Research Paper Topics Essay Sample

The best research paper subjects are those that are interesting to you. argumentative. and scholarly. For that ground. you should seek to pick a subject within your major or field of involvement. and so it will be more likely that you will bask larning about the subject as you do the research for the essay.

I encourage you to bring forth your ain subject. but I have provided a list below of about 100 of the top research paper subjects that I have of all time encountered in my old ages of learning college research composing categories as an English professor. The big leagues covered include: biological science. concern. chemical science. guidance. condemnable justness. instruction. technology. environmental scientific discipline. exercising scientific discipline. nutrient scientific discipline. wellness attention. medical specialty. nursing. political scientific discipline. psychological science. and societal work.

If your major was non listed. or if you are in high school and you don’t have a major. you don’t have to worry because there is still likely something related to your field of involvement below. All of the subjects are argumentative. and I know that they truly are the best research subject thoughts because I have read the paper for each one. Still. all of these subjects illustrations were created by pupils. and I once more do urge that you to bring forth your ain. if merely because you will take even more pride in your work.

Tips for bring forthing your ain argumentative research paper subjects

Look around and ask inquiries: Is imbibing green tea truly that healthy for you? What is the best manner to handle anxiousness? Are hands-free phones really safer to utilize while driving? It’s really of import that you avoid a subject that you’re excessively passionate about because your sentiments can impede your ability to remain objective You likely want to avoid issues of jurisprudence or current events because the articles either over-simplify the issue ( frequently in a magazine or newspaper ) or explicate it in complicated legalese ( in a jurisprudence diary or an existent jurisprudence ) You decidedly want to avoid anything to make with spiritual or moral argument. and possibly alternatively hunt for a subject that is unfastened to scientific argument Some of the best research paper subjects are those that are the focal point of scientific argument.

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When you finally compile research for the essay. you should seek to happen more scientific surveies and fewer intelligence articles. fewer sum-ups of surveies in consumer or trade magazines. and fewer digests of research. such as the sort found at Wikipedia or About. com. A scientific survey will hold some or all of the undermentioned subdivisions: abstract. debut. method. consequences. discussion/conclusion. and mentions. If you want to research a new country of a subject that you have researched before. you may. but trying to re-use a old research paper of your ain counts as plagiarism. and I have really caught people trying to make this. so be warned If you still don’t have any thoughts. here’s a site you may happen helpful: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. holisticmed. com/index. shtml ( a batch of the top research subjects are about alternate intervention methods and whether or non they work ) The same site offers a list of potentially harmful substances: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. holisticmed. com/toxic/ Remember that it should be argumentative and non merely enlightening Top 100 Research Paper Topics ( Updated for 2013 )

Medicine / Health Care / Biology

Maggot therapy is effectual for cleaning lesions
Plastic surgery helps to better self-pride
Chiropractic attention helps to handle emphasis
Relaxation techniques are effectual for handling dental phobic disorder Having pets at a immature age reduces allergic reactions hazard subsequently in life Advanced maternal age is more unsafe than we think
Acupuncture is first-class for birthrate in both males and females Guided imagination reduces pain in malignant neoplastic disease patients
Video games can be helpful for shot victims
Migraine intervention utilizing neurostimulation plants
Virtual necropsies are an effectual instruction tool
Mobile devices are utile for nursing instruction
Nursing pupils benefit from emphasis direction

Strong-arming bar schemes work
Switch over to year-round schooling
The instruction system in China is superior to the instruction system in the US Public service proclamations merely work under certain conditions Watching Television is bad for a child’s slumber
Social networking is harmful to GPA
Procrastination can be constructive
Perfectionism is linked to depression and anxiousness
Having a college grade helps you to gain more and happen a occupation more easy Business school is valuable. but there is no “best type of manager” Making more money will non do you any happier
Condemnable Justine / Police / Firemans

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Captivity causes mental wellness issues
Lone parturiency causes terrible mental wellness issues
Art therapy in prisons helps relieve mental wellness issues
Prison carnal plans are highly good
Police pursuits are no longer necessary because of current engineering Shift work is unsafe to the head and organic structure
The Moon does non do people crazy
Firemans are deceasing because of cardiac issues
Firemans are aching themselves greatly when they don’t wear their gear Exercise Science

Barefoot running is better than running with gym shoes
Runing in general is risky to the organic structure
Riding a motorcycle is unsafe
Yoga can assist handle eating upsets
Yoga for depression
Yoga for anxiousness
Yoga for emphasis
Soldierly humanistic disciplines reduces emphasis
Creatine is comparatively safe
Exercise is effectual at handling different types of depression Saunas can assist to handle achings and strivings
Addiction Treatment Counseling / Social Work

Multidimensional Family Therapy works good for handling dependence in striplings Nonnatural speculation is effectual at handling dependence Acupuncture is helpful for handling substance maltreatment
Bath salts are highly unsafe
Electronic cigarettes help people to discontinue smoke
Taning dependence is a really existent phenomenon
Social workers benefit greatly from emphasis direction
Engineering / Technology

Fracking poses a danger to the H2O supply
Asteroids can be mined for net income
The over-use of computing machines can take to many physical jobs Off shore air current turbines are cost effectual
Environmental Science

Wind turbines are bad for birds
Vegetarianism is good for the environment
The rain forest may be the topographic point to happen the remedy for malignant neoplastic disease
Trap-Neuter-Return is non really effectual at assisting with the ferine cat job Political Science

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Plumpynut is really helpful in the battle against famishment in Africa Prostitution should be legal for public wellness grounds
Campaign finance reform is unpointed
Economic countenances don’t work
Food Science / Nutrition / Biology / Chemistry

Organic nutrient has somewhat higher sums of vitamins and minerals Aspartame is unsafe
Aspartame is safe
Multivitamins are overrated
Antibiotics are overprescribed
Echinacea for colds has mixed consequences
Olestra is good for weight control
Vegetarianism is good for the organic structure and head
Caffeine is beneficialto the organic structure ( but non from sodium carbonate )
Caffeine is really unsafe during gestation
Caffeine is beneficialfor the head
Fish oil is non a remedy for Crohn’s Disease
High fructose maize sirup is every bit every bit unsafe as sugar
Watching Television can increase fleshiness in many different ways
St. John’s Wort is effectual for handling mild depression but bad for bipolar depression Aluminum ingestion may contributeto Alzhemier’s disease
Treating Cranky Bowel Syndrome with probiotics doesn’t work Psychology / Therapy

Treating Cranky Bowel Syndrome with hypnotherapy plants
CBT for depression
CBT for schizophrenic disorder
CBT for emphasis and anxiousness
CBT for societal anxiousness
CBT for anorexia
ECT for depression in the aged
Light Therapy is effectual at handling seasonal depression
Treating ADHD with neurofeedback
Meditation is effectual at handling emphasis
Meditation has a positive consequence on self-pride
Meditation for anxiousness
Nonnatural speculation for high blood force per unit area
Music therapy for Alzheimer’s disease
Music therapy for autism
Dance therapy for schizophrenic disorder
Emotional Freedom Technique helps with phobic disorder
Research paper subjects that do non work good

Death punishment
Same-sex matrimony
Affirmative action
Stem cell research
Lower the imbibing age
Unidentified flying objects built the pyramids
Chocolate is the best spirit of ice pick
The universe will stop on December 21st. 2012
Lady Gaga is an Illuminati marionette