Review of related literature Essay Sample

The reappraisal of related literature specified in this survey facilitates the intent and significance of HRMS. to advance farther apprehension and conceptualized this survey. Related surveies will be noted to assist and back up that HRMS is need to be taken to see its importance and advantages non merely in the Philippines but globally every bit good. Human Resources Management System ( HRMS ) refers to the system which processes between Human Resource Management and Information Technology where scheduling of informations procedure is germinating into standard modus operandi. This will assist to cut down the manual work load of the administrative.

Local Literature

Cantierâ„¢ HRMS is an incorporate HR and Payroll system that manages the personnel-related undertakings for directors and single employees. Our HRMS supports Personnel direction. Employment direction. Profit direction. Daily Time Record Management ( Integrated with Bio-Metric Devices ) . Shift Management. Payroll direction. Leave Management. Training Management and Performance Evaluation. It has self-service characteristics as good for employees to interact with their HR section on line and therefore cut downing much of HR Personnel manual work.

Michael Armstrong stated in the book entitled “Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Practice” April 2014. That. HRM is concerned with all facets of how people are employed and managed in organisation. It covers the activities of strategic HRM. human capital direction. knowledge direction. corporate societal duty. organisation development. resourcing. acquisition and development. public presentation and reward direction. employee dealingss. employee wellbeing and the proviso of employee services. TLC Direct features a comprehensive online HRIMS direction system that paths and delivers employee informations. and facilitates employer-communication. Through a user friendly on-line interface. employers can track points including holiday. PTO. FMLA. employee basic information. profit registration. and much more. TLC Direct gives employers a locale to present customized information to your employees. including benefits. enchiridions. process manuals. preparation stuffs. and signifiers.

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