Restaurant P.O.S. – Mis Case Study Essay Sample

The primary intent of this survey is to better and develop the dealing and security system of the Orishas Restaurant. This instance analyze intends the betterment of measure dealing of the guest. alternatively of a manual computation. The eating house must bring forth a high engineering Point Of Sale ( POS ) to fix the procedure. less clip and attempt.

Second. the instance survey focuses on the security intents of the eating house for the better arranged and to go successful.



The Orishas Restaurant and Karaoke Rooms is a household owned by Jocelyn Cinco Tsunoda with six months of being which is located in Block 1 Lot 6 C. Highview Homes Congressional Rd. at Bagumbong Caloocan City. It is a insouciant fine-dining eating house with a kid friendly and family-oriented atmosphere that suits their gustatory sensation buds of the invitee of an ages. that serves savory Asiatic culinary art and give good quality service yet low-cost.

The restaurant dealing procedure is based on traditional or manual signifier. They merely need to take and compose the orders of the guest upon charging out. They will cipher the entire sum of the guest’s order and direct it to the invitee for payment.

At the terminal of the twenty-four hours. they calculate their day-to-day gross revenues manually and set it in the Ag box with padlock to procure their money.


The proposed Point Of Sale ( POS ) is designed for the benefits of Orishas Restaurant. The significance of this survey is to better the fast dealing in footings of efficient and updated gross revenues dealing and customer’s satisfaction. This will guarantee the addition of gross revenues if the Orishas Restaurant will implement this sort of system. This will be good both for the proprietor and client

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Major Statement:
“How can the advocates develop or plan the Point of Sale ( POS ) and able to use and utilize in their eating house? “

Minor Statement:
“How will proponents develop or plan the Point of Sale ( POS ) for merchandise information in footings of addition of gross revenues and client satisfaction. “


General Aims:

“To be able to build and make Point Of Sale ( POS ) that will assist the proprietor and the direction for fast services efficient sale dealing and client service satisfaction.

Specific Aims:

“To be able to make a manual enchiridion that would ease the proprietor to be efficient in any dealing and be able to run into the customer’s satisfaction. “


Delivery Transaction

In this signifier. the user can add. salvage and update the point or merchandise and besides they need to hold a contact individual to the certain house. In instance of
exigency. for illustration: during the operating period they encounter a job that cost a merchandise return ; they know the contact individual who is in-charge to the dealing.


Point Of Sale contains security in footings of watchwords and username. Likewise have a log signifier to supervise every employee who will utilize our Point Of Sale ( POS ) during the clip interval. If the employee leaves the system and in instance the user forgets to log-out. the system will automatically log-out so that it will forestall the security in every dealing that they have.