Revenue Assessment Essay

Thank you for the chance to measure your gross revenues informations in order to supply recommendations for increasing your gross revenues. The analysis and recommendations below are based on the information you provided. which covers a period from May 2004 through June 2006. The analysis below is based on this information entirely. Therefore. our recommendations should be tempered by your cognition of concern worlds and your market. Please let us cognize if we can reply any inquiries refering the analysis or the recommendations provided.

ANALYSIS 1: Entire Gross saless by Country Analysis As an American based state one expects the highest income to be within a company’s place state. Well. in the instance of Northwind Traders. that is the instance. The USA has the highest gross net gross revenues. to be followed closely by Germany and so Austria and Brazil. Gross saless are above 100. 000 over the past two old ages. If you notice. all of the top merchandising companies are offered a price reduction whereas the lower merchandising states are offered now price reduction at all.


Recommendation Based on my analysis I think it would be wise to lure lower income states to purchase more merchandises by offering a price reduction if they reach a certain sum of merchandise ordered. I besides recommend directing studies to the largest buying companies to see what merchandises they would wish to see price reductions offered on if larger volumes are purchased. Besides taking particular attention to provide to the merchandises higher volume states are necessitating.

ANALYSIS 2: Net Income by Gross saless Rep

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Analysis I was given two full old ages of gross revenues informations. and took a expression at the net gross of each of your gross revenues representatives. At first glimpse it looks like 2005 might hold been a more profitable twelvemonth. but bear in head that 2005 is the lone twelvemonth we all four quarters accounted for. Keeping that information in head. it looks like 2006 is acquiring off to an astonishing start. as several of your gross revenues reps have already passed their sums from 2005 in the first quarters. Besides take careful attending to detect the difference in the two quarters from 2004 and 2006. It looks like a bulk of your gross revenues representatives are doing solid gross for the company. Graphic

Recommendation My recommendation would be for starting motors. enroll every gross revenues rep in a gross revenues developing category. Upon completion of I would put a end that each gross revenues rep must lend at least 10 % of the net income for the company. Since there are 9 gross revenues reps this leaves some room for excess. This will non merely coerce the gross revenues reps to work together. and promote friendly competition. I besides recommend you elect a gross revenues representative squad leader ( for illustration Miss Peacock who is systematically your top gross revenues individual ) and empower her to promote. manager and teacher the other gross revenues reps in her methods and fast ones.

ANALYSIS 3: Entire Grosss by Month in 2005 Analysis After careful consideration. I decided to look at the annual tendency of merely 2005 since we have all the informations from that twelvemonth. If you will detect. October is by far the biggest selling month. whereas July is the lowest. but largely the tendency is pretty consistent across the twelvemonth.

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Recommendation I recommend that we find out what about October spikes gross revenues. and seek to use it to the remainder of the twelvemonth. Besides. I’d see adding particular gross revenues and price reductions in March and April. the lowest gross revenues months of the twelvemonth. that should assist percolate up gross revenues in the slower months.

SELF ASSESSMENT From finishing the Excel undertaking. I learned so much about excel. At the beginning of this category I was really confident and about cocky about my cognition in excel. but boy Ohio male child have I learned a LOT of orderly new tools to add to my bag of fast ones. I learned specifically about pivot tabular arraies which are beyond helpful for forming informations in a more clear manner. and see the things that you want to see. I besides learned a batch of new ways to screen and form information in clean and easy read ways. This was a tough undertaking to undertake at first. but I feel a batch better about the things I have learned in excel since completing it.