Security Objective Component Essay Sample

1. What constituent of the overall security aim deserves the most attending in the environments mentioned in the article? What constituents would be less pertinent for these peculiar environments during a exposure appraisal? Why?

I am reasonably torn on what constituent of the overall security aim deserves the most attending when it comes to church safety. or any topographic point of worship. The bulks of churches are little and are funded on public money. Therefore. they can non afford some of the “higher end” security steps. like a security bureau or implementing metal sensors. which I believe would be chilling for a topographic point of worship to hold to make.

I believe there are two of import constituents to the overall security aim that deserve equal attending. Those being forces security and physical security. A topographic point of worship can do certain that all staff is cognizant of safety processs during about any onslaught. runing from gunslingers to fires and bombs ( Phillips ) . This type of forces security can be assorted with physical security steps. such as walky-talkies. If the staff is trained. even somewhat. to acknowledge the warning marks. a calamity has a higher opportunity being avoided.

2. Relative to the primary constituent you chose above. what are some countermeasures or possible solutions for the shots. incidences of incendiarism. and bombing?

Unfortunately. more and more topographic points of spiritual worship are coming under menace these yearss from those who feel compelled to do their dissatisfaction of faith or life known to those who are guiltless.

Refering the menace of incendiarism or bombardments at a topographic point of worship. I would propose adding more lighting to the exterior of the edifices and perchance some physical security. such as surveillance cameras. I understand that the bulk of topographic points of worship are funded through public contributions and fold but if none of those who donate experience it is a safe topographic point they can pattern their faith. there is non likely to be anyone in attending and the topographic point of worship will melt anyways. I do non experience these topographic points must hold an “around-the-clock” professional security squad watching surveillance cameras. as that can acquire really expensive but to inquire for voluntaries from the local community is non unheard of.

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If the topographic point of worship had the ability to add more lighting around the exterior of their edifice and possibly a few surveillance cameras. whether they are monitored “around the clock” or non. I believe offenses such as incendiarism or bombardment would decrease. With adequate lighting. the cameras can so do the felons characteristics to be more discernible. With even somewhat clear images of the felon. the topographic point of worship can so inquire for assistance from the local community in capturing the one responsible. In this manner. the offenses being wrought against the topographic point of worship so kind of become a type of forces security. affecting the community in the security.

3. What constituents of the overall security aim would be more pertinent had these events occurred at a promenade? Would these constituents present alternate countermeasures or solutions to those you have already listed? Explain your replies.

I believe the constituents of the overall security aims that would be pertinent had this occurred at a promenade are the same but I would besides add interdepartmental security every bit good. To run into the safety demands of a promenade. which anyone could come in. it takes the entireness of the safety squad to draw it off.