Reflection paper Of the film “John Q” Essay Sample

After watching “John Q” . I have found a figure of sociological constructs that are closely related to the film and they are illustrated below.

The first construct is societal stratification. John Q and his household is classified as the under category of the society. as John Q’s household faced fiscal trouble in paying their rent and their auto was taken off at the beginning of the film. John Q had worked in the heavy machinery industry for 15 old ages. and he was despairing to happen more occupations as his working hours had been cut. His household typically belongs to the working category of the society and it shows the job of low societal mobility – people find it difficult to travel up to another category and derive a better socio-economic position. No affair how difficult John Q worked he could non raise the living criterion of his household. There is a scene about a rich old patient who merely recovered from surgery chew the fating cheerily with a physician about him playing tennis and a immature lady jesting about his legacy. This sets a large contrast to John Q who could non afford to pay to set his son’s name on the bosom recipient’s list and urgently seeking aid. This indicates the job of societal inequality which distribution of resources are unequal among different categories of people.

Above phenomena are common in Hong Kong. Taking pupils as an illustration. pupils who come from rich households have much more resources to have better instruction. so that they can acquire occupations with higher wage and prestigiousness. There is no room for working category to travel. and they all result in low societal mobility and broad wealth spread.

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The 2nd construct is aberrance and societal control. Knowing the infirmary was let go ofing his boy since they were non able to pay the fee. John Q took the exigency room surety. He held a gun and threatened everyone he would kill people unless his son’s name was put on the list. John Q was executing deliberate pervert behaviour which his armed threatening and nobbling action is regarded as committing offense. It is against the societal norm. From a sociological position. societal control is used to avoid and deter aberrance. and to supercharge persons to follow societal norms. John Q was sentenced to jurisprudence imprisonment which is a signifier of formal societal control. Another aberrant behaviour found is the protests of people walking on the streets and inquiring for better insurance policy on health care system. This is considered as functional pervert behaviour since it is a sort of civil noncompliance and induces societal alterations. From the struggle position. it proves the being of inequalities and power derived functions. that insurance companies could randomly alter policies and infirmaries could randomly direct ill patients place.

Aberrance could be easy discovered in our society. Recently. Hong Kong-Chinese struggle raises our concern. For Hong Kong occupants. it is unacceptable that Chinese tourers crouching on the wayside which is barbarian. However. Chinese tourers claimed that it is common to take a remainder when they are tired. As Hong Kong occupants ne’er act this manner. they think it is an irregular manner to hold a interruption. Therefore. Chinese tourers are making against to societal norms. They become unwanted in Hong Kong. Protests and presentations besides occurred demanding limitation on figure of mainland tourers coming to Hong Kong.

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The 3rd construct is societal world. Social world is an individual’s reading of the nonsubjective universe. and it could differ from single to single. When it comes to the offering of medical intervention to patients. In John Q’s position. salvaging human’s life should be set the first precedence. life is more of import than everything. even free medicine should be considered sensible. But in the hospital’s position. money must be paid in order to have medical intervention. For emergent instances. deceasing patients would foremost be settled down. but farther interventions must necessitate paying of money. no affair how serious the instance is. As we can see there are two utmost readings on the same event. and it implies the construct of the building of societal world.

The concluding construct is about religion’s map. One of it is supportive map. John Q and his married woman kept on praying to the God when his boy was deceasing and there was no bosom for organ transplant. They believed that God would give approvals to their boy. This supports Durkheim’s position that faith supports people during hard times of their lives. John Q besides said. “God would give me way. I’m waiting for miracle. ” People believe God give them strength to acquire through life-course passages.

I remember fall ining an evangelistic activity in church last twelvemonth. All map organizers had a one-hour meeting to pray to Jesus. Some of them cried and knelt the land. They said without the aid from God. everything can non be smooth. In the head of Christian. God is much more powerful than everyone.

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In short. societal stratification. aberrance. societal control. societal world and faith are the sociological constructs found. They are non merely exist in the life of the fanciful narrative but our existent life.