Relations Between EU and BRIC Countries Social Policy Essay

BRIC, is an acronym apparent foremost used in Goldman Sachs investing bank by Jim O’Neill in 2001. It contains four largest and fastest turning emerging economic systems ( Brazil, Russia, India and China ) . ( Goldmann Sachs, 2003 ) All the four states have some common characteristics, as Havlik et Al ( 2009 ) province, including big district and population, low income degree but fast economic growing.

The four states encompass over 25 % of the universe ‘s land coverage and 40 % of the universe ‘s population, and they might go among the four most dominant economic systems by 2050, as O’Neill and Stupnytska ( 2009 ) argued, it is now possible that China will go every bit large as the US by 2027 and the BRICs every bit large as the G7 by 2032. The power base of these histrions is their several part, but in some fortunes their influence may be planetary.

The relationship between the EU and BRIC states confronts both challenges and chances in the facet of politic and economic system which are the follows. First, EU is the biggest universe exporter ; in imports it ranked 2nd after the USA, while BRIC states are among the most possible states. There exists direct struggle of involvement between EU and the BRICS, including the deficiency of consequences from the Doha Development Agenda indicates and the dissension on agricultural liberalisation and the fright by EU of the strong fight of the BRICS in this country. Second, the attendant return to a system of bilateral understandings and FTAs will intend that big WTO members would be able to strong-arm the little members. Third, debatable that the EU continues to sponsoring as a major economic “old” power. Alternatively the EU should accept and further more actively the new leading functions of the BRICS states. Fourthly, the EU is still to a big grade defined by its defensive attitude and the BRIC ( S ) is to some grade perceived as a menace. Fifthly, harmonizing to Leal-Arcas: “ … it is non aboutwhat,buthowyou negotiate” . This points toward that the EU should negociate on a basic of equality, reciprocality and with common regard towards its spouses. Last but non least, Strategic Partnership Agreements with the BRIC states.

The undermentioned subdivision is divided into four parts harmonizing to four BRIC states. Detailed debuts and treatments about the relationship between EU and each state are shown.

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Brazil is the fifth largest state by geographical country and 8th biggest in national population in the universe. Its nominal GDP reaches 1.6 billion US dollars, ranking the 8th of the universe. ( Wilson and Stupnytska, 2007 )

In footings of the relation with the EU, Brazil established diplomatic dealingss with the EU IN 1960, and the present relationship is governed by three paperss, which are the EC-Brazil model co-operation understanding ( 1992 ) , EU-Mercosur Framework Cooperation Agreement ( 1995 ) and the Agreement for scientific and technological cooperation ( 2004 ) .

Brazil is the EU ‘s chief trading spouse in Latin America. In 2007, EU good exported to Brazil achieves 21.2 billion Euros and imported from Brazil sum to 32.3 billion. Brazil benefits from near and strong economic and political dealingss with Europe, with the two sides holding several complementarities

Soviet union

Russia is the universe ‘s largest state with population of 140.9 million. And its nominal GDP is around US $ 1,6bn, the 9th in the universe.

Russia signed a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement with the EU in 1997. The goods it imports from the EU is 105 billion Euros in 2008, and exports to EU history for 173.2 billion Euros, most of which are the energy goods. The relation between Russia and the EU is non easy to be improved because of its contradictory places among EU members. However, in the may of 2005, the roadmap for common economic infinite was adopted during the EU-Russia acme. The chief issue between the EU and Russia ever relates to the energy, gas in peculiar.


India is the seventh-largest state by geographical country, the second-most thickly settled country, its nominal GDB reached 1.2 trillion last twelvemonth

India is an of import trade spouse for the EU and a turning planetary economic power. It combines a ample and turning market of more than 1 billion people with a growing rate of between 8 and 10 % – one of the fastest turning economic systems in the universe.

India was one of the first states to develop dealingss with the Union, subscribing bilateral understandings in 1973,when the United Kingdom joined.

