Science is a boon or bane Essay Sample

The chase of cognition carried on by scientists for the past several centuries has produced consequences over which sentiment is aggressively divided. Science. originally intended to suppress and tackle the forces of nature for the good of adult male. is looked upon by some as the head cause of the agony of humanity today. On’the other manus. there are a good many people who consider scientific discipline to be the forerunner of all advancement. prosperity and comfort. The contro¬versy has been ramping for a long clip. though scientific discipline goes on taking long paces. evidently irrespective of the conflicting sentiments pro¬nounced on its accomplishments. Leaderships of idea. be they scientists or non. nevertheless. occasi¬onally intermission and ponder whether scientific discipline is traveling the right manner and truly advancing human public assistance. A dispassionate and comprehen¬sive study of the fruits of scientific progress in the assorted domains of human life provides sufficient land to be doubting about the claim that scientific discipline is an unqualified and plain approval to huma¬nity. They have ground to reason that all is non good with scientific discipline and its application.

Pure scientific discipline is a grim hunt for truth. for the find of the Torahs of nature. As such. no mistake determination is possible with pure scientific research. The place. nevertheless. alterations materially in respect to the application of scientific research in the field of practi¬cal activity. Science is like a crisp blade which can be used for either supporting yourself against the enemy or cutting your ain pharynx. What the pure scientist gives to his fellow-beings may therefore be turned to their advantage. or exploited for insurgent and des¬tructive intents. The application of scientific discipline. hence. depends upon the merely or unfair purposes adult male has in position. and the history of the universe shows that the application of scientific discipline has non ever been governed by rules of justness and consideration of the generanl good of the people.

The nineteenth century witnessed the innovation of steam loco motivations. oil engines and other car machinery. Consequently. heavy industries of Fe. fabric. etc. . came to be set up. Production of these and other goods increased quickly and their quality besides improved^ greal trade. It was claimed that the load of plodding and physi¬cal labor was taken off the shoulders of adult male and shifted to the machine. Apparently. the claim was right. but the labour-saving devices of new machinery dealt a death-blow to cottage industry. re¬sulting in large-scale unemployment. It besides brought into being the dictatorship of capital over labor. The rich industrial barons ex¬ploited the state of affairs and utilised the innovations of scientific discipline for fea¬thering their ain nests. A new signifier of slavery-the subjection of the mill and mill-workers to the capitalist-raised its ugly caput. The status of workers in Millss. coal cavities and mills in Eng-land and other states was pathetic beyond description.

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Even wo¬men and really immature kids did non get away the new method of development. Therefore. what Was hailed as a great approval finally turned out to be a expletive. peculiarly for the exploited laborers and frequent conflicts’ in the form of work stoppages. lockouts between capital and labor became the order of the twenty-four hours. Labour-saving machinery was applied to the service of adult male. but the overall consequence of this application was possibly more evil than good. There was discontent. clash. unmeasurable wealth on the one manus. and low poorness on the other-palatial abodes of capitalists stood in crisp contrast to slums in every large industrial town. Not merely that. every industrially advanced state began to look for its natural stuffs in other states and markets for its finished merchandises. Thus. economic and industrial advantages become an extra motivation for aggressive wars. The application of scientific discipline in the societal domain besides produced extremely questionable consequences.

The debut of machinery gave a new pacing and velocity to human life and activity. Material consi¬derations seemed to predominate over other involvements. the holiness of joint household life was violated ; art and literature came under the enchantment of the mechanization of human life. Peoples came to hold more medical specialties and better surgical assistance. but that did non advance better criterions of wellness. Outdoor life. love of natural surroun¬dings came to be at a price reduction and life on the whole became extremely unreal. mechanical and prosaic. Science has done the greatest ill service to mankind in the iield of armaments and destructive engines of war. The innovation gunpowder was hailed as a great accomplishment but humanity should repent the twenty-four hours on which this innovation took topographic point. Steadily and unrelentingly. gunpowder has been used for new arms so that today heavy weapon. gun-fire. shells and bombs have become a beastly panic to everybody. Curiously e. nough. some of the best scientific-brains have devoted themselves to the innovation of progressively improved arms of decease and devastation.

