Scien Investigatory Project: Plants Essay Sample

This survey aimed to bring forth natural dye from the infusion of mangosteen chaffs and research the map of repairing agents ( mordants ) . in the dyeing procedure. Mangosteen ( Garcinia mangostana ) . a rare fruit known to be the “queen of tropical fruits. ” contains acrimonious xanthous latex and violet juice. The mangosteen chaffs. which are put to waste. bring forth discoloration. This led to the thought of bring forthing a family merchandise without utilizing harmful chemicals. Literature reveals that mangosteen chaffs really contain a substance called tannic acid. which makes the chaffs a possible beginning of natural dye. Using sliced mangosteen chaffs. an infusion was obtained by boiling.

The infusion was sifted from the solid stuffs utilizing cheesecloth. A clean. cotton fabric was so subjected to a series of processs from pretreatment and mordanting down to dyeing with the rnangosteen infusion. Alum and Cu sulphate were used as mordants. Consequences revealed that the mangosteen infusion was stabilized by both mordants. but copper sulphate was a better repair agent than alum. because it intensified the colour of the infusion. It can be concluded that the mangosteen chaff infusion can efficaciously be used as an alternate. environment-friendly dye.

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