Reviewing A Child Care Case Study Social Work Essay

Thirteen twelvemonth old Sean, has alleged physical assault by his male parent a hebdomad earlier and alluded to being afraid of his male parents anger, saying that his male parent “ is stating eldritch things ” , and “ is non kiping ” . This raises the issue of whether Sean and his sister have suffered, or are at hazard of agony, important injury. Therefore farther questions would be made including from other bureaus.

Barnes and Chand ( 2000 ) depict how most child attention referrals fall into a gray country missing lucidity whether they are child protection or kid in demand ; they argue that although one should ever play it safe in countries of kid protection, the procedure in itself can be opprobrious to kids and households and this should be taken into history.

Sean would hold the procedure explained to him, including the issue of being unable to keep confidentially ; explicating that confidentiality could non be given due to the demand to speak with his male parent who has a right to be consulted, and has parental duty under CA 1989 s3 ( 1 ) for his kids. Protection of vulnerable grownups and kids is the one country of societal work where confidentiality can non be upheld, whereas in other respects, confidentiality is one of the cardinal moralss and values of societal work pattern, as is ‘best pattern ‘ .

An appraisal would be carried out with Sean guaranting that it is child centred but at the same clip systematic and grounds based utilizing the appraisal trigon ( DoH 2000 ) as a footing to work from. It is of import at this phase through careful oppugning to measure how good their male parent is run intoing the kids ‘s ‘ developmental demands. Many societal work accomplishments would be called upon such as ; prosecuting with and seting him at easiness, utilizing slang free linguistic communication, appropriate organic structure linguistic communication, ( non verbal communicating and oculus contact ) re-assuring Sean that he is being taken earnestly and reding him that he has justly raised his concerns and they would work in partnership with his male parent to guarantee his and his sister ‘s well-being. Sing the issue of Sean ‘s wish to populate with household friends, the societal worker could hold that this would be discussed with his male parent but no promises could be given that this would go on.

Any assessment needs to take history of Bowlby ‘s fond regard theory in which it is stated that kids are firmly attached to important grownups in early childhood are able to develop appropriate relationships and header good with jobs. Harmonizing to Williams and Kelly ( 2005 ) adolescents are likely to be vulnerable if they lose good fond regards in their stripling old ages, as Sean and Laura have.

There could be a joint probe between Police and societal worker, questioning both kids, ( likely both entirely ) and their male parent, James. However, the Police may make up one’s mind that as there is no ailment being made against James, they could hold with a individual bureau attack,

A multi-disciplinary instance conference could be convened to portion information and make up one’s mind whether the kid ( ren ‘s ) name ( s ) should be placed on the Child Protection Register, a safeguarding program put in topographic point, and programs set up to guarantee the executing of the program. It does non follow that all kids who are capable to a instance conference, would be placed on the Child Protection Register, the result could be that either one or both kids may be deemed to be kids in demand, ( s17 CA1989 ) and receive relevant protective services.

Following questions and appraisal, the worker may make up one’s mind that the kids are non at hazard under s47 CA1989 but are ‘children in demand ‘ under s17 CA1989 and measure up for appropriate services.

Sean has clearly stated that he was assaulted by his male parent ; he did non describe the affair for a hebdomad after the event, which could bespeak that the state of affairs at place had deteriorated, taking to the referral, or that Sean had felt unable to near an bureau to describe the affair for fright of effects but had finally felt he had no pick. Sean made two of import petitions, both of which rise of import concerns ; foremost that his male parent is non informed of the referral, secondly that he and his sister go and live with friends due to their male parent ‘s behavior. He besides alerted the responsibility officer to the fact that his sister is unhappy.

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Sean and his household, have a qualified “ right to private life ” under article 8 of the Human Rights Act, intending that households have a right to populate their life without province intercession, nevertheless the public assistance and safety of the kids takes precedency under the CA1989.

James is black whilst the kids are of double heritage and it is hence critical for anyone working with the household to take history of race and civilization. Many kids of double heritage have a really positive and incorporate racial individuality whilst for some the kineticss of racial group designation are really complex ( Department of Health 2000 ) .

