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The assignment is intended to discourse a instance I worked on whilst on my concluding arrangement and utilize an analytic stance to discourse the interaction and intercessions used with the service user. In order to keep confidentiality and namelessness of the service users in this instance survey I will be utilizing anonym for all people involved and mentioned in relation to this instance. The assignment will show professional opinion. answerability of a societal worker and the statutory demands of protection and intercession when working with vulnerable grownups. The instance survey will concentrate on my work with Sarah throughout my clip on arrangement and measure my chief intercessions every bit good as turn uping my work within the wider discourses around hazard deploying both recovery and exchange theoretical accounts. It will besides foreground the strengths and restrictions within the procedure of recovery. Within this instance survey I will take to depict and analyze the pattern. theories and values that have emerged by transporting out this piece of work.

The assignment will critically measure my pattern with specific mention to the societal work accomplishments used. By reflecting on my pattern I hope to show how I have considered issues such as power instabilities and societal unfairness and how this consideration has assisted me to work in an anti-oppressive. non-judgemental manner with the service user involved. With mention to this peculiar instance survey I will besides show to the reader the power instability that existed between the professionals in footings of their attack. This was clearly apparent in relation to the societal theoretical account attack versus the medical theoretical account attack. Pulling on my observation and the experience of working within an inter-professional squad I will supply critical assessment of the issues and barriers that existed. I will besides compare. contrast and measure the medical and societal theoretical account of mental wellness and mental upset by mentioning to appropriate literature and research.

This will show to the reader how it can inform a societal work practicians understanding and pattern. In footings of the intercessions used the assignment will non be structured in a chronological order. but will concentrate on the salient parts of the work with the service user involved. I will analyze and recognize the constructs when sing hazard and research the theories associated with hazard. Due to the nature of this instance survey and the engagement of Children and Family Social Services ( CFSS ) current grownup and children’s statute law and policy informed much of my pattern with the client. Through my work with this client I faced many challenges ; I hope to show to the reader the issues I faced in relation to put on the line direction. It will be made apparent to the reader the cardinal quandary I was faced with. equilibrating the individual’s liberty and pick with the demand to protect the client and her babe from sensed hazards. The arrangement bureau was portion of a big administration. and was managed through a pyramid strategy of hierarchical systems.

During this assignment I will show the impact of the administration construction. policy and direction on the squad and the service provided. I will research in item the impact of multi- disciplinary squads and the civilization it creates within an bureau paying peculiar attending to the differing positions of professionals and the kineticss of power and how this impacts on pattern. I will besides show to the reader my function within the administration and how my pattern was developed and influenced by statute law and policy. The undermentioned instance survey is based on a 29 twelvemonth old British Asian adult female who was under the services of our squad which is an self-asserting outreach squad. The squad is a multi- disciplinary squad that works with clients in the community who suffer from terrible and digesting mental wellness jobs frequently complicated by drug and intoxicant abuse and a helter-skelter life style. Sarah came under the attention of the squad as a consequence of repeated infirmary admittances. trouble to prosecute with services due to unsettled adjustment history and besides her exposure and issues associating to her relationship with her spouse and her household.

She has a diagnosing of bi-polar upset. I became involved in Sarah’s instance ab initio when I accompanied my supervisor Kate on a visit to Sarah’s place. When I foremost met Kate she was 4 months pregnant and was populating with her spouse in rented adjustment. the adjustment was in a hapless status and they had no white goods or domestic installations. Sarah was married to her spouse Tom ; they met while they were both inmates on a psychiatric ward and moved in together when they were discharged from infirmary. Sarah had antecedently alleged that her male parent had forced her to get married Tom. This was an Islamic nuptials so therefore they are non lawfully married under English jurisprudence. Sarah besides alleged antecedently that Tom had financially and physically abused her. A POVA ( protection of vulnerable grownups ) was instigated nevertheless Sarah withdrew the allegation so hence this was non pursued. Sarah’s household life is complex ; most of the household suffer from mental wellness jobs. Sarah and her siblings exhausted clip in attention when she was younger when her female parent experienced a backsliding in her mental wellness.

