Secondhand Market And Its Future Information Technology Essay

Literature reappraisal is about the background information of my undertaking. I will show the related online secondhand market points in the first portion. The 2nd portion I will reexamine of 3 bing secondhand systems to happen inspiration of my undertaking. At last I will speak about unfastened beginning package and how they can assist me in developing system.

2.2 Secondhand Items

A secondhand or used good is one that is being purchased by or otherwise transferred to a 2nd or ulterior terminal user. In another word it can merely intend it is no longer in the same status as it was when it was foremost transferred to the current terminal user. Secondhand points may be transportation between friends or household for free, or they can be sold at a lower monetary value at garage gross revenues.

Many people prefer to purchase new goods, since new goods can do them experience safer. A guarantee is provided for new goods they can repair for free or merely alter a new one, purchase new goods besides can avoid purchasing stolen goods.

But purchase secondhand goods has important benefits such as prevent them going waste and saves dearly-won production of tantamount new goods. It can conserving natural resources and protecting the environment, and may from portion of a simple life program.

2.3 E-commerce

E-commerce ( Electronic Commerce ) is any signifier of concern dealing in which the parties interact electronically over the cyberspace instead than by physical exchange or behavior. The sum of trade conducted electronically has grown inordinately with widespread Internet use. The usage of commercialism is conducted in this manner, spurring and pulling on inventions in electronic financess transfer, supply concatenation direction, Internet selling, on-line dealing processing, electronic informations interchange ( EDI ) , inventory direction systems, and automated informations aggregation systems.

The chief concern utilizations of the cyberspace include:

The ability to purchase, sell and publicize goods and service to clients and consumers.

To pass on with concerns and clients around the universe

To advance merchandises and services by electronically printing booklets, manuals, merchandise updates etc

To give concern the competitory border by researching information on specific industries.

E-commerce can be divided into 4 classs which are business-to-business ( B2B ) , business-to-customer ( B2C ) , customer-to-business ( C2B ) and customer-to-customer ( C2C ) .

B2B is conducted between concerns. B2B can be unfastened to all interested parties ( e.g. trade good exchange ) or limited to specific, pre-qualified participants ( private electronic market ) . Such as industries selling to distributers and jobbers selling to retail merchants. Pricing is based on measure of order and is frequently negotiable.

B2C is conducted from concerns to consumers. Business selling to the general populace typically through catalogs using shopping cart package. This is the type of electronic commercialism conducted by companies such as

C2B is conducted from client to concern. A consumer posts his undertaking with a set budget online and within hours companies review the consumer ‘s demands and command on the undertaking. The consumer reviews the commands and selects the company that will finish the undertaking. Elance empowers consumers around the universe by supplying the meeting land and platform for such minutess.

C2C behavior from client to client. There are many sites offering free classifieds, auctions, and forums where persons can purchase and sell. Thankss to online payment system like PayPal where people can direct and have money online with easiness. eBay ‘s auction service is a great illustration of where person-to-person minutess take topographic point every twenty-four hours since 1995. My Secondhand market system is belongs to C2C class.

2.4 Secondhand market and its hereafter

Secondhand markets are used for sell or exchange secondhand points. Secondhand points can frequently be found for sale in thrift shops and pawnbroker’s shops, auctions, garage gross revenues, and in more recent clip ‘s on-line auctions. Some shops sell both new and used goods, while others merely sell new goods but may take used points in exchange for recognition toward the purchase of newer goods. These shops are all can be seen as secondhand market.

The secondhand market is exciting developing now. Since planetary fiscal crisis hit, people turn to shopping in an economic system manner. So the secondhand trading market benefit from this fighting economic system. ( Lynn Ducey, 2008 ) Secondhand markets are busier than of all time, it appears a bucking retail tendencies. ( Elizabeth Millard, 2008 ) . Report by CNN 2th January 2009, one of Buffalo ( a Manhattan cargo store ) in private held company says it has $ 50 million in one-year gross and is reasoning its 3rd back-to-back twelvemonth of gross revenues growing and besides of the resale market ‘s overall public presentation. Secondhand shops are gaining from the recession. ( Maggie Overfelt, 2009 ) The second-hand trading market is dining as bargain-hunting consumers turn to purchasing quality second-hand points online, from the latest plasma screens to designer threadss. Popular on-line trading sites like eBay and Trading Post both report a spike in trade of second-hand point.

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2.5 Secondhand markets in campus

The secondhand market has a immense potency in campus, there are many things can provide such as books, letter paper, MP3, computing machine, etc. These points have the guaranteed quality and in a low monetary value because the purchaser and marketer are both pupils easier to supervise. So people like to purchase material from college pupils, giving them a high trust.

In China yearly last-year pupils spontaneously form a secondhand market to exchange of 2nd manus school stuffs. They place stables along the college street, every bit long as 100 metres, and becomes a sort of tradition. Even some occupants nearby the campus articulation this squad.