A farther country for geographic expedition is why James ‘s apparent antecedently close bond with his kids and quality of rearing deteriorated together with his get bying mechanisms. The mourning in this household a twelvemonth ago, could be a major factor, and James may be stuck at a phase of the grieving procedure for illustration, denial or choler, which had prevented him from traveling frontward. The kids have had the benefit of mourning guidance, thereby assisting them to come to footings with their loss, whilst their male parent has been emotionally unavailable to them due to his ain unsolved loss, deficiency of slumber and possible mental wellness related issues.

If James refuses permission to see Laura and the societal worker has concerns about the immediate safety of either or both of the kids they can use for an Emergency Protection Order under s44 CA 1989, nevertheless these are improbable to win unless there are exceeding fortunes as they are seen as Draconian, and it is improbable in this instance as the kids do non look to be in at hand danger.

Skills used in working with nine twelvemonth old Laura, would affect the same accomplishments as indicated with Sean, but taking into history the phase of development of a nine twelvemonth old ( being mindful of any issues of disablement, gender, race etc which may originate ) . Additionally, appraisals may include the usage of playthings or drawings by, or with Laura to exemplify any issues which she finds hard to discourse. Both kids ‘s wants and feelings would be sought in the class of the work every bit detailed in s22 ( 4 ) CA1989.

Social work accomplishments required in working with the James would be: honestness from the beginning sing the referral, taking a impersonal stance. It would be helpful to sympathize, as the affair is hard for any parent, so explicate the responsibility of the LA in kid protection affairs ; the demand to work in partnership with him and any members of his household, as appropriate, to accomplish the best possible result for the kids. However there is besides a demand to face James with the allegation and Sean ‘s petition to populate with another household. James may experience threatened by the state of affairs and it is of import that he feels listened to and engages positively hence active listening accomplishments will be of import. It is besides appropriate to advert his strengths and his apparent love for the kids. The other interview accomplishments antecedently mentioned in relation Sean, apply every bit to the interview with James.

It may be helpful to explicate the Every Child Matters enterprise in which there are five chief purposes for every kid, be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, do a positive part and accomplish economic well-being.

By working in partnership with James and presuming that he cooperates, and recognises that he needs support, an action program could be devised, constructing on the already old positive relationship he had with his kids ; for illustration, quality clip spent with them as a precedence at defined times. The grandparents could be approached for farther support to assist the household and the kids could go on their bereavement support group with the church approached to offer farther support.

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James should be advised in the strongest footings, to re-visit his G.P. sing his insomnia, and mourning guidance which would enable him to portion in a safe scene, the issues which are halting him from traveling frontward.

Ongoing support to the household could be given by a societal worker or household support worker, if assessed as helpful and James agreed, working with the kids, supervising the program and picking up on any issues that arise. A day of the month to reexamine the program would be made with hopefully a successful result for the household and closing of the file.

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Adult Care Case Study

The National Health Service and Community Care Act 1990 ( NHSCCA 1990 ) introduced commissariats for the appraisal of eligibility for community attention services set out under a scope of other pieces of statute law ( Brammer 2010 ) . Under the Act s47 ( 1 ) ( a ) and ( B ) the Local Authority ( LA ) has a responsibility to measure the demand for community attention services of any person who appears to be in demand of services which the LA is empowered to supply and holding respect to the consequence of the appraisal decide whether the individuals needs call for the proviso of community attention services. The Act does non put a timescale for appraisal nevertheless it requires that they are commenced and completed within a sensible clip.

The No Secrets ( DoH 2000 ) defines a vulnerable grownup as person:

who is or may be in demand of community attention services by ground of mental or other disablement, age or unless and who may be unable to take attention of him or herself or unable to protect him or herself against important injury or development.

The CA 1989 quantifies risk in footings of important injury as the threshold for statutory engagement, nevertheless there is no exact equivalent in grownup attention ( Macdonald 2006 ) . Risk appraisal should non be dismissed but it should be an built-in portion of the appraisal of vulnerable grownups.

