Reflective Account On Social Theory Social Work Essay

This assignment will critically reflect upon the acquisition that I have gained through group engagement. It will besides look at what cognition I have learnt in relation to how I look at seting theory into pattern. It will besides research how these theories interconnect and how I used elements of psychological science and sociology to explicate how I might work with persons in future pattern.

As a group we chose to analyze scenario two, the instance of Fiona and chiefly focused on her mental wellness issues, her deficiency of support as a consequence of household dislocation and her societal isolation. To get down with we identified that Fiona seemed to hold a deficiency of control in her life and as a group we felt that this was a immense country that needed to be addressed. To get down to back up Fiona she needed to be ‘given meaningful pick and valuable options ‘ ( Clark, 2000, p.57 ) in order for her to derive greater control over her life and her fortunes. As a societal worker we promote ‘social alteration, job resolution in human relationships and the authorization of release of people to heighten well-being ‘ . ( IFSW, 2000, cited in Banks, p.3 ) .This was an of import facet to retrieve when using theory to Fiona.

Theory in societal work is an effort to explicate state of affairss and societal relationships. So to be begin with as a group we began to look at theories that may assist Fiona holistically such as Marxist theory and in peculiar struggle theory which seeks to analyze structural inequality within society. This theory argues that society is structured along lines of inequality such as wealth, wellness and income therefore supplying people with different life opportunities which in bend can ensue in different life experiences. So whilst this theory could be linked to Fiona with her structural issues of want and comparative poorness and the issue of offense and deviancy in her vicinity, this was non the chief focal point that our group were concerned with and we wanted to concentrate more on her societal isolation and her deficiency of a support web.

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Systems theory was looked at by the group and I came to understand that this theory would suit absolutely with what we were concentrating on. Although I did non make much research into this theory for the group work I did acquire a greater apprehension of how this theory would associate to Fiona. Systems theory is a functionalist position that takes into history how persons relate to one another and society as a whole. It would look that this theory is popular with societal work texts and in pattern as it has been suggested that it ‘can be attributed to the consistence with societal work ‘s long-standing mission to understand and react to people in their environment ‘ ( Bartlett, 1970, cited in Healy, 2005, p.89 ) . This theory seeks to supply ways to understand jobs and issues and after perusing through some of the literature, I had to hold that this theory links closely to an authorization attack which aims to seek societal alteration at both an person and a societal degree for a service user and as I already know, authorization is a nucleus constituent of societal work pattern.

From the start as a group we ever knew that we were traveling to use cognitive theory to Fiona. As portion of my single research I focused on cognitive theory and cognitive behavior therapy ( CBT ) as this was the position that we felt as a group would be most good to Fiona. While researching this theory my apprehension of it was that Fiona needed to turn to the deformed image she had of herself as she was faulting herself for experiences non of her devising. She had low self-esteem and low self-efficacy and as such she had developed faulty knowledges about herself. Wessler ( 1986, cited in Gross, 2005, p.286 ) suggests that CBT is ‘the effort to alter knowledge and is ever a agency to an terminal, that end being permanent alterations in mark emotions and behavior ‘ . This I felt is precisely what Fiona needed to make. She needed to alter the ways she thinks ( her knowledge ) so she can alter what she does ( her behavior ) and as such this is the theory that we are a group used in our presentation. It became apparent the more I researched CBT that this is a theory that could be applied to many service users as the battles of day-to-day life can be nerve-racking and CBT could assist them get by better in the hereafter as it can be completed in a comparatively short clip.

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I gained a huge sum of cognition about why societal workers use theory as we prepared for the group presentation. I understand now that theory helps to explicate a state of affairs and possibly how that state of affairs came about. I recognise that theory can be seen as assisting to depict ( what is go oning ) , explain ( why it is go oning ) and predict ( what is likely to go on next ) . In pattern, if I understand all the above I can assist to command a state of affairs and convey about alteration for the service user. I began to recognize that there is no 1 individual theory that can explicate everything. Theories have restrictions excessively and will non work for everyone. I learnt that much of the theory that is used in societal work is drawn from outside the profession and has its roots in psychological science and sociology and that we should ever use the value base to theory. Theory can assist to avoid favoritism and as societal workers we are oriented towards anti-oppressive and empowerment patterns which seek societal alteration. Dominelli ( 2002 p.4 ) suggests that societal workers can assist ‘individuals to understand their state of affairs, make connexions between their personal predicament and that of others, examine power dealingss and their impact on the particulars of their day-to-day modus operandis and get the cognition and accomplishments for taking control of their lives ‘ . When theory is used in pattern it can undo disorderly information and give the societal worker more way in their work with the service user. Using theory in pattern can give an account about why an action resulted in a peculiar effect and as such can assist the societal worker to reexamine and possible alteration in an effort to do the effects more effectual. It became clear to me as I researched that theory is of import in pattern both for the service user and for the societal worker to be more valued in society.

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