There is a great trade of alumnus pupils in college every twelvemonth and they have a batch of things difficult to take away but still utile. For the interest of avoiding the waste and recycling, the secondhand market is a good manner to work out this job which can convey some economic benefits at the same clip.

2.6 Professionals and Cons of on-line secondhand markets


There many advantage to utilize on-line secondhand market. Selling and purchasing secondhand points both become easy. The website allows you to shop through different classs and see the ads posted by other Sellerss to purchase or sell points easy.

Use cyberspace we can entree more secondhand point resources than traditional shopping method. We can utilize search map to seek merchandise every bit much as we want without travel here and at that place.

Online secondhand market besides can assist you salvage money since you can compare monetary value easy and deal with marketer.


Use on-line secondhand market to seek merchandise, user may confront a job that the quality can non vouch. User can non see, touch and easy inquire inquiries about a existent merchandise.

Use online shopping lessening the frequence of people get out of the house. This may do wellness issue to people. There are some people get cabin febrilities in the winter since this state of affairs.

Another disadvantage of bargain secondhand merchandise online is that secondhand points do non hold guarantee, if got job user can non alter a new one or repair for free.

2.7 Review bing system

2.7.1 “ 2nd manus ” ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


“ 22nd manus ” is an on-line 2nd manus market in Malaysia, it allow client to sell or happen request goods online.

Key characteristics

Register/log in

If user wants to post advertizements on this web site, he/she demand to register on this web site. User need to make full up the personal information such as name, gender, contact information ( which will expose with advertizement together for others to reach with proprietor )

Home page

Home page displays the latest sales/request advertizement in sequence.

Post sell/request point

After user log in they can post a sell/request advertizement at this web site. They can post goods exposure, edit, update, delete goods information.


Search map has three classifies: by catalog, by location, by user. User can take any one of them to treat hunt map.

Goods catalog page

The web site usage a whole page to expose the full catalog, user can happen all goods classifies here.

2.7.2 Gumtree ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


Gumtree Sydney is a free local classifieds site. Look for points for sale, services, autos, occupations, lodging, and more. This site has a big community of single Sellerss who put up points for sale. You frequently can happen garage gross revenues here. Its hunt engine allows you to filtrate by merchandises and monetary value scope. If you ‘re looking for a specific point, you can besides subscribe up to qui vives via your electronic mail reference.

Cardinal Features:

Post sell/request point

Gumtree offer free station advertizement for client, client can post an advertizement to sale something or happen something they want to purchase. Customer foremost need to choose an class that the point they want to post so necessitate to take they want to purchase or sell merchandise so edit merchandise information here, such as monetary value, merchandise name, description and besides can post an image of merchandise. Customer demand to redact their contact information convenient for others to reach.

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Promote advertizement

Website besides provides promote advertizement method which include: highlight advertizement, top advertizement and demo advertizement on place page. These maps are charge points.

My Gumtree

Customer registry in Gumtree, they can hold an ain page for manage their posted advertizement, they can post, promote, edit, delete and have an personal Watch List

Discuss country

A forum used for user station articles to portion their experience of Gumtree and do judgements of service.

Help map

This web page use a hunt map to let user to seek inquiries that they want to inquire, see if the inquiry already answered by others. It likes a guideline to steer user use the Gumtree.

Other service:

Profile, FAQ, hunt

2.7.3 mySimplifieds ( hypertext transfer protocol: // )


mySimplifieds is Malaysia ‘s Most Comprehensive Classified Listings, All In One Hassle Free Classified Portal To Reach Out Your Largest Buyer & A ; Seller Groups Efficaciously.

Cardinal characteristics:


List your points on mySimplifieds and all our attached portals at no excess cost.

Post personal classifies:

Choose a class, edit point ‘s information such as: point name, description, monetary value and cardinal word used for hunt map. Customer even can add an picture for posted point to advance it ;

Fill the signifier about contact information for others to reach with you ;

Use the map offered by Malaysia Classifies to demo the location of the point ;

Malaysia Classifies have an particular map that study delivered daily or weekly to you email to happen out cardinal stats such as alone visitants, entire position & A ; questions so that you can supervise your classifieds public presentation.


Search by classifies, and type the cardinal word to seek needful points.


“ Buy ” and “ sell ” page got tips to steer client use the web page, client can rapidly larn how to utilize it.


mySimplifieds offer an FAQ to work out frequent inquiry that client may be ask, if user still acquire job, they can direct electronic mail to mySimplifieds until acquire satisfied reply

Comparison between 3 web site

web site



“ 2ndhand ”

Simple, easy to utilize

Poor characteristics, non so much maps can take by people


Free for station advertizement ;

Have promote map ;

Discussion map ;

Help map

User demand to bear down promote map

Web pages are really long demand to turn over down.


Advertisement map make the station points on its all attached portals at no excess cost

Merchandises do non expose in sequence can non see latest advertise station by users.

Web pages are full of tips, hard to happen process map.

