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The completion of this concern was made possible through the support and encouragements of some of import people and the group members. AlfieCajucom. Rishvert Romano. Dustin Del Rosario and Maria Mayella Malang. Friends. Jenina Dela Fuente and Diane Cruz and many important others.

The members of the group is greatly grateful to Mam Rosalita DG. . Abello for her comprehensive attempt in helping us to finish this concern venture

Finally. we are profoundly thankful to our Almighty God. from whom we got the needed wisdom and inspiration.


The life style of our universe today is wholly different from the past few old ages. Big and little concerns began to distribute out. Bing immature entrepreneurs the group members are willing to take the hazard in seting up a concern that can do each one a successful person in the hereafter. The Pastry Yard is a concern of immature and courageous pupils. who joined the pastry industry in the signifier of a simple concern. The Pastry Yard sells delicious merchandises with an low-cost monetary value. It aims to fulfill the roof of the mouth of their mark market. Rivals will ever around that is why the members are making their best to do the group’s concern successful. The Pastry Yard merchandises has a possible in the pastry industry.

I. Company Overview

A. Name of Business:


The group decided to take The Pastry Yard for its concern. because YARD means the first missive of the group member’s foremost name. Yttrium for Yella. A for Alfie. R for Rishvert and D for Dustin and added “PASTRY” to mean the construct that the concern merchandises is all about pastries.

B. Description of the Business:

The Pastry Yard is a retailing type of concern. The concern decided to suggest a concern which is selling butterscotch and prostitutes since they will ever be salable in any season. Foods come in different assortments and gustatory sensations but pastries are all time-favorites so the group makes certainly that the merchandises are tasty and delightful. Aside from personal merchandising and offering. the concern reaches its mark market through its low-cost monetary value that is convenient to the pupils. instructors. employees and even the defender and the parents inside the campus of St. Mary’s College of Baliuag.

C. Name of the Group: Ka Bert’s

The proprietors agreed to the name Ka Bert’s after the name of Rishvert John Romano who is given a pet name “Berto” playing as the leader of the group.

D. Business Owners:

% of Ownership
Maria Mayella T. Malang
Bahay Pare. Candaba. Pampanga
General Partner
25 %
Alfie G. Cajucom
Sulivan. Baliuag. Bulacan
General Partner
25 %
Rishvert John T. Romano
Milflora Homes. Sabang. Baliuag. Bulacan
General Partner
25 %
Dustin Del Rosario
Poblacion. Bustos. Bulacan
General Partner
25 %

E. Business Structure:

Type of Business Organization: Partnership

The proprietors decided to organize a partnership type of concern organisation for the undermentioned grounds:

a. The concern is easy to set up and start-up costs are low.

B. The liabilities are limited

c. With more than one proprietor. the ability to raise financess may be increased.

d. Partnerships provide moral support and will let for more originative brainstorming

F. Business Location:

The concern is located at St. Mary’s College of Baliuag Campus

G. Vision:

To construct up a little concern that will offer a alone and savoury pastries.


To supply the clients with the best nutrient experience from get downing to stop.


To promote people on eating healthier nutrients particularly the pupils. To present pastries to the people reach by the concern.

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To supply and fulfill people in bring forthing a sort of merchandise that can assist in utilizing resources by agencies of selling and gaining net income.

A. Market Description

The Pastry Yard is a concern that offers pastries. The concern is an advantage for the pupils holding a difficult clip during break clip traveling to canteen because the merchandise itself will happen their happen their manner to its clients. Pastries are non sold in the school canteen that is why the group saw this as a concern chance to sell to the pupils who are looking for something to eat.

B. Target Market

The group’s mark market are the instructors. employees and even the defender and the parents of the St. Mary’s College of Baliuag.

C. Target Area
The group’s mark country is at St. Mary’s College of Baliuag Quadrangle. located at Racelis St. Baliuag. Bulacan.

D. Market Demographics
The concern marks both male and female with age runing from 7 old ages old and above inside the SMCB Campus.

E. Merchandises
Butter score
F. Market Positioning
Selling the best pastries at an low-cost monetary value is the image wanted by the concern.

G. Pricing
Pricing below competition

The merchandises monetary value is merely the same with our rivals. This scheme is working best on the group’s attempts. It reduces costs and develops good selling schemes.

The Pastry Yard
Php. 10. 00 each
Php. 15. 00 each
Butter score
Php. 15. 00 each
Php. 20. 00 each

Pricing above competition

Location and exclusivity of merchandise is one factor that affects the pricing quality. The group that stocks high quality of merchandise will hold the potencies in constructing a monetary value above their rivals.

The Pastry Yard
Php. 10. 00 each
Php. 8. 00 each
Php. 15. 00 each
Php. 12. 00 each

Cost plus markup pricing

It is a scheme and it is normally used if there are many merchandises being sold. The group sells tart and butterscotch. The record cost Php. 15. 00 and Php. 10. 00 and that Php. 15. 00 and Php. 10. 00. A per centum is added which besides served as the net income.


Selling Monetary value
Php. 7. 00
Php. 10. 00
Php. 3. 00
30 %
Php. 10. 00
Php. 15. 00
Php. 5. 00
33 %

Multiple Pricing

This is selling more than one merchandise. with different monetary value. The group is selling one merchandise separately. This multiple pricing is great in markdowns and events. but some consumers tends to sponsor this scheme because they can purchase merchandises in larger sums.


Consumers will buy the merchandise in a lower monetary value and less of good in higher monetary values. When it comes to provide manufacturers will sell less of goods in lower monetary value and more goods in higher monetary values. High school pupils and module members are the common client. The group bases the demand on the entire figure of gross revenues which is 210 but non all the pupils buys the merchandise. The demand is low because the concern is merely get downing and do non hold lasting shop.

