Shame is worth a try’’. I have to hold that something by being shame, may be a better penalty than directing people to imprison. The illustration of a female parent had to compose a newspaper article when she was caught purchasing marihuana with her kids in the auto. For me, this penalty is effectual. Even though they seem non doing any sense, but they are cheaper than directing them to imprison. Besides, by being shame, it do them embarrassment and the individual has wage for what they did. But to be honest, some of the penalties are rather pathetic. I admit that dishonoring penalty sounds just, and it was inexpensive and effectual. However, in many instances the offense is non deserving this penalty. Besides, it is easy to be abused. For illustration; people, who have been charged with a DUI, have a bumper spine that tells other they have driven rummy, didn’t average anything. They may non experience sorry or avoid non making it once more. Their offenses possibly little and simple but they are a spot black and pathetic.

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