In 1994, the current legislative model for cooperation, the ‘Cooperation Agreement between the European Community and the Republic of India on partnership and development ‘ was signed which took bilateral dealingss beyond simply trade and economic cooperation and paved the manner for one-year EU-India Summits and regular ministerial and adept degree meetings.

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In 2004, the EU-India relationship was ‘upgraded ‘ to the degree of a ‘Strategic Partnership ‘ and 2005 an ‘EU-India Action Plan ‘ ( revised in 2008 ) was jointly elaborated to further widen bilateral dealingss to noneconomic countries ( e.g. security policy, instruction and academic exchanges, cultural cooperation ) ,


China is the most thickly settled province in the universe with over 1.3 billion people. At about 9.6 million square kilometres, the PRC is the universe ‘s 3rd largest state by entire country

In regard of economic system, China is the universe ‘s largest exporter and 2nd largest importer of goods. It ranks the 3rd largest economic system nominally with the nominal GDP of 4908 billion US dollars. Sing to the political facet, China is a lasting member of the United Nations Security Council and a member of many-sided organisations as good, including the WTO, APEC, G-20 and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

The first ‘Trade Agreement ‘ between China and the European Economic Community ( EEC ) was concluded in 1978. It was substituted by the ‘EEC-China Trade and Economic Cooperation Agreement ‘ in 1985, which is still in force now.

The EU and China have the universe ‘s 2nd most of import trade-and-investment relationship ( after the transatlantic relationship ) . The EU is China ‘s biggest trading spouse. China is the EU ‘s 2nd biggest trading spouse and its biggest beginning of goods imports. European multinationals have poured investing into China and are outstanding in east-Asian supply ironss ( in which China is normally the last assembly phase before finished merchandises are exported back to the West ) . Such deep commercial dealingss lead inexorably to commercial and political tensenesss, as they do in US-China dealingss. However, a immense trade shortage of EU is a chief job in relation of China and the EU.

Presently, the relation between China and the EU is chiefly impacted by the undermentioned two chief issues. One the EU weaponries trade stoppage ( in force since 1989 ) and related limitations on European hi-tech exports to China. The other is the anti-dumping launched by EU against China. ( Goods refer to Textiles, vesture, footwear, metal industries, and assorted low-tech industries )

BRIC ( S ) states in Financial Crisis

The four BRIC states in entire green goods 14.6 per centum of the universe ‘s gross domestic merchandise, and take up 12.8 per centum of the planetary trade volume. Their part to the universe ‘s economic growing sums to 50 per centum in footings of buying power para.

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Since the first BRIC acme was held in Yekaterinburg, the four states have become outstanding drive forces behind the planetary economic tune-up. The BRIC states met for their first official acme on 16th June 2009 in Yekaterinburg of Russia, and the 2nd 1 is hold at Brasilia of Brazil on 16th April this twelvemonth.

These acmes, to some extent, contribute to the universe ‘s recovery for the planetary fiscal crisis. For illustration, one hebdomad prior to the 2nd acme, China announced programs to put a sum of $ 50.1 billion and Russia planned to put $ 10 billion. In add-on, Brazil offered $ 10 billion to the International Monetary Fund, which was the first clip that Brazil had of all time made such a loan.

Even in the European Economic Recovery Plan, Commission of the European Communities regards the go oning duologues with cardinal bilateral spouses such as the BRIC states as an of import manner to assist the EU to retrieve from the fiscal crisis.


Despite of the current universe fiscal crisis, the economic of BRIC states still see a considerable addition, which induce tonss of new chances and legion challenges every bit good for the remainder of the universe, peculiarly the EU.

The BRIC states have some common characteristics, while each of them has different state of affairss that generate different challenges and chances to other states. Take the EU for illustration, it requires the EU to follow different policies to each BRIC states to bring forth maximal involvement for the EU.


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