Gross saless
Senior high school
7. 38
1. 83

Gross saless
Senior high school
8. 85
2. 06

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Our concern provides a inexpensive and good quality of pastry merchandises. Merchandises are assured of its cleanliness and affordability. As a selling scheme this is done by agencies of word of oral cavity because every clip people buys the merchandises they can speak about it with their co-workers.

Selling Channels

The group members are selling our merchandise personally and it is given straight to the clients. The group sells the merchandise by rolling around the locality of the school.


Nature of the Competition
Selling pastry merchandises is wholly in demand in the universe today. Despite the presence of rivals in the market. the Pastry Yard is confident that its merchandises are different with a alone features.

Direct Rivals

The direct rivals of our merchandise are the two groups ( C-creations ) that sells adust dainties.

Strengths and Failings

The pastry industry now a yearss is acquiring bigger and it became a new tendency in the market. Pastry Yard fundamentally gives the clients a opportunity to savor a delicious and different pastry merchandises. The group failing is the inaccessibility of machineries and baking tools in doing and bring forthing pastry merchandises.

Competitive advantage

The Pastry Yard advantage is selling newly baked prostitutes and butterscotch which will fulfill one roof of the mouth.


Management consists of the interlacing maps of making corporate policy and forming. planning. commanding. and directing an organization’s resources in order to accomplish the aims of that policy.

B. Ownership

The type of concern is partnership. before the concern starts. the advocates contributed capital and chooses their several function in running the concern. The advocate agreed to split the concern net income every bit.


Responsible in pull offing the concern net income
Responsible in fixing concern fiscal statements
Production Officer
Responsible in treating the merchandises to be sold
Ensure the merchandise are clean and safe with the best quality
Gross saless Crew
Responsible for concern publicity
Responsible for selling the merchandise
Responsible for pass oning with the client

Accountable for purchasing quality merchandises
Guaranting the cleanliness of the ingredients



The Finance Officer of the concern is Maria Mayella T. Malang. She is a pupil of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. She is in charge of budgeting and supervising the money that are coming from the concern. She is responsible for guaranting that the fiscal statements of the concern are complete and accurate.


The Production Officer of the concern is Dustin Del Rosario. He is a pupil of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. He is in charge and responsible of the merchandises that are ready for selling. Guarantee the cleanliness and the safety of the merchandise.


The Management Officer of the concern is Alfie G. Cajucom. He is a pupil of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. He is in charge for concern publicities and responsible in selling the merchandise.

Selling Military officer

The Marketing Officer of the concern is Rishvert Romano. He is a pupil of Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management. He is responsible for purchasing quality pastry merchandises. He is besides responsible for guaranting the cleanliness of the merchandises.


Must be a alumnus of any 4 twelvemonth class
Experienced in pull offing budget
Must be at least 18 old ages old
Production Officer
Must be a alumnus of any 4 twelvemonth class
Outstanding communicator accomplishments
Excellent in quality control

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Gross saless Crew
Must be a alumnus of any 4 twelvemonth class
Must possess first-class client service accomplishments
Must be at least 18 old ages old

Strong and confident communicator
Must be a alumnus of any 4 twelvemonth class
Must be at least 18 old ages old and above


The concern do non hold its ain shop for which the purchaser can see and order their preferable goods.
Another failing is that the concern buys the merchandise that they offer and merely add a small grade ups to gain net income. STRENGTH
Customers want assortment of merchandises that’s why the concern provides clients options to purchase either prostitute or butterscotch. The Products are low-cost and will certainly fulfill the client pots.



A Tart is a adust dish consisting of a filling over a pastry base with an unfastened top non covered with pasty. The pastry is normally short crust pastry. the filling may be sweet or savoury. though modern prostitutes are normally with yema fillings. A Butterscotch is a chewy flour based pastry like Brownies that is baked with insignificant toppings.


Pastry Yard ordered the merchandise from a beginning and delivered to the group
ready for selling. The group walks around the school to sell the merchandise to the clients who are normally pupils and instructors.


The natural stuffs that are used in the concern are non owned by our group. Because we are merely acquiring our merchandise in a maker of pastries.







The Pastry Yard is located inside the school locality of St. Mary’s College of Baliuag Quadrangle.


We normally sell our merchandise at Sacred Heart Building.


The group maintains the cleanliness in the designated country inside the school campus. Separate containers are used to forestall nutrient taint. Members of the group are obliged to clean and pick up the rubbish that came from selling prostitutes and butterscotch.

VI. Socio Desirability

Business believes that alteration starts from within. It is the chief ground why the concern are built and established the community. and aid persons in their lives. It increases and advance an economic friendly environment.

1. Employee

The Pastry Yard proprietors are besides the crew or service staff of the concern. The group didn’t hire crews because the concern is merely get downing and still manageable.

2. Community

The Pastry Yard wants to shout out the attention for the community and the environment. A 10 per centum contribution will be given to HRM HARMONIES for the incoming activities of the said nine.

3. Government

Success in concern requires a really important portion in our authorities. The Pastry Yard pay the right sum of revenue enhancements when is continue to win.

4. Environment

The Pastry Yard inspires the community in life in a healthy and clean life styles. and how to value and attention to our environment. Unlike other concerns that sells pastries. The Pastry Yard knows how to retain and bring forth a green community. The Pastry Yard promotes the usage of “reduce. reuse and recycle” .

Fiscal Premises

1. The gross revenues of Tart per twenty-four hours are 30 and gross revenues of Butterscotch per twenty-four hours are 25. 2. Purchases of Tart per twenty-four hours are 30 and purchases of Butterscotch per twenty-four hours are 25. 3. The grade up monetary value for prostitute is 30 % while 33 % for butterscotch.