Research Terminology Matching Assignment Essay Sample

A type of research that uses focal point groups or little surveies to acquire a “feel” for the job. E. EXPLORATORY

It means in name merely. informations that consist of observations that can merely be classified and counted by class and have no built-in order. For illustration: The colourss chosen by auto purchasers at a franchise. J. NOMINAL

Using basic research methods. the result of the research is applied to a concern job. I. APPLIED RESEARCH

A measurement graduated table that has no meaningful absolute zero point. For illustration: The scheduled reaching times ( 2:00pm. 2:30pm. and 3:00pm ) of bringing trucks at a lading dock. A. INTERVAL

Frequently used in selling and gross revenues. this type of research ever asks “who. what. when. where. and how” in research inquiries. K. DESCRIPTIVE

A measuring that uses absolute values. Height. weight. distance. and money are all illustrations. H. RATIO

Numbers assigned to objects representative of the rank order when the distance between each of the steps can non be determined scientifically. For illustration. a step that indicates how a individual “feels” on an issue. C. ORDINAL

Research conducted where one unit is held steady. while the experiment is conducted on the other unit. This is to prove whether the experiment itself is the ground for alteration in the experimental unit. L. CAUSAL

The clinical or scientific method of research. This type of research is frequently done in research labs or in controlled fortunes. D. BASIC RESEARCH

A research inquiry stated in footings of specific proving or measurement standards. These footings must hold empirical referents ( this means that we must be able to number or mensurate them in some manner ) . The object to be defined can be a physical one ( a machine tool ) . or it can be an abstract one ( achievement motive ) . G. OPERATIONAL DEFINITION

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A research survey which uses informations collected at a individual point in clip. This gives a snapshot of what is happening someplace at a given clip. B. Cross-sectional