Scope And Limitations Essay

Scope and restriction:

The proposed system has a database which contains all the gross revenues and stock list minutess. Gross saless are the action of selling the merchandises to clients. Inventory a complete list of merchandises like trucks. System records the minutess of all the purchasers who purchased a truck. It besides records all the file of stock list which truck has defect or non and what truck comes in and out of the stock list. As for the Members. the system will supply an country wherein they can see and pull off their merchandises. The general intent of the proposed system is to find the issues and position of the RH Fortune Transport Builders. so the research workers can find what method and schemes need to do the work efficient and easy for the good of the concern. Employee records. selling records and paysheet system are non included in the proposed system of the research workers for the company.


1. The proposed system will give the company an easy entree to happen all their records even the record is in long clip history. The proposed system will supply a database which contains all the gross revenues and stock list minutess. 2. RH Fortune Builders can hold a system that can assist them to enter all the minutess of the concern. Using the proposed system the company can salvage costs and less stuff to utilize. 3. RH Fortune Builders can easy pull off the stock list records of trucks. so they can cognize when they need to buy/import trucks once more. The company can besides enter and cognize what truck has defect.

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