Secret Lion Symbol Analasis Essay Sample

In Alberto Alvaro Rios’s narrative The Secret Lion. the subject captures how alteration is at hand and how a child’s artlessness can non be spared. Merely as our universe invariably revolves around our Sun. we must besides go around around an indispensable portion of our life class: alteration. From the cave man to the modern adult male alteration has ever been present. and although we invariably change. non everyone responds the same manner. The transmutation from simple to middle school. the arroyo. the crunching ball. the golf class and the king of beasts represent symbolic objects critical to the apprehension of story’s subject.

The first symbolic aim in “The Secret Lion” is the transmutation from simple to middle school. Here we read about the authors’ foremost encounter with alteration and his inability to grok what was taking topographic point around him ; for illustration. his realisation that his friend Sergio and him can non speak to girls the same manner they could in Elementary school. The storyteller has reached the point where he now finds the misss sexually attractive and since speaking to them makes him nervous. as a consequence. he avoids communicating: “And we saw misss now. but they weren’t the same miss we use to cognize because we couldn’t speak to them any longer. non the same manner we used to. ” ( Kriszner 166 ) He now can’t inquire his instructors inquiries such as the definition of a word either because he feels that he would acquire criticized for inquiring. Now baffled. he could non assist but inquire why was it that seeking to happen out what certain words meant was considered incorrect: “School wasn’t school. everything was rearward. ” ( Kriszner 166 ) Their child’s artlessness had been strapped off. and now they were non kids. but alternatively developing work forces who non merely could acquire into problem for stating the incorrect thing. but were besides human magnets responding towards the opposite sex.

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The 2nd symbolic aim is the arroyo. which is the boys’ manner of get awaying the “backward world” they live in. and travel back to their old life style. The arroyo is the topographic point the writer feels like a child once more: no concerns and no penalties for stating what they felt like. “We couldn’t explain why. it merely felt good and for the first clip in our lives there was cipher to state us we couldn’t. ” ( Kriszner 167 ) However ; their euphory lasts abruptly. as life’s arm of mass devastation. letdown all of a sudden work stoppages. Their cherished arroyo river was filled with waste by the sewerage intervention works so they could non travel at that place any longer. as it wasn’t the perfect topographic point any longer for them and now blames nature: “Nature seemed to maintain forcing us around one manner or another. learning us the same thing every topographic point we ended up. ” ( Kriszner 167 ) The lesson being taught was that alteration is ineluctable and there was no topographic point to conceal.

The 3rd symbolic object is the crunching ball which was absolutely round. Sergio and the writer take the ball and bury it. so that it doesn’t acquire taken off merely like their childhood was. “This best thing was traveling to be taken off from us. ” ( Kriszner 166 ) After burying the ball. they tried happening it but did non hold fortune: “We dug up the whole bank. and we ne’er found it once more. We tried. ” The crunching ball represented the children’s artlessness and though he tried to conceal from nature to maintain it integral everlastingly. at the terminal he really lost it.

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The 4th is the golf class which they thought was heaven. They had found the Garden of Eden in the center of the sweet. “It was merely what we thought it would be. Perfect. ” The storyteller and his friend Sergio were so happy that they even ran around express joying. hitting each other and moving like they were rich. They even found a hole for the sodium carbonate that fit absolutely and nil could wrong in this perfect universe. But all of the sudden merely as everything else earlier. it all came oppressing down. This clip. nevertheless. recognizing that they could ne’er happen Eden and that life had disappointed them once more. they decide to take a new attack and alternatively be strong and maintain their caputs up. “We grew up a small spot. and couldn’t spell backwards. ” ( Kriszner 169 ) The last symbol used in The Secret Lion is the king of beasts represents grownup goon. the doomed of artlessness and destiny.

Throughout the whole narrative. the writer claims that the king of beasts is present but he merely can’t explain what it is “but it was at that place however like a king of beasts. ” ( Kriszner 166 ) The king of beasts signifies the alteration from an guiltless kid to an experient immature grownup. He didn’t cognize what was go oning to him. why he couldn’t talk to misss. why inquiring inquiries at school was incorrect and why everything perfect was being taken off. Just every bit helter-skelter as it can be. when a king of beasts spreads panic while assailing other animate beings ; kids. merely as the animate beings. run everyplace lost ne’er cognizing what to make. At the terminal nevertheless. everything composures down and life continues usually. That is what the storyteller did after the “lion” had attacked he went on populating the best he could without his childhood artlessness. “We went back to the arroyo…and tried to hold fun the best we could. ” ( Kriszner 169 ) He realized at last that destiny was ineluctable.

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The transmutation from simple to middle school. the arroyo. the crunching ball. and the golf class all let the writer know that alteration is at hand. In-between school taught him that life was altering. the arroyo taught him that no affair where he went he could non conceal from destiny. The crunching ball taught them how absolutely good things get taken away for no ground. and the golf class taught them licking but at the same clip diligence. in order to go on with life. All of these objects show how critical they are to the apprehension of story’s subject of alteration being at hand and the artlessness of a kid can non be saved.