Her parents have separated and Sarah has step- siblings. Tom has a history and exhausted clip in prison for domestic force against his ex-wife. He had two kids with his ex-wife nevertheless no longer has contact with the kids as a consequence of the maltreatment in the place. Sing the hazards associated with Tom and besides the other hazards associating to Sarah’s mental wellness and her parenting capacity. much of my work with Sarah was concerned with child protection issues and hazard. Social work in its assorted signifiers addresses the multiple. complex minutess between people and their environments. Its mission it to enable all people to develop their full potency. enrich their lives and prevent disfunction. Professional societal work is focused on job resolution and alteration. As such. societal workers are change agents in society and in the lives of the persons. households and communities they serve. Social work is an interconnected system of values. theory and pattern. ( International Federation of Social Workers. 2012 )

Peoples in our society are categorised harmonizing to their societal place in dealingss to category. age. faith. gender and sexual orientation. The societal construction plays an of import portion in the distribution of power. position. resources and chances ; this is known as societal stratification. Consequently. people in places of power can know apart consistently against vulnerable people. Marsh and Keating ( 1996 ) It is important for professionals to be cognizant of the deductions of favoritism and subjugation in order to go an effectual societal worker and go valuable practicians. Sing the fact that in Britain. we now live in a multi-cultural. multi-racial society societal workers need to hold the accomplishments to work towards battling any signifiers of favoritism and subjugation. Theory is the cardinal ingredient in pattern that informs the manner in which societal workers view and approach persons. groups communities and society.

It is the bedrock for practicians that help them to foretell. explain and assess state of affairss and behaviors. It provides the principle for how the societal worker should respond and step in with clients who have peculiar histories. jobs or ends. Teater ( 2010 ) In relation to my work with Sarah my function was finally to back up her to populate in the community and offer her advice and counsel on ways of covering with and get bying with her current state of affairs. I aimed to help Sarah in going more independent and back up her to gain her aspirations in a realistic and matter-of-fact manner. I used societal work theory to understand changing accounts of troubles she may see in making this. and societal work methods to work creatively in accomplishing this. Howe ( 2009 ) explains that theory provides us with an apprehension of behavior that offers us the ability to make schemes and solutions that are ‘relationship responsive’ .

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While it can be ineluctable for the societal worker who has pattern wisdom and theoretical cognition to do premises about the beginning and solution of jobs experienced by the client. I was careful to allow Sarah take the lead during my initial visits. Social workers come across a assortment of complex state of affairss that may dispute their value base nevertheless doing premises could be considered oppressive pattern so alternatively I adopted the feelings of Stepney ( 2002:25 ) who considered that ‘a good working cognition of different theoretical accounts and methods. and the theories that inform them open up chances for progressive practice’ . As Sarah is under a secondary mental wellness service she is required to hold an enhanced CPA and it is reviewed on a regular basis. this is audited by the Trust. The attention plan attack was developed and introduced by the section of wellness ( DOH ) in 1990. it identified the indispensable demand for regular attention reappraisals affecting all professionals and non- professionals to run into with the service user to guarantee assessed demands were being met.

It actively promotes clients to be involved in their attention and feel empowered. it besides encourages inter-professional coaction. DOH ( 2008 ) . During the arrangement I found the CPA was a really utile tool in footings of inter-professional pattern. it enabled me to derive a holistic over position of the client. By utilizing a individual appraisal procedure through inter-professional working the consequence is a comprehensive attention program which included a co-ordinated way that connects assorted services required. Cook. et Al ( 2001 ) In the early phases of my battle with Sarah I entered the relationship by being unfastened and honest and demonstrated a willingness to listen. This was combined with a echt committedness to advance Sarah’s rights and wants. I adopted a individual centred attack. this is an influential theoretical account that ‘strongly informs our usage of reding skills’ ( Miller. 2005:22 )

In order to pattern efficaciously in an anti-oppressive manner it was utile to see the humanistic psychological position of Carl Rogers ( 1951 ) and his ‘person-centred’ attack. this has helped to determine societal work values and pattern in an anti-oppressive manner. My initial work with Sarah was based on and followed the three chief constructs of Rogers ( 1951 ) attack ; congruity. empathy and unconditioned positive respect. The first of these was congruity ; this refers to my willingness and ability to be echt and unfastened. By being clear about the inquiries I was inquiring and the ground I was garnering information about Sarah without a concealed docket it helped to organize a healthy relationship. In footings of guidance ( Mearns and Thorne. 1988:17 ) suggested that practicians ‘putting up a professional forepart or personal façade’ can be a barrier to organizing positive relationships and besides obstruct advancement and alteration for the client.

