Reviewing The Types Of Practices Of Social Workers Social Work Essay

The assignment of a societal worker at Tavistock Clinic in 1920 marked the beginning of societal work pattern in battling of mental wellness jobs in the UK ( Fernando, 1995, p 12 ) . Whilst the growing of societal work in the country was slow in the pre Second World War old ages, and mental wellness jobs were seen to be best treated through medical intervention and institutionalisation, it took on far greater dimensions from the 1960s and 1970s ( Fernando, 1995, p 10 to 62 ) .These decennaries were marked by a turning credence of the efficaciousness of psychological and societal intercessions, which were basically non-institutional and non-medical, for the intervention of medical wellness jobs and complaints ( Fernando, 1995, p 10 to 62 ) .

Social workers have traditionally believed in the cogency and utility of psycho-social theoretical accounts for designation, appraisal and intercession in the instance of issues associated with mental wellness ( Coulshed, 1991, p 7 to 47 ) . This attack was reflected in the acceptance of psychodynamic attacks towards mental unwellnesss and a strong belief in strong causal relationships between low income and societal want with mental jobs in members of society ( Coulshed, 1991, p 7 to 47 ) . Social workers working in countries of mental wellness were rather likely to believe that service users with mental wellness issues were disposed to be over medicated and perchance treated on the footing of unequal psychiatric diagnosing ( Coulshed, 1991, p 7 to 47 ) .

Recent decennaries have seen the happening of important alterations in the country of mental wellness pattern, particularly with respect to the decrease of the hegemony of the medical and psychiatric professions in intervention of people with mental wellness issues, a extremist displacement from the old pattern of segregation and institutionalisation of mentally sick people towards greater community attention, and the acceptance of interdisciplinary and inter-professional pattern in covering with mental wellness jobs in the community ( Brand & A ; Others, 2008, p 2 to 6 ) . Professionals specializing in different countries of mental wellness have besides come to appreciate the many countries of commonalty in their distinguishable cognition spheres and accept the benefits of joint and participative working for the accomplishment of better consequences ( Brand & A ; Others, 2008, p 2 to 6 ) .

This short survey is based upon the experiences of the writer whilst working in the function of a Mental Health Professional in a multidisciplinary squad in a community attention puting. It deals with the personal experience of the writer during interaction with Jaya Tandon, a 37 twelvemonth old adult female of South Asiatic beginning who lives in East London and had been referred to the writer for appraisal. Jaya has been enduring on and off from depression for the last seven old ages and whilst she does non hold a history of institutionalisation, is clearly ailing. The survey begins with a description of Jaya ‘s instance of depression, which is followed by an probe into the incidence of depression among South Asiatic adult females, the challenges faced by people enduring from depression, the societal services that are available to such service users and how such services were able to assist Jaya, the importance of acceptance of anti-oppressive attacks and the function of societal workers.

2. Case of Jaya Tandon

Jaya Tandon is a 37 twelvemonth old South Asiatic adult females belonging to the Hindu community. She lives with her hubby Adarsh Tandon ( 43 ) , her two boies Rohit ( 7 ) and Akash ( 9 ) and Adarsh ‘s parents, in East London. Jaya has been enduring from depression for the last two old ages and has been referred by the GP to societal services.

Jaya was married to Adarsh 10 old ages ago and they had their first kid shortly after matrimony. Adarsh ‘s male parent came to the UK in the early sixtiess, when he was in his early 20s and was able to set up a little food market store at Edgware after about a decennary of employment in manual occupations and three old ages of driving taxis. He is an Orthodox and conservative Hindu and married a miss from an Indian small town, who came to the UK and settled with him. With both of Adarsh ‘s parents being conservative and Orthodox Hindus, it was but natural that Adarsh would go on to populate with them after he grew up and get married a miss from his hereditary state. Jaya was chosen to be Adarsh ‘s married woman through Orthodox Indian arranged matrimony procedures and came to the UK 10 old ages back. Turning up in a little North Indian town, she was more fluid in local linguistic communications that in English and found it hard to pass on both with her hubby and with foreigners during her initial old ages in the state.

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Whilst the first few old ages of her married life in a new state where pleasant plenty, the last six old ages have been marked by changeless clash with her mother-in-law over her traveling out of the house and blending with people outside their community. Such dissensions have on juncture escalated and she has been subjected to intense verbal maltreatment. Her hubby, though good intending, can non stand up to his parents in their growth and frequently crisp unfavorable judgment of his married woman. The disturbed scenario at the house has resulted in Adarsh disbursement much of his clip outside the house with his Indian friends. Otherwise a moderate drinker, his ingestion of intoxicant has increased well during the last 3 old ages, and at that place have been some cases of domestic force affecting him and Jaya. Whilst he has been highly penitent after all such incidents, their happening has traumatised Jaya. Both the boies go to a province assisted school. Whilst the senior kid is making good and is really concerned about his female parent, the younger one, Rohit, has been badly traumatised by the domestic ambiance. Rohit suffers from asthma, which gets aggravated with addition in domestic tenseness.