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First came simple aerial bombing-then the atom bomb. followed by the far more awful H bomb. And now we know that scientists are experimenting with Co. neutron and N bombs-for out¬matching the H bomb in their destructive power. That colossal amounts of money and the best encephalons of humanity have been wasted on the production of instruments of war is indeed” a sad commentary on the application and usage of scientific discipline. Today. if an atomic war is unleashed. there is non the banquet uncertainty that whole towns. states and even continents will be -wiped off in the general holocaust. And as yet all efforts to censor the production to atomic arms or. for that affair. the application of scientific discipline to destructive intents have so far proven stillborn. There are some doubting minds who would wish to for travel all that scientific discipline has so far given and prefer. if possible. a resurgence of life as it was before the March of scientific discipline changecd it.

This reactionist policy is every bit self-destructive as the unrestrained usage of scientific discipline. To censor scientific discipline wholly is to lose the existent point at issue. and. to set k bluffly. to turn one’s back upon all the advancement that world has made. in malice of the maltreatment and cxploitationof scientific discipline. It should non necessitate much statement to convert a individual that scientific discipline. if pursued and applied in the right mode. can turn out a existent approval to humanity. Thus what adult male needs today is non a prohibition on scientific discipline. . but prohibition on its misdirected usage and application. Man’s being on this Earth is a uninterrupted advancement of accommodation and version to his environments. which are non ever favorable. . For case. adult male has to conflict with. and keep his ain against. the elements of nature. such as air. air current and wea¬ther. the high seas and the exalted mountains. The clime at topographic points is either excessively hot. excessively cold. excessively dry or excessively wet ; the dirt. in some parts of the universe fertile. in others difficult and unproductive.

Again. adult male contracts all mode of complaints infections and diseases. It is in all these and many more domains that scientific discipline comes to his deliverance. With its aid he can traverse the unchartered seas. fly through air. travel in comeuppances. turn sterile barrens and waterless Fieldss into green grazing lands. tackle the class of angry rivers. supply dikes and Bridgess over them and even produce unreal rain. if necessary. The scientific discipline of medical specialty and surgery has alleviated human hurting and agony beyond step and opened up new views of wellness and length of service of life. There is grounds to demo what blessing the proper usage of scientific discipline can confabulate on adult male. It is every bit true that there is plentifulness of wretchedness. poorness. under-nourishment and enduring in the universe. Many states still retain a crude manner of life ; the criterion of life of their people is ineffably low. A great many parts of the universe still lie undeveloped. unaffected by the charming touch of scientific discipline.

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There is. hence. a batch to be done by scientists to im¬prove the batch of world. The mean adult male wants nutrient. apparels. house. instruction for kids. adequate medical aid. and proper chances for self-development. He does non desire long-range heavy weapon. atom bombs. or shellers. He loves peace and smooth fruitful life in which every¬body must hold adequate to fulfill his physical wants every bit good as discoveries nutrient for his head and psyche. Now. if scientific discipline can reply these demands of world. it can surely be a approval. That Science can accomplish this commendable intent is non a conceited dream. provided man’s scruples is awakened and the bosom of the scientists and those who govern their activities is in the right topographic point. Atomic energy. for case. can execute as great constructive miracles as the mayhem by its bombs. Let the scientists utilise it for peaceable pur¬poses every bit smartly as they applied it for devastation. and it will non be long before the universe is turned into a regular. Eden. At underside. hence. the job of scientific discipline is a moral job. Man has to larn to be just. suiting and merely. If this miracle takes topographic point. scientific discipline would discontinue to be the awful monster which it frequently has been in the yesteryear.