Mrs Smyth has presented to the community nurse as a vulnerable grownup in demand of services, she is cognizant of the referral and hence there is a responsibility on the LA to transport out an appraisal. Mr Smyth may besides be in demand of services as he has been reported as holding become unretentive.

As Mrs Smyth has been described by the community nurse and her boy as a vulnerable grownup and this instance should be approached under safeguarding processs ; as described above in gray countries it is better to play it safe. However societal workers should be aware that certain hurts such as bruising can happen really easy in older people ( Brammer 2010 )

Initial cheques to see if the twosome are known to the section and a treatment with the referrer would be the first actions to derive as much background cognition as possible prior to an appraisal taking topographic point.

As described above protection of vulnerable grownups and kids is the one country of societal work where confidentiality can non ever be upheld, whereas in other respects, confidentiality is one of the cardinal moralss and values of societal work pattern, as is ‘best pattern ‘ . It is of import that this is conveyed to the twosome in a sensitive mode as it may look oppressive. However it is of import that every bit long as Mrs Smyth has been assessed under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 to hold capacity she has the right to do unwise picks or bad determinations.

There are two types of appraisal that could be carried out the first is a individual centred attack utilizing the exchange theoretical account ( Smale et Al 1993 ) leting Mrs Smyth to be the expert in her ain life whilst the societal worker is the expert in the services available, nevertheless it must be appreciated that non everyone wants to be seen as an expert. The 2nd attack is a more structured attack in which an result is determined, this would take more of a managerial and structured attack and may look oppressive nevertheless in an issue of safeguarding this may be more appropriate.

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As Danny has called and expressed concern it may be appropriate for him to be present at an appraisal if Mr and Mrs Smyth are in understanding with this. He could besides supply an effectual distraction if either Mr or Mrs Smyth were to be interviewed entirely.

There are several countries that have been raised that are of concern. First if the contusion on Mrs Smyth ‘s leg was caused by the Canis familiaris there may be a inquiry of disregard which caused the animate being to acquire in the manner. If the Canis familiaris did non do the autumn so consideration demands to be given to what did. There may besides be issues of verbal and emotional maltreatment taking topographic point if the alleged striking and cheering by Mr are taking topographic point. As Danny has reported that the place is grubby, yet the twosome have a cleaner visit, it is possible that the cleansing agent is taking their money and non working, ie fiscal maltreatment. These are all countries for consideration in the appraisal.

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I think I would desire to get down looking at this under the safeguarding processs ( it is easier to get down that manner and so alter your head and state it is non safeguarding ) . I say this because IF you believe the narrative about stumbling over the Canis familiaris, so it could be neglect which caused the animate being to acquire in the manner. There could besides be verbal and emotional maltreatment traveling on, which besides needs to be considered. Plus is the topographic point is dirty and they have a cleaner, could she be financially mistreating them – taking their money for no work? If you are covering with a instance under safeguarding processs, that over-rides the demand for confidentiality/consent, and you would be able to talk with their GP. You could besides inquire the Police to make background cheques ( that can frequently be rather uncovering – I got some material on conservatory adult male that manner ) .


The other good thing you have in your favor is the fact that the boy has called you. He is evidently concerned, and I would love to hold him along when I foremost met the twosome.


On paper it looks like Mrs would be FACS eligible – if she is fighting with mobility, personal attention, falling ( Canis familiaris or non ) , non pull offing the place or their fundss – plentifulness to back up with at that place. Do n’t worry about paying for services – even if they are to the full self-funding, they are still eligible for an appraisal and can still take to inquire us to set up their services for them.

You are besides right about Mr – he needs a mental wellness appraisal and a referral to the memory service, which would at this point necessitate his co-operation, but that is where the boy may be able to assist, besides the GP if he/she is a good one.

And yes, it would be good to speak to the twosome individually, nevertheless that could be arranged, but I somehow doubt if the married woman would uncover excessively much – they seldom do as you know.


As for services – you could offer respite attention or some place attention – for aid with personal attention, big shopping trips, laundry etc. This might besides be a good manner of supervising what is traveling on at place. How about some societal activities for both or either of them – acquiring out of the house would assist I am sure. What about person to walk the Canis familiaris, so it is n’t every bit energetic at place?