Reflection paper Poverty Essay Sample

The one thought that had remained unchanged throughout composing my paper was poorness. Due to the current economic province America is presently confronting. I felt like it was interesting to research upon why America is in poorness compared to other developed states. At first. I was researching on the relationship between poorness and minimal pay. As this thought can hold a whole research paper to its thought itself. I felt as if this paper would hold stop up being a study than an analysis. I was unfastened to read different sentiments from different scholarly writers on what they felt was the conducive factor to poorness. After making more research on poorness in America. I discovered that it is chiefly adult female and kids that life in poorness.

The relationship that first came to mind is because since American households dwelling of individual female parents are raising more than of all time along with increasing divorce rates. has left individual female parents in household in managing work and being the primary caretaker of the house. I became interested in researching if there is a tendency in American households that affects adult females in the workplace. After a piece. I was able to link all research I have collected to one thesis. The research subject that comes into head is what is the difference between how American typically view adult females or how are adult females discriminated in America different from other western states? Why adult females in America are typically poorer compared to work forces in other states? What does it state about American society?

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As I continued to roll up research and developed my thesis. “In order to do any farther patterned advance in the war against poorness. greater accent must be placed on gender equality and the remotion of gender stereotypes that disproportionately affect adult females in the workplace. ” the more the paper became alone. Many research articles I find merely touch upon the fact that adult females are hapless. However. the correlativity between poorness and adult females was ne’er specifically mentioned in any article I have read. I have felt that in my sentiment. stereotypes. dual criterions and favoritism were all factors that contributed to adult females being hapless.