Reflection paper Essay

Visiting the Daybreak Family Centre gave me the chance to larn more about societal services in world. Albeit non holding the opportunity to interact with their clients because we were untrained. I had a fruitful treatment session with the societal workers at that place. “Learning in societal work isn’t a additive procedure. ” shared one of the societal worker. Theories though being taught in school – seems like there is an accurate reply – societal work is non a mere transportation of larning. With existent clients. it takes clip to bring forth solutions. Some lessons can merely be self-discovered through experiences. Since societal workers normally deal with case-works. this provided me another insightful take-away of the importance of self-reflection – which allows most practicians to research grounds they response in certain ways. assisting to make self-awareness of ain strength and failings. Social workers excessively have attitudes. yesteryear and biass that will impact their responses to certain things. Without larning from oneself and acknowledge all these. it will be exceptionally hard for societal workers to help clients efficaciously. These societal workers shared that critical contemplation allows them to organize new position of the state of affairs. understand themselves better and therefore. progress.

In societal services. the importance of keeping confidentiality and set uping professional boundaries could non be emphasizes plenty. Besides. bearing in head. societal workers can non overmaster clients. do premises or set ain outlooks on them. I have learnt that merely when appropriate. can so a societal worker take more control of clients’ lives. Social services focal point on client’s self-government. Clients finally have to be responsible of the determinations they make. Social workers can non let a peculiar incident to impact them so as to go on their profession.

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It is evident that females chiefly rule the societal work profession. It struck me on how this negatively impacted the manpower issue. In peculiar. the root cause of delinquency is the distant-father-figure at place. The general consensus that work forces are more likely to be receptive towards other work forces in this issue causes a greater demand for male societal workers. Unless the society takes a measure frontward and alter this psychotic belief that societal work is a “voluntary-work” . non a profession. it