Security Objectives and Components Essay Sample

Security nonsubjective constituents added to an environment that is seeing endangering things within their environing countries will cut down the possible negative things introduced in said environment. Learning about the possible constituents that can be used to cut down the negative things will let for more positive ambiance. Physical Security

The constituent of the overall security aim that deserves the most attending in the church environment mentioned in the article would hold to be physical security. Physical security which includes locks. illuming. dismaies. closed-captioned telecasting. policy and process manuals. and security officers would assist to cut down the offenses being done within churches because it would state the felon to take excess safeguards in the offenses they want to perpetrate to where they may reconsider making the offense at manus. If the condemnable sees cameras or security guards in topographic point they will non desire to seek their fortune traveling into the church with a piece or explosives because they could acquire caught easier. If things like aggregation money were locked up better so that it would be harder to steal so there is less opportunity of seeking to take it. Personnel security

I believe that forces security would be less pertinent for the church environment during a exposure appraisal due to the simple fact that most forces working in the church environment are at that place for one intent and that is to distribute the word of God to believers and non to do injury to them in any manner so there truly is no cause for concern with those who work for the church. I think that until there are obvious mark of disgusting drama of employees that this would be the least of concerns within the church walls. Countermeasures

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Some countermeasures that could be put into topographic point in churches to cut down or extinguish shots. incendiarism. and bombing would be to add security officers. for things that could go on such as the shot at a Colorado church ( brotherhood common. 2013 ) . to the church tonss at dark to extinguish the possibility of fires being set after hours. I would add metal sensors. because it would forestall state of affairss as in hurts that can be caused by interlopers acquiring in and doing injury to guiltless people because they want what was made in that yearss contribution box or they feel that the Godhead has non provided for them the manner they think he should ( church security. 2011 ) . at all entrywaies and issues of the church to cut down the possibility of conveying arms into the churches and to do certain anyone leery looking with bags or trench coats be checked exhaustively by the security guards so that bombs would be less likely to do it within the church walls. Promenades

The constituents that would be more pertinent at a promenade instead than a church would be personnel security and interdepartmental dependence. Personnel security would be more of import in a promenade atmosphere instead than a church atmosphere because I think that forces are more likely to perpetrate offense such as larceny at a promenade alternatively of the church because there are more things that would catch an employees oculus to take without paying for in a retail store. Interdepartmental dependence would work in a promenade atmosphere instead than a church atmosphere due to the simple fact that there are more section employees to take into consideration to assisting out with protecting the environment. There are directors. helper directors. tellers. security guards. etc. where as in a church there are fewer sections to watch over the environment. Alternate Countermeasures

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I do non believe it would show alternate countermeasures to the 1s I have already listed because I do non believe that you could add any more solutions than the 1s already implemented. In decision I feel that if the security aims are added to the church atmosphere than there would be less offense go oning within the church and less anxiousness to those idolizing within these walls and they can concentrate on what they are really traveling to church for such as praying and larning about the Godhead.

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