The 2nd construct is empathy. to go an empathetic societal worker it requires us to see the universe as another individual sees it. After constructing up a good resonance with Sarah I found it disputing non to take her feelings on board. In the societal work profession people see clients who are populating with a wealth of jobs and in utmost conditions. It can be argued that empathy is a adept activity as it ‘involves holding a grade of control over our ain feelings while staying unfastened and sensitive to the other person’s feelings. ’ Empathy is non merely a societal work value we should draw a bead on to hold. but a practical necessity to avoid intense emotional force per unit area and burnout. ( Thompson. 2000:137 ) The concluding construct is known as unconditioned positive respect. This is about working positively and efficaciously with clients. Regardless of the state of affairs this means accepting people and holding a non-judgement attack. In the instance of Sarah and Tom. I had to be cognizant that my feelings of disapproval towards Tom did non act upon my work in a negative manner.

Reflecting and supervising associating to this experience was an indispensable portion of pattern. it provides us with the chance to do sense of what has happened. Good pattern frequently stems from one’s ain brooding work. In relation to a non-judgmental attack which is encouraged and regarded as a high precedence on the societal work docket and across all wellness professionals recent surveies suggest that clients continue to see bias. Griffiths et Al ( 2012 ) . Anti-discriminatory pattern developed during the late 1980’s to dispute the insufficiencies of the prevailing system and the concern many societies had with racism and cultural struggle. Harmonizing to Thompson ( 1992 ) anti-discriminatory pattern involve three different phenomena ; psychological. sociological and political. It is hence indispensable that societal workers pattern a holistic attack which aims ‘to empower users by cut downing the negative effects of societal hierarchies in their interaction and the work they do together. ’

Dominelli ( 1994 cited in Burke and Harrison. 2004:134 ) Mentioning to this peculiar instance survey as mentioned Sarah originated from an Asiatic background and besides had a diagnosing of Bi-polar upset. The diagnosing of mental wellness conditions among Asiatic clients can be a challenge and besides damaging to the client. During my contact with Sarah she disclosed that she feels a spirit about and within her known as the ‘jinn’ . I now know this is a spirit which is a outstanding facet of the Islamic civilization and is frequently referred to in the Qur’an. Keynajad’s ( 2011 ) survey demonstrates that there is distrust amongst the Muslim community of the psychiatric system. Advisers are non culturally sensitive which impacts negatively on clients. Coming from a western civilization utilizing the dominant white civilizations psychological norms resulted in my deficiency of apprehension and unluckily a perceptual experience of this belief being unnatural. I reflected that the relationship can be a double-edged one affecting elements of attention and control. Social work intercession can take to empowerment or impede people by suppressing them and their beliefs.

Thompson ( 1992 ) The western psychiatric theoretical account traditionally excludes religious dimensions and overlooks the significance of faith in people’s lives. Indeed. in many instances. it has been found that faiths impute what British society would depict as mental unwellness to “spiritual sickness” . ( Petit-Zeman. 2001 ) Good pattern involves societal workers deriving the cognition and apprehension to enable them to intercede between their clients and the wider society. it is indispensable that societal workers are in a polar place in footings of the relationship between the province and its citizens and act as the agents for alteration. Ferguson and Woodward ( 2006 ) Using individual centred attack and working in partnership with Sarah enabled me to place her immediate demands and the best placed intercession to utilize in her state of affairs.

Task- centred pattern is regarded as a modern-day intercession in societal work today and has had a steady growing since its outgrowth in the 1960’s. as portion of a displacement from psychodynamic accounts of societal work towards alternate theoretical accounts. It is basically an active intercession with a clear and practical theoretical account which can be used in a broad scope of state of affairss. Doel and Marsh ( 1992 ) . The principle for utilizing this intercession was that it would concentrate on the of import issues that Sarah needed to cover with quickly ; lodging. benefits and her occupancy. furthermore this would be carried out in a planned. structured manner over a short term period. It would besides back up. empower and ease Sarah to make an optimum degree of mental wellness and work towards recovery. In relation to bi-polar upset it is indispensable to forestall nerve-racking state of affairss. Harmonizing to Mind ( 2010 ) being organised and taking things measure by measure can forestall a backsliding in mental wellness. This coincides with the basic construction of undertaking centred pattern.

