Risk Management Plan for the Charming Cafe Essay Sample

1. 1 Undertaking sum-up
The intent of this undertaking is to open a new java store in the local country of Covington. Ga. Charming Café will be owned by two spouses. Allison Hatchell and Marshall Brumfield. This country has a high figure of go throughing shoppers which is supported by a big and turning local population. There are a really few java stores in the country. Allison has experience in the eating house concern and Marshall in the commercial development industry there is an chance for great success. The java store will function breakfast. tiffin. pastries. and assortment of java from unfastened to shut. Operation agenda will be Monday through Saturday 5am-10pm and Sunday 9am-6pm. For continued success three places are filled for COO. CFO. and CEO. The COO is responsible for planning and implementing the operations of the concern. CFO is responsible for the financials within the company. While the CEO is in charge of all disposal undertakings for the company. 1. 2 Scope statement

Statement of Work-Project Description and Project Product
The end of the concern is to carry through client desires for quality java. good balanced repasts and outstanding service. The edifice is about 1750 sqft in an ideal location surrounded by assorted popular shopping centres. The start-up budget is $ 30. 000. $ 15. 000 is personal nest eggs. $ 5. 000 was collected in community contributions. and the staying $ 10. 000 is from a bank loan. The targeted expansive gap day of the month is 3/1/2014.

Undertaking Deliverables
Deliverables include: Obtain enrollment. licences. and/or licenses. obtain contracts and understandings with providers and other concerns. Obtain company insurance. adorn the inside and outside of the edifice. purchase equipment. supplies. and natural stuffs for operations and service. publicize the concern. train employees.

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Undertaking Aims
To provide clients with high quality java and nutrient. Open on or before the expected day of the month. non to transcend the $ 30. 000 budget Undertaking Assumptions
The edifice purchased is up to code with no major jobs
Budget will non be exceeded
Customers will accept the pricing

Undertaking Constraints
Not to transcend $ 30. 000 overall.
Depending on providers to honour contracts
The financess are non readily available to finish the undertaking upfront. 8 month deadline
Will non open store in an country that already has a popular java store Will non open store if there are two or more java stores bing Will non offer specific nutritionary nutrients ( i. vitamin E gluten free. low Na. etc ) Acceptance Criteria

Under or within budget
Great Vendor Services
All deliverables stated shall be inspected by the proprietors before they are finalized. Positive Feedback at the expansive gap
Prompt Timing during the planning procedure

Technical Requirements
Law requires clear fire issues that are easy accessible
Must base on balls wellness demands and reviews

1. 3 undertaking undertakings and agenda ( west by south )
The work interrupt down construction will be detailed in the undertaking quality direction program. In order to get down up a java store the undermentioned points should be taken into consideration:

1. 0 Financials
1. 1 Personal Saving. Borrowing Loans
1. 2 Purchases Equipment
2. 0 Design
2. 1 Process Design
2. 2 Menu Structure
3. 0 Planing
3. 1 Design Planning
3. 2 Organizational Structure
4. 0 License
4. 1 Building Permit
4. 2 Food Serve Permit
5. 0 Ad
5. 1 Financials for Ad
5. 2 Creating Brochures. Television Commercials. etc.
6. 0 Food Safety and Quality
6. 1 Training Associates
7. 0 Care
8. 0 Contract and Agreements
8. 1 Obtaining Suppliers
8. 2 Obtaining Insurances
9. 0 Regulative Requirements
9. 1 Fire Locations
9. 2 Alarms

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1. 4 Purpose Of The Risk Management Plan
A hazard is an event or status that. if it occurs. could hold a positive or negative consequence on a project’s aims. Risk Management is the procedure of placing. measuring. reacting to. monitoring. and describing hazards. This Hazard Management Plan defines how hazards associated with the Charming Café undertaking will be identified. analyzed. and managed. It outlines how risk direction activities will be performed. recorded. and monitored throughout the lifecycle of the undertaking. It inside informations how hazard are prioritized. The Risk Management Plan is created by the undertaking director in the planning stage and is monitored and updated throughout the undertaking.

1 hazard direction appraisal
2. 1Process
The undertaking director working with the undertaking squad and undertaking patrons will guarantee that hazards are actively identified. analyzed. and managed throughout the life of the undertaking. Risks will be identified every bit early as possible in the undertaking so as to minimise their impact. The stairss for carry throughing this are accomplished by utilizing the ATOM measure procedure outlined in the undermentioned subdivisions. The undertaking director will function as the Risk Manager for this undertaking. 1. 1 Hazard Designation

A hazard is any event that could forestall the undertaking from go oning as planned. or from successful completion. There are legion methods to finding hazards associated with any undertaking. The Project Management Institute suggests tools and techniques such as: Documentation Reviews. Information Gathering Techniques ( brainstorming. Delphi Technique. Interviewing. etc. ) . Checklist Analysis. Assumption Analysis. Diagraming Techniques ( Cause and Effect ) . SWOT analysis. and Expert Judgment ( PMI. 2013 ) . Methods of hazard designation used for the Charming café were. adept cognition. checklist analysis. and brainstorming.

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Several hazard were identified utilizing these methods. The hazard ranking was besides identified runing from Medium to Low Probability and High to Low impact. Other hazards will be identified during the undertaking lifecycle. The Charming Café Project Manager has overall duty for pull offing undertaking hazard. Project squad members may be assigned specific countries of duty for describing to the undertaking director. The Charming Café undertaking director will place and document known hazard factors on the Risk Register. Updates to the hazard registry will happen as state of affairss change. Risk direction will be discussed during the scheduled undertaking meetings.