Science Investigatory Project Essay Sample

Department of Education Caraga Administrative Region Division of Agusan del Norte North Cabadbaran Central Elementary School Special Science Elementary School

Table of Contentss

Acknowledgement ————–i

Abstract ————–ii

Chapter I
Background of the Study——-1

Aim of the Study ——-1

Statement of the Problem——–2

Statement of the Null Hypothesis—-2

Significance of the Study ——-2

Scope and Limitation of the Study—3
Definition of Footings ——–4

Chapter II-Review of Related Literature-5
Chapter III-Methodology-6

Chapter IV-Results and Discussions-7
Chapter V-Conclusions and Recommendation-8
Chapter VI-Bibliography-9
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Science Investigatory Project Page one Acknowledgment

The research workers would wish to show their sincere thanks to following people who contributed

their thoughts in doing the investigatory undertaking a success:

Ms. Mary Christy A. Minguito. Grade IV-SSES advisor. for her aid. counsel and

encouragement throughout the behavior of the survey ;

Mrs. Erlinda M. Dumay. for her advices to the research workers and allowing the research worker usage the computing machine ;

Mrs. Daisy B. Supas. for her fiscal aid in making the undertaking ;

Mr. Sonray G. Supas for his advices. reminders and
attempt throughout the behavior of the survey ;

And most of all Almighty God for giving the research worker wisdom and bravery to do their undertaking into world

The Researchers one Science Investigatory Project Page two Abstract Science Investigatory Project Page 1

Chapter I
Background of the Study
This research is about the possibility of extracted from calamansi skining as preservative for hair oil. Hair oil is normally used by people who have dry hair particularly misss. Hair oil moisturizes the scalp. it provides hair into the greasy secretory organs and promotes hair growing.

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The calamansi desquamations we need in this survey is abundant in the Philippines. We can straight happen them in our kitchen. etc. Calamansi desquamations contain a preservative called Pectin that is by and large used in continuing jams and gelatins.

In this survey. we normally use the infusion of calamansi desquamations which has pectin to continue the aroma of the coconut oil and which at the same clip gives an extra aroma to the oil. This survey employs the importance of this experiment to our economic system in the state.