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Ford and Postle ( 2000 ) set out four stages of this intercession ; Problem Exploration-this is based in common lucidity between the client and societal worker on what issues to concentrate on. Agreement- Acknowledging and choosing the undertakings that need to be prioritised. Explicating an aim and motive –Details of what is required. treatments with the client about the possible result and accomplishment. Planning and holding the inside informations to forestall obstructions and promote success and besides reexamining the advancement on a regular basis. Termination- End procedure of undertaking centred work. reflecting and clear uping on what has been achieved. With mention to Sarah. the issues with her lodging and benefits were dealt with nevertheless there were restrictions sing her occupancy concerns as some issues were complex and given the clip bound of this intercession. it could non be achieved. On reexamining the intercession with Sarah it was an overall success Historically in societal work many clients received long term intercessions and there was a focal point on feelings and therapy instead than action.

Due to the complex nature and the helter-skelter life style of the clients under the self-asserting outreach squad long term intercession is non contributing to their demands. The clients are more antiphonal to short term intercession and action so they can see consequences ; harmonizing to current research brief directing intercessions have a consistent result advantage in the intervention of a battalion of upsets. Giles et Al ( 1993 ) Another political orientation that is peculiarly relevant in this instance and besides of import to societal work is the systems position. Bronfenbrenner ( 1994 ) stated that in order to understand human development we must see the full ecological system in which growing occurs. Ecological theoretical accounts and positions ‘encompass an germinating organic structure of theory and research concerned with the procedures and conditions that govern the womb-to-tomb class of human development. ’ ( 1994:37 )

The systems theory. which is explicitly a sociological attack provides societal workers with a utile model to concentrate on persons. as being portion of the wider society and a series of meshing societal systems such as groups. households and societies every bit good as a biological system. Payne ( 1991 ) . To use this theory during my interaction with Sarah. I was required to work holistically. Having built a good relationship with Sarah it enabled me to discourse the support webs in her life that had a positive and negative effects. she could besides place the jobs she had experienced past and present because of her environment non run intoing her demands. Eco- societal work ‘incorporates analysis of structural causes of disadvantages and includes full consideration of wider support webs beyond the atomic household. ’ Jack and Jack ( 2000 cited in Stepney and Popple. 2008:117 ) Although Sarah identified her household as a supportive and built-in portion of the bed in her environment. she began to do the nexus that alteration happening within her household system was probably to hold an impact on her place life.

This became undoubtedly apparent and relevant during the kids and household nucleus appraisal. the appraisal was completed to find how to safeguard and advance the public assistance of Sarah’s unborn babe. During this assessment three inter-related spheres are used ; child’s development. rearing capacity and household and environment. this will be discussed farther in more inside informations. DOH ( 2000 ) The long and contested argument sing the medical theoretical account and societal theoretical account was really much evident during my work with Sarah and within the administration. The medical theoretical account perceives the person as a patient that needs to be treated or cured in order to be able to run ‘normally’ in society today. Oliver and Barnes ( 2012 ) . It conceptualizes jobs as mental unwellness and defines persons through the usage of labels. It can be argued that the medical theoretical account adopts a cause and consequence account for mental unwellness. this construct is really much opposed by the societal theoretical account and the systems theory.

