Security Technologies & Methodologies Essay Sample

In today’s computing machine based universe there are several possible and annihilating menaces like hackers. viruses. worms. and Trojans etc. to our computing machines. webs. and confidential information. So to protect our computing machines. webs. and confidential information we install security applications and hardware systems to protect our confidential information. computing machines. and webs. Some of the most popular Internet security systems are firewalls. intrusive bar system. intrusive sensing system. entree control. and cryptanalytic tools and procedures. However. there is no Internet security application or hardware system that can barricade every menace every clip. so one must up cautiousness where the Internet is concerned. Firewalls

Firewalls are fundamentally a wall between your computing machine or web and destructive forces from the Internet. They protect a company’s web and computing machines by filtrating the information that comes through any Internet connexion. They use certain methods like package filtering. proxy service. or stateful review to protect computing machines or webs. This type of protection system is use for maintaining computing machines or webs secure by running any information through filters and flinging all information that can non go through through the filters. By making a wall between the confidential information that a company needs to maintain secure and any possible menace so the company will non necessitate to worry about who has entree to their confidential information. Intrusion Prevention Systems

The invasion bar systems ( IPS ) are web security applications that examine the activities on a web or system for malicious activities. These systems identify malicious activity so they log the information that was retrieved from the malicious activity and so they try to barricade or halt the malicious activity. These types of systems are highly helpful for a company to utilize for their web security. For these systems actively scan the web for malicious activity and so prevents the malicious activity from damaging the company’s web and system. When companies install intrusion bar systems they do hold to worry about manually supervising the activities on their web or computing machine because this system automatically does that for the company. and this system besides makes it harder for hackers to derive entree to the company’s web or computing machines. Intrusion Detection Systems

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Intrusion sensing systems ( IDS ) are a device or package that besides searches a web and/or computing machines for malicious activities and sends a study to direction. The invasion sensing systems and intrusion bar systems are similar because they both search a web and/or computing machines for malicious activities and direct a study of their determination to direction. However. invasion bar systems have an excess characteristic for protecting their web and/or computing machines because they can barricade and/or halt the malicious activities before it can make any harm to a company’s web and computing machines. Access Control

Access control systems are systems or applications that limit the entree of information or topographic points to the users that have the authorization to be at that place or see the information that the user has been granted permission to position. When a company installs a computer keyboard lock on their doors and has users IDs and watchwords in order to entree company information these are called entree control systems. These types of systems aid companies to maintain confidential information and/or systems secure. For they limit the exposure of their confidential information and/or systems to employees who have shown the company that they can be trusted with the information and/or systems. One of the most common entree control systems for a company is the usage of user ID logins and watchwords for accessing company information. Cryptographic Tools & A ; Procedures

Cryptographic is the unafraid communicating of information even when 3rd parties are about. For cryptographic is fundamentally a mathematical algorithm physique to procure a web and/or computing machines from possible Internet menaces. When a company installs cryptanalytic tools to procure their web and computing machines they make it highly difficult for an mean hacker from accessing the company’s confidential information and damaging the company.

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While these Internet security applications will assist protect a company’s web. computing machines. and confidential information. they can non halt every onslaught so companies must besides develop their employees about possible Internet menaces and how to be smart while on the Internet. For cognition is the greatest plus for a company when covering with Internet security and the safety of their webs. computing machines. and confidential information.


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