2.8 Overview development tools

2.8.1 HTML

HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language, HTML is non a scheduling linguistic communication, but is a markup linguistic communication. A markup linguistic communication is a set of markup tickets. HTML uses markup tickets to depict web pages. It provide a agency to creat structured paperss by denoting structureral semantics for text such as headers, paragraphs, lists etc every bit good as for links, quotation marks, and other points. It allows images and objects to be embedded and can be used to make synergistic signifiers. It can include or can lade books in linguistic communications such as JavaScript which affect the behaviour of HTML processors like Web browsers ; and Cascading Style Sheets ( CSS ) to specify the visual aspect and layout of text and other stuff.

2.8.2 PHP

PHP is a widely-used all-purpose scripting linguistic communication that is particularly suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML. As a general intent scheduling linguistic communication, PHP codification is processes by an translator application in command-line manner executing desired operating system operations and bring forthing plan out put on its criterion end product channel. It may besides work as a graphical application. PHP is available as a processor for most modern web waiters and as standalone translator on most operating system and calculating platform. It is free for usage, PHP group provide the complete beginning codification for users to construct, custom-make and widen for their ain usage.

PHP originally designed to make dynamic web page, now chiefly concentrate on server-side scripting. It is similar to ASP and JSP which provide dynamic content from a web waiter to a client.

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PHP is a member of the popular LAMP architecture which in the web industry as a method of deploying web application. PHP is stand foring P in LAMP ; other three alphabets represent Linux, Apache and MySQL.

Significant web site are written in PHP include Facebook, Wikipedia, Yahoo, MyYearbook, Digg and so on. Harmonizing Wikipedia, April 2007, over 20 million Internet spheres had web services hosted on waiters with PHP installed and mod-php was recorded as the most popular Apache HTTP Server faculty.

2.8.3 MySQL

MySQL is the most popular unfastened beginning SQL database direction system, is developed, distributed, and supported by Sun Microsystems, Inc. MySQL consistent fast public presentation, high dependability and easiness of usage. It ‘s used on every continent, even Antarctica. Individual web developers or universe ‘s largest and fastest-growing organisations both use MySQL to salvage clip and money powering their high-volume Web site, business-critical system and packaged package including industry leaders such as Yokel! , Alcatel-Lucent, Google, Nokia, YouTube, and

MySQL support most of the map you ‘ve come to anticipate in a commercial RDBMS. It ensures that minutess comply with the ACID Model, allows the edifice of indexes, supports standard informations types, and allows for database reproduction, among other characteristics.

MySQL besides provide flexibleness put you in control since it can runs on more than 20 platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS, Solaris, HP-UX, IBM AIX.

2.8.4 Apache

Apache is public-domain, unfastened beginning Web waiter developed by a loosely-knit group of coders. Apache is by and large recognized as the universe ‘s most popular Web waiter ( HTTP server ) . The first vision of Apache, based on the NCSA hypertext transfer protocol Web waiter, was developed in 1995. Originally designed for UNIX waiters, the Apache Web waiter has been ported to Windows and other web runing system ( NOS ) . The name “ Apache ” derives from the word “ patchy ” that the Apache developers used to depict early versions of their package.

The Apache Web waiter provides a full scope of Web waiter characteristics, including CGI, SSL, and practical spheres. Apache besides supports circuit board faculties for extensibility. Apache is dependable, free, and comparatively easy to configure.

Apache is free package distributed by the Apache Software Foundation. The Apache Software Foundation promotes assorted free and unfastened beginning advanced Web engineerings.

2.8.5 Benefits of usage unfastened beginning

There are many ground for us to take unfastened beginning, here merely list several of import grounds to reexamine.

First of wholly, the cost will be a really of import ground. The unfastened beginning package is free. You no demand to bear down anything for it. You merely download and put in so can make your material with the package.

Second is unfastened beginning offer a high degree security. Open beginning package bundles are about ever secure than proprietary options. If you read studies from the Dti and Pwc you will establish that all known viruses are aiming proprietary package system. It is difficult to happen any existent informations on the figure of Linux viruses that are in circulation.

The last but non least ground I want to compose is characteristics, because most unfastened beginning package is developed by people who use it, so it tends to hold more progress characteristics. If there ‘s something you want to make you can either modify the merchandise yourself or pay person to make it for you. If you wish to, you are free to lend your alterations back to the community so that the package continues to better. Most unfastened beginning licenses merely necessitate you to make this if you re-distribute your modified merchandise to others.

2.9 Decision

From the literature reappraisal it can be concluded that secondhand market is appears a bucking retail tendencies both in campus and society. The secondhand market has a bright hereafter and more and more people turn to purchase secondhand points online.

The reappraisal of exist secondhand system shows that the secondhand system has these common maps: hunt, browse, station advertizement, class and manage map. I learned advantages and disadvantages from these systems. I can plan my system better with this cognition.

I choose Open beginning package to develop my system since its economic system and rich functionality. I can easy utilize and happen aid from cyberspace if I get job can non work out. Open beginning package is a good system development tool for the individual who wants to develop a system without much money and experience.