Zastrow ( 2009 ) With mention to the ecological theoretical account Bury et Al ( 2001 ) postulates that the medical theoretical account operates at a micro system degree. The impact of this restrictive pattern can suppress patterned advance and development in the attempt to take barriers socially and environmentally with our clients. Traditionally. the medical theoretical account has dominated and determination doing power and has been in the custodies of the medical profession. This business was seen as the elite amongst the professionals. The attack within the arrangement bureau was based on a civilization that worked within a medically dominated hierarchy. The chief focal point was medical intervention and symptomology. The medical theoretical account is ‘characterised as concentrating entirely on single pathology and disregarding the societal factors which impact on people’s lives’ . By neglecting to recognize and ‘counter the structural oppression’ people experience it is ‘argued. medical specialty and psychopathology farther contribute to subjugation. ’ ( Barnes et. Al: 566 )

Power instabilities are ineluctable and within this squad. it was apparent that the head-shrinker held the power and was a major factor when determinations were being made within the squad. There was tenseness within the bureau as it was felt by some practicians in the squad that the head-shrinker dismissed other professions ; he was non willing to prosecute in a treatment with the psychologist sing alternate diagnosing. ‘Sometime a signifier of professional haughtiness is displayed whereby the professional looks down on others. ’ Pereira Gray ( 1989 cited in Goble 1994:177 ) ‘Multidisciplinary teamwork is improbable to go organizationally embedded unless structural inequalities between professions. and between professions and patients. are addressed’ . ( Shaw et. Al. 2007 ) After a multi-disciplinary meeting where Sarah received intelligence that her babe was traveling to be removed from her attention and placed with surrogate parents she became highly disquieted and expressed a desire to self-harm and was besides shouting.

The adviser head-shrinker disregarded her experience as a reaction to having such annihilating intelligence. in true medical theoretical account manner he labelled Sarah’s experience as unnatural and suggested an admittance onto a psychiatric ward. Thomas et Al ( 1996 ) ‘The societal theoretical account implies that mental wellness jobs exist on a continuum with other people’s experiences and jobs. ’ By demoing empathy and reassuring Sarah that her reaction was apprehensible given the fortunes. Sarah was unfastened to suggestions and wanted my advice. I suggested that Sarah may profit from more support and informed her that I could mention her to the crisis squad for excess support at place. After discoursing some symptoms Sarah was sing and normalizing the state of affairs Sarah felt in control and empowered to come up her ain decision that an informal admittance to hospital would be good for her support demands. ( Williams et al 2001:477 )

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Hazard appraisal is the procedure for garnering relevant information about a service user. which is so analysed and interpreted in footings of cognition. values. accomplishments and the application of professional opinion. All appraisals should be carried out exhaustively to guarantee the service users have an appropriate service harmonizing to their degree of demand. It can be seen as a positive tool that provides a footing for the designation of factors that may take to put on the line. danger. jeopardy or menaces to wellbeing. It enables partnership working between the service user and the societal worker whereby they can place the protective factors to understate the hazards to enable them to pull up a program. Loxton et. Al ( 2010 ) Appraisal is the foundation of the societal work procedure with service users. Walker and Beckett ( 2011 )

In review of this position appraisal is besides a major invasion into someone’s personal life and normally done at a vulnerable point in their life. It may hold a negative impact on the relationship between the societal worker and service user particularly if the result has non been agreed and action was taken to understate hazard. In this instance the service users may experience disempowered and it would hold an impact on the power inequality. Parsloe ( 1999 ) In peculiar to the instance survey it is important to work with Sarah utilizing a holistic attack to the appraisal. It is of import that to derive an penetration and entree cognition sing Sarah’s mental wellness status to enable me to understand her better. This would enable a societal worker to place all the hazards and strengths as portion of the appraisal. McLaughlin ( 2008 ) . As identified in the instance survey there was a figure of complex factors in Sarah’s life. as portion of an ecological attack I explored all countries concentrating on civilization. strengths. failings and environment.

Barrett ( citied in McLaughlin 2008 ) The precedence in this hazard appraisal is to place the hazards that warrant immediate action. Nancy would necessitate to entree more information environing the safeguarding issues mentioned. It is indispensable to measure each issue individually. Sue would necessitate to clearly bespeak hazard factors in footings of past history and current presenting hazards taking into history both internal and external factors. It is important at the early phase of the appraisal that Sue begins to construct up a resonance with Nancy. In order do this she would necessitate to near this appraisal in an anti-oppressive non-judgemental manner. Working in partnership is important. to derive the trust of Nancy. Sue needs to be unfastened and honest during the procedure. This should include informing Nancy about the constructions of the bureau to enable her to do an informed determination. The appraisal should affect sharing the different positions. values and concerns of the people involved. Dalrymple and Burke ( 1995 )

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