My Relationship with My Neighbour’s Wife – Essay Sample

My relationship with my neighbor’s married woman and household is one that readily comes to mind. I late packed to my new rented compound. I am yet to finish a year in this my new residence. My neighbor’s married woman right from the first twenty-four hours became friendly, and was readily available to render aid. She went every bit far as doing my clean up for which I pay her some item. But, I subsequently became cognizant of her relentless petition and demands for money and nutrient material and every small thing she can inquire for.

At first. I saw this as nil merely a manner to render aid to the needy. so I heeded to all her petition. But, when the demands became excessively frequent. I had to reflect and make up one’s mind to worsen and decline some of her petitions My neighbour has five children, with the eldest about 10 old. She in her late 20’s. Her hubby is a motor motorcycle rider, and utilize the small income he earn in satisfying his habit in the bottle. He normally spends late darks outside his place and come back rummy most times.

He leaves small or nil for nutrient on his manner out of the household. Puting this consideration in head. I sometime repent my determination to reject to offer the small I can to this household through her of all time demanding married woman. But, I have to be careful since am still a individual unmarried man. I don’t want rumours to develop that I have started dating or perpetrating criminal conversation with another’s adult male married woman. This is the last clip I want to go on. In the society we live in it is morally incorrect to day of the month a married adult females.

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The relationship state of affairs would hold being different if my neighbours husband is responsible plenty to provide for his household. She will hold adequate and her changeless demands will be less. Furthermore, I would hold be in place to go on rendering my assistance to her household, if the lady is non marry or if the society will non misinterpret my sort gestures for a clandestine relationship between myself and my neighbour. Our relationship still remains unstable as neighbours, harmonizing to the theoretical account of Foucault’s `Power Field` notates.