Security Measures Essay Sample

When it comes to security and the protection of proprietary and sensitive information. there can be no alibi to non hold the best available precautions in topographic point. Security breaches come in many different forms and sizes. They can be orchestrated by monolithic units that aim at transgressing sensitive information hubs and leaking that information to the populace. An illustration of a malicious onslaught would be one committed by the group Anonymous. Defined as “any incident that consequences in unauthorised entree of informations. applications. services. webs and/or devices by short-circuiting their implicit in security mechanism” . ( Techopedia ) . a security breach can be internal or external. “Depending on the nature of the incident. a security breach can be anything from low-risk to extremely critical” . ( Techopedia ) . Both types of breaches can be merely as unsafe and dearly-won and impact a company in the same negative manner. whether it be an inadvertent breach or a malicious onslaught. And both require extended security steps to protect a company from such breaches.

There are legion security steps that are already set in topographic point and implemented at First Republic. When we break down the different degrees of security. there are legion Fieldss that utilize different security steps. On the employee degree there are perfectly no non-employees allowed on the floors on the Corporate Office. For an employee to derive entree they have to have on two individuality badges that besides serve as their lift base on balls and their door base on balls to their assigned floors. For personal privateness each employee has a desk with two shortss that lock that they are required to maintain their personal properties in and lock when off from their desk. When an employee is hired they are required to subscribe an supplement to the application saying that they will ne’er unwrap any internal information of FRB to anyone of all time.

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There are terrible scrutinizing regulations and a rigorous construction of completion that we pride ourselves on as we are covering with fundss of persons and companies. FRB has multiple eventuality programs in topographic point for each location in the event of a natural catastrophe or a calamity that limits the ability to work from our Corporate Headquarters. The most of import safety step that is employed on a day-to-day footing is the computing machine software/network protection run by the IT section. It is indispensable in the line of work that FRB is in that all its devices are equipped with the top of the line anti-virus/hacking protection available. The typical security jobs that could originate at FRB are individuals trying to derive entree to unauthorised locations.

Or the changeless menace of information being leaked or hacked via computing machine fraud. The control procedures that are already in topographic point are that each and every electronic mail that is sent out from an FRB employee is automatically encrypted and the receiving system has to voyage to a nexus via the electronic mail to recover their information. The ethical quandary that are faced when using certain control mechanisms are that you can’t delight everyone. There will ever be person who is negatively affected by a determination and the execution of that determination. The recommendations that I have are that FRB needs to go on to prosecute all signifiers of computing machine safety in respects to protecting the assemblage and the flow of all internal and external information.

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