Jaya was referred to the societal services section by her GP, who has been handling her for the last two old ages. The GP, Doctor Rawlins, felt that she should be assessed by the societal services section in order to find her demands. Whilst she had originally come to the physician with ailments about vague, backaches and megrim onslaughts, her symptoms now match those of patients with chronic anxiousness and depression. Her dormant wonts are irregular ; she does non travel to bed till really tardily at dark, frequently oversleeps and is unable to run into the demands of her school traveling kids. She has been losing weight over the last twelvemonth, is going progressively cranky and has given up traveling out of the house. She is progressively distancing herself from her hubby and kids, calls often, and frequently suffers from terrible concerns. Her mother-in-law has started doing remarks about her madness and how she would hold married off her boy once more, if they were still in India.

Jaya ‘s instance was suited for appraisal and taken up by the societal services section.

3. Incidence of Depression in the UK, Especially Among South Asiatic Women

Depression, traveling by assorted media studies, every bit good as the personal societal work experience of the writer, is widespread in UK society. It is more marked in aged people, with studies seting the proportion of down people above 65 in the USA, the UK and the states of Western Europe, at between 15 and 20 % . Many of the people who suffer from depression have it on an on-and-off footing for a major proportion of their lives, even whilst a important proportion develops it merely after their mid 1950ss ( Calderon, 2010 ) . Whilst medical professionals tend to believe of depression as an unwellness of the encephalon, there look to be a scope of causes and state of affairss that can trip it off. It is more marked in people from lower income classs and whilst poorness is considered to be an of import foil of the unwellness, it is more associated with old age ( Calderon, 2010 ) . Some people with long histories of the complaint appear to invariably be glooming and pessimistic about life, irrespective of their peculiar fortunes, whereas there are others who start enduring from depression merely when faced with peculiarly hard fortunes ( Calderon, 2010 ) .

These two classs of people have been diversely termed as chronic ( or clinical ) and reactive ( or situational ) depressives. Reactive depression, being in the nature of a one-off reaction to peculiarly nerve-racking fortunes, is sometimes impermanent and non really hard to decide ( Calderon, 2010 ) . However individuals enduring from reactive or situational depression are known to go chronic or clinical depressives, if their other fortunes like low income, hapless quality lodging, separation from household members, or societal exclusion, are hard and long term in nature ( Calderon, 2010 ) .

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With depression in many instances being linked to major and peculiarly distressing life events, it is but normal for older people, who are likely experience far more life events than those who are immature, to endure from this complaint. The field experience of the writer reveals that depression is likely to be triggered off by hard events like ( a ) the decease of loved and close people, ( B ) separation from household members, and peculiarly so from partners and kids, ( degree Celsius ) opprobrious relationships and domestic force, ( vitamin D ) separation and divorce, ( vitamin E ) loss of employment, ( degree Fahrenheit ) legal jobs, strong belief and imprisonment, ( g ) uninterrupted economic emphasis, ( H ) the demand to care for sick household members, ( I ) societal solitariness and isolation, ( J ) physical motion to new and unknown locations and ( K ) decrease in physical or mental abilities.

The incidence of depression among South Asiatic adult females in the UK is significantly higher than the national norm.

“ The consequences ( of a study ) confirm research findings that suggest a high proportion of South Asiatic adult females suffer from psychological and bodily symptoms that are normally associated with anxiousness and depression. A considerable figure had experienced racial favoritism and several had suffered sexual favoritism. Problems reported by participants included eating upsets, matrimonial troubles and domestic force. ” ( Kumari, 2004 )

The study besides found that the bulk of such adult females were non cognizant of where they could acquire aid for mental wellness troubles ( Kumari, 2004 ) . The respondents expressed their desire for confidential talk therapies and complementary intervention to be given through bureaus operated with South Asiatic workers, and for instruction on mental wellness and mental wellness publicity to be provided in their ain linguistic communications ( Kumari, 2004 ) . Increased incidence of depression among South Asiatic adult females is besides perchance related to their higher than mean inclination to harm themselves.

“ South Asiatic adult females are at an increased hazard of self injury. Their demographic features, precipitating factors and clinical direction are different than Whites. There is an pressing demand for all those concerned with the mental wellness services for cultural minorities to take positive action and eliminate the barriers that prevent British South Asians from seeking aid. There is a demand to travel off from stereotypes and overgeneralisations and start from the user ‘s frame of mention, taking into history household kineticss, belief systems and cultural restraints. ” ( Hussain & A ; Others, 2006 )

4. Appraisal and Provisioning of Social Services

The writer was asked to organize and set up for appraisal of Jaya ‘s demands. Her need appraisal was done through a multidisciplinary attempt through the individual appraisal procedure, over three interviews with her and her hubby, two of which were held at her place and one exterior, where she could speak more freely. Whilst the background information about her status was obtained from her GP, two other mental wellness professionals, a trained mental wellness nurse accompanied the writer on two of the visits.

A societal attention program has been prepared on the footing of the appraisal and is presently under execution. The program includes counselling Sessionss for her depression jobs, reding Sessionss for her hubby for intoxicant related issues, joint guidance aid for the twosome, improved medical aid for her and her younger kid, and the engagement of a voluntary South Asiatic adult females ‘s ego aid group, Saheli, for assisting her to incorporate better with the local South Asian community. It is felt that these steps, suitably followed up and modified, will assist in bettering her status.

5. Role of Mental Health Professionals in Helping Peoples with Depression

Social workers can play really of import functions in covering with people enduring from depression, in bettering their fortunes, and in heightening their societal inclusion.

They can, most significantly, can lend significantly towards bettering the attitudes of other mental wellness practicians towards service users who suffer from depression. It is the personal experience of the writer that mental wellness practicians from medical subjects are even today more than probably to term most instances of depression as clinical in nature and urge medical intervention. It is besides noticed that such professionals tend to believe of such service users as different from normal people and handle them consequently.

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Social workers, with their acquaintance with and belief in psycho-social methods, every bit good as their preparation in anti-discriminatory and anti-oppressive attacks, can assist significantly in altering the mentalities of multi-disciplinary squads, and aid in beef uping the usage of psycho-social, non oppressive and non-discriminatory attacks ( Improving… , 2000 ) . With societal workers besides authorised to measure the intervention demands of such service users, they can utilize their cognition and authorization responsibly to convey about good attitudinal alterations in other squad members ( Improving… , 2000 ) .

Social workers can besides lend strongly towards the betterment of the mental, physical and emotional provinces of such service users because of their proficiency with talk therapies like reding and supplying advice, which can be used with good consequences, both with service users and their carers and household members ( Calderon, 2010 ) .

“ Social workers do a assortment of “ talk therapies ” which include single guidance, crisis intercession services, household therapy, every bit good as the mobilisation of support networks. Social workers besides perform instance direction maps of supervising medicine conformity and aid with keeping medical assignments, particularly of import for people for whom depression is a get worsing unwellness ” ( Depression, 2010 ) .

With depression besides likely to be exacerbated by conditions like poorness and deficiency of lodging, societal workers can help service users from low income societal sections and their carers in accessing their assorted rights through effectual protagonism, every bit good as by supplying information about and assisting in coordination with appropriate bureaus ( Calderon, 2010 ) . Their official places in societal work substructure, every bit good as their webs in local communities, besides enable them to assist down people in interacting with other members of society through physical interaction, engagement in community activity, and aid in fall ining nines and associations ( Calderon, 2010 ) .

6. Anti-oppressive Approach

The acceptance of anti-oppressive attacks in societal work, particularly in state of affairss

affecting people from black or cultural minority groups and other economically and socially disadvantaged sections of society, is critical to the success of societal work enterprises. Jaya is non merely a female and capable to the disadvantages of enduring from gender prejudice in a male dominated community but is besides financially dependent upon her hubby and belongs to an cultural minority. She is highly vulnerable and needed to be approached with attention, sensitiveness and concern for her state of affairs.

Whilst Thompson ( 2001 ) explains the grounds for oppressive and prejudiced attacks, Dominelli ( 2005 ) states that societal workers in the UK need to interrupt free from the bonds of bureaucratism and grounds based pattern that is going progressively prevailing in the UK societal work environment.

Oppression is a complex and entrenched phenomenon and societal workers are bound, ethically, morally and lawfully, facing economic and societal inequality and disadvantage. With abuse of power and influence being interrelated across organizational and personal webs, societal workers must be abreast of anti-oppressive attacks and theories in order to follow person-centric attacks and integrate the positions of service users in societal work solutions ( Coppock & A ; Dunn, 2009 ) .

“ Ambitious inequality and transforming societal dealingss is an built-in portion of anti-oppressive pattern. Knowing oneself better equips an person for set abouting this undertaking. Self-knowledge is a cardinal constituent of the repertory of accomplishments held by a brooding practician … Furthermore, reflexiveness and societal alteration forms the bedrock upon which anti-oppressive practicians build their intercessions. ” ( Dominelli, 2002, P 9 )

7. Decision

The experiences gained by the writer in working with service users enduring from depression in community attention scenes in a multidisciplinary environment lead to the decision that societal workers can play polar functions, in such fortunes, in easing service bringing to clients and their carers. Jaya ‘s instance shows how the UK societal service substructure can be effectual in doing a pronounced difference to the lives of people enduring from depression.

Their functions are particularly of import with respect to supplying holistic services to service users in a multi-disciplinary environment, measuring their demands, prosecuting them and their carers in guidance, and assisting them to obtain their entitlements from the province societal work substructure. In most instances such support is equal to take attention of the demands of such service users and set them on the route to more enriching, rewarding, and inclusive lives.