Security Objective Components Essay Sample

Personal security is the constituent of the overall security that deserves the most attending. in the article they mention that none of the other constituents can work the right manner without the personal security constituent. which is people that are hired to watch and to look into for anything that seems out of order or any one that is moving in a incorrect manner. besides if the people working within the companies pose the biggest menace so doing certain that we look into them foremost would be the best thing to make. look intoing the people that are being hired for security occupations and look intoing the people that are running the systems for those people have a clean record would be a manner of halting things from happing. fires. shots. and bombardments for illustration.

Physical security is the constituent that is the less pertinent of these peculiar environments the article states that physical security is made up of security hardware dismaies. closed captioned telecasting. locks. and illuming and this would be a constituent that wouldn’t merit as much attending because all of these things are controlled by people and they would be programing and commanding the dismaies. locks. and closed captioned telecasting so it would hold my higher attending to watch the people working the hardware in a company alternatively of watching the hardware that was being used by those people.

When engaging person for a occupation at any company that would be running one of the security constituent in this company or running any hardware in that company should foremost hold a really though background cheque done on all those possible employees in this it would do the opportunities of one of the employees being able or desiring to hit. bomb or desiring to put fire to the edifice or any other individual in or outside of that company less likely to go on. besides if person has been fired from the company that was portion of the security or running any of the hardware involved. so the company would necessitate. To alter the codifications and the hardware portion of the systems to do certain the individual that got fired didn’t come back to shoot. bomb. or put fire to any individual that took their topographic point or portion making the same to the edifice.

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What constituents of the overall security aim would be more pertinent had these events occurred at a promenade? If this had happened at a promenade than physical security would be the constituent that would be in the highest attending topographic point. make to it being such an unfastened country that merely about anyone could come in and go forth at any clip every bit long as the promenade was unfastened. in a promenade I would maintain ticker on the people to see what they brought in with them and what they are taking out with them and to maintain ticker on things that people would be go forthing behind and to maintain an oculus out on the manner people are moving and do certain that it is a normal manner most people at a promenade would be moving. cheque for marks to demo that person is disquieted and desiring to make something that may convey injury to others.

Would these constituents present alternate countermeasures or solutions to those you have already listed? The counter measures or solutions to halting this from go oning would alter if this happened in a promenade alternatively because the hazard of people being hurt would increase. Make to the sum of people that can come and travel from a promenade in a little sum of clip. in this the security camera. issues and the people working in the promenade would be who the security forces would hold to protect. besides they would hold to do certain to look into all people working in the promenade every bit good as the people shopping to see if any of them could be a dainty or non. and to see if any of them come up as a criminal and the security system informations base and if the come up on a felon list if so so they would necessitate to halt those people and to acquire to them before they hurt person.

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