Religion in Gabriel Garcis Marquez’s “One Hundred Years of Solitude” Essay Sample

In “One Hundred Old ages of Solitude” . one mostly recognizable subject that Gabriel García Márquez nowadayss is the function of faith. García Márquez repeatedly ridicules the utmost value Latin American civilization has placed in organized faith. He besides depicts the negative effects the outside faith. and engineering. had on Latin American traditional civilization.

In One Hundred Old ages of Solitude. the character Fernanda del Carpio embodies the rigidness of Catholicism. the major faith of Latin America. It is this foreigner. a avid Catholic. who brings the Buendía homestead under an iron-fist regulation with rigorous spiritual patterns. However. García Márquez expresses his animus with organized faith when he foremost introduces Fernanda. exemplifying her reaching. “The carnival had reached its highest degree of lunacy … when on the swamp route a parade of several people appeared transporting in a aureate litter the most absorbing adult female that imaginativeness could conceive” ( 217 ) . The mode in which Fernanda is brought in. and adored. elevated on a aureate sofa amongst the pagan carnival reflects García Márquez’s positions on the invasion of Christianity into Latin America. Fernanda’s stiff regulation and forced engagement echoes the devastation of the traditional cultural beliefs. The lip service in the event of the most purely spiritual character being named the queen of a barbarian. out-of-control carnival ridicules organized faith.

García Márquez often uses miracles in One Hundred Old ages of Solitude to foster show the lip service he finds with faith and societal concepts of Latin America. Throughout the text. apparently marvelous occurrences occur that to the people of Macondo are normal and recognized. and yet the Buendías find modern technological finds confounding. García Márquez uses the reaching of the telephone as a humourous miracle. depiction:

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It was as if God had decided to set to the trial every capacity for surprise … to such an extreme that no one knew for certain where the bounds of world ballad. It was an intricate fret of truths and mirages that convulsed the shade of José Arcadio Buendía under the chestnut tree with restlessness and made him roll all through the house even in wide daytime. ( 242 )

The comedy in a shade being one of the Buendías to be disturbed by a modern engineering is absurd and unusual to the modern reader. However. García Márquez is utilizing the phantom to further expose the event of modern engineering. and Christianity. driving out the native divinity of Latin American civilization. The charming quality of the shade appearance is brooding of the ancient mysticism. and yet the perplexity the telephone brings is comparable to the confusion experienced by Latin American civilizations with the inflow of European and American influences.

It is of import to observe that García Márquez is non assailing all faith in One Hundred Old ages of Solitude. The materfamilias of the Buendía household. Úrsula Iguarán. exhibits many spiritual ethical motives and values. However. she is non representative of organized faith as she does non try to coerce any one signifier of worship. and is therefore one of the most well-thought-of characters in the book. Besides. a beginning of religious-like behaviour. for some of the Buendías. is the manuscripts Melquíades left behind. First the patriarch. José Arcadio Buendía. is enthralled with the scientific enigmas of the itinerant. Subsequently in clip. José Arcadio Segundo recedes to the workroom and makes the manuscripts his survey. García Márquez portrays how José Arcadio Segundo finds a spot of redemption in his purdah. when he describes. “Free from all fright. José Arcadio Segundo dedicated himself so to peruse the manuscripts of Melquíades many times. and with so much more pleasance when he could non understand them” ( 336 ) . The go throughing down of the manuscripts. the devotedness to their survey. and the impact of the cognition on the members of the household give the survey of the manuscripts a spiritual function in the Buendía family.

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The largeness to which faith impacts Latin American civilization can non be to the full described in a individual text. One Hundred Old ages of Solitude. in all of its illustriousness. can merely exhibit a little portion in the full complex history of Latin America. Gabriel García Márquez makes usage of this book to pass on the negative effects he sees of organized faith in his civilization.