Sample Survey Patients Information System Essay Sample

Eno: When does the company started? Who is the founder/ proprietor of this company? Ms. Distajo: Our company merely started last January 1st hebdomad of 2012 as subdivision located at Brgy. San Jan Taytay. Rizal. The laminitis and proprietor is Mrs. Arsenia A. Distajo. Eno: How many physicians and nurses are employed in this company? Ms. Distajo: We have four forte physicians on call. and we have 3 nurses and 2 paramedical staff. Angana: In your ain appraisal. how many patients visit the clinic in a hebdomad? Ms. Distajo: We have more or less 90 patients per hebdomad.

Angana: What are the procedure done by the patients by the clip they entered the clinic? Ms. Distajo: By the clip they entered the clinic. the patients is asked ab initio what is the intent and what trial they wanted to be done. Yasay: What is the complete information you asked from the patients? Ms. Distajo: The patient had to experience up the signifiers given to them by the information where the names. reference and trial are stated. Yasay: How make you enter the information you have got from the patients? Ms. Distajo: We have the patients entry logbook as the chief record of patients name and trials. Gocila: Do you hold a safe storage of patient records?

Ms. Distajo: Yes. we file and record the consequences in the logbook day-to-day. Gocila: Who are the forces that have the authorization to entree the files and records of your patients? Ms. Distajo: Merely the staff of the Company have the entree or authorized to open files. Nipit: How field-grade officer you retrieve the records from your regular patients? Ms. Distajo: We retrievethe records by manually scanning the files or records on the logbook. Nipit: What sort of system you are presently utilizing? How does it work? Ms. Distajo: We have desktop type of our computing machine for encoding of laboratory consequences but we manually store all the patients information. Tunay: What are the advantages or benefits you got from your present system? Ms. Distajo: The advantages are easy to utilize. easy to redact. lesser clip and attempt and last is presentable. Tunay: What are the jobs you encounter during the execution of the said system? Ms. Distajo: We don’t have back up records in instance that our chief records which is the logbook was misplaced or lost. Aside from we comsume clip in manually scanning the patients records Wherever there was a alterations. it makes the logbook messy.

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Matematico: How do you work out such jobs?
Ms. Distajo: We sent it to the fix store.
Matematico: If you were given a opportunity. would you like to alter the current system you are utilizing?
Ms. Distajo: Yes.
Eno: What sort of system you dream to be usage in your company?
Ms. Distajo: we want the latest theoretical account of computing machine package.
Gocila: In what manner do you believe this sort of system will assist your company and the patients as good?
Ms. Distajo: Lesser clip. lesser attempt and no heap of paper in the storage room.
Angana: What do you anticipate from our group?
Ms. Distajo: Your group are expected to give us a more high engineering system.