Remote Access Standards for Richman Investments Essay Sample

This papers is designed to supply definition of the criterions for linking remotely to Richman Investments’ web outside of the company’s direct web connexion. The criterions defined here are designed to extenuate exposure to possible harm to Richman Investments’ web. ensuing from the usage of unauthorised usage of web resources. Scope:

All Richman Investments agents. sellers. contractors. and employees. who use either Richman Investments company belongings or their ain personal belongings to link to the Richman Investments web. are governed by this policy. The range of this policy covers distant connexions. used to entree or do work on behalf of Richman Investments. including. but non limited to. the screening or sending of electronic mail. and the screening of intranet resources. Policy:

Richman Investments agents. sellers. contractors. and employees with privilege to remote entree to Richman Investments’ corporate web are responsible for guaranting that they adhere to these criterions. whether utilizing company-owned or personal equipment for informations entree. and that they follow the same guidelines that would be followed for on-site connexions to the Richman Investments web. General entree to the Internet by family members via the Richman Investments web will non be permitted. and should be used responsibly. such that all Richman Investments criterions and guidelines are enforced for the continuance of Internet activity. The Richman Investments agent. seller. contractor. or employee will bear any duties and effects for any misused entree. Unacceptable Use:

The undermentioned activities are. in general. prohibited. Employees may be exempted from these limitations during the class of their legitimate occupation duties ( e. g. . systems disposal staff may hold a demand to disenable the web entree of a host if that host is interrupting production services ) . Under no fortunes is an employee of Richman Investments authorized to prosecute in any activity that is illegal under local. province. federal or international jurisprudence while using Richman Investments -owned resources. The lists below are by no agencies exhaustive. but effort to supply a model for activities which fall into the class of unacceptable usage. System and Network Activities The undermentioned activities are purely prohibited. with no exclusions: 1. Misdemeanors of the rights of any individual or company protected by right of first publication. trade secret. patent or other rational belongings. or similar Torahs or ordinances. including. but non limited to. the installing or distribution of “pirated” or other package merchandises that are non suitably licensed for usage by Richman Investments.

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2. Unauthorized copying of copyrighted stuff including. but non limited to. digitisation and distribution of exposure from magazines. books or other copyrighted beginnings. copyrighted music. and the installing of any copyrighted package for which Richman Investments or the terminal user does non hold an active licence is purely prohibited. 3. Exporting package. proficient information. encoding package or engineering. in misdemeanor of international or regional export control Torahs. is illegal. The appropriate direction should be consulted prior to export of any stuff that is in inquiry. 4. Introduction of malicious plans into the web or waiter ( e. g. . viruses. worms. Trojan Equus caballuss. e-mail bombs. etc. ) . 5. Uncovering your history watchword to others or leting usage of your history by others. This includes household and other family members when work is being done at place.

6. Using a Richman Investments calculating plus to actively prosecute in procuring or conveying stuff that is in misdemeanor of sexual torment or hostile workplace Torahs in the user’s local legal power. 7. Making deceitful offers of merchandises. points. or services arising from any Richman Investments history. 8. Making statements about guarantee. expressly or implied. unless it is a portion of normal occupation responsibilities. 9. Effecting security breaches or breaks of web communicating. Security breaches include. but are non limited to. accessing informations of which the employee is non an intended receiver or logging into a waiter or history that the employee is non expressly authorized to entree. unless these responsibilities are within the range of regular responsibilities. For intents of this subdivision. “disruption” includes. but is non limited to. web whiffing. pinged inundations. package burlesquing. denial of service. and forged routing information for malicious intents. 10. Port scanning or security scanning is expressly prohibited unless anterior presentment to InfoSec is made.

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11. Executing any signifier of web monitoring which will stop informations non intended for the employee’s host. unless this activity is a portion of the employee’s normal job/duty. 12. Besieging user hallmark or security of any host. web or history. 13. Interfering with or denying service to any user other than the employee’s host ( for illustration. denial of service onslaught ) . 14. Using any program/script/command. or directing messages of any sort. with the purpose to interfere with. or disable. a user’s terminal session. via any agencies. locally or via the Internet/Intranet/Extranet. 15. Supplying information about. or lists of. Richman Investments employees to parties outside Richman Investments. Email and Communications Activities

1. Sending unasked electronic mail messages. including the sending of “junk mail” or other advertisement stuff to persons who did non specifically bespeak such stuff ( email Spam ) . 2. Any signifier of torment via electronic mail. telephone or paging. whether through linguistic communication. frequence. or size of messages. 3. Unauthorized usage. or hammering. of email heading information. 4. Solicitation of electronic mail for any other electronic mail reference. other than that of the poster’s history. with the purpose to hassle or to roll up answers. 5. Making or send oning “chain letters” . “Ponzi” or other “pyramid” strategies of any type. 6. Use of unasked electronic mail arising from within Richman Investment’s webs of other Internet/Intranet/Extranet service suppliers on behalf of. or to publicize. any service hosted by Richman Investments or connected via Richman Investment’s web. 7. Posting the same or similar non-business-related messages to big Numberss of Usenet newsgroups ( newsgroup Spam ) . ( Sans Insitute. 2006 ) Requirements:

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* Remote entree must be unafraid and purely controlled. Enforcement of control will be via password hallmark or private/public keys with strong pass-phrases. * Richman Investments employees will non. supply their security watchword ( s ) to anyone regardless of place. *Richman Investments employees will procure their workstations any clip he/she leaves the workstation. *Any Remote User will decently end the distant connexion. when his/her work is complete. or at the terminal of the work twenty-four hours. * Richman Investments employees will utilize the sanctioned Anti-Virus. Anti-Malware and Anti-Spyware plans on a regular footing.


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