Research Methods Essay Sample

Q no 1: Why should a Manager know about research when the occupation entails pull offing people. merchandises events. environments and the similar?

Q no 2: If the research in the direction country can non be 100 % scientific. why fuss to make it at all? Remark on this statement.

Q no 3: An Article in luck says: Video conferencing would non take the topographic point of concern travel. because it should non. The two have to work together. Can you notice on why this would be so?

Q no 4: Describe the research procedure and explicate the preliminary informations aggregation methods.

Q no 5: “Because literature study is a clip devouring exercising. a good. in-depth interview should do to develop a theoretical framework” Discuss the statement.

Q no 6: What are the basic research design issues? Describe them in some item.

Q no 7: Why is the ratio graduated table considered to be the most powerful of the four graduated tables?

Q no 8: Describe the difference between attitude evaluation graduated tables and raking graduated tables and indicate when the two are used?

Q no 9: What is the prejudice? And how can it be reduced during interviews?

Q no 10: Use of a sample of 5. 000 is non needfully better than one of 500. How would you respond to this statement?

Q no 11: What sort of prejudices do you believe could be minimized or avoided during the day of the month analysis phase of research?

Q no 12: What is the intent of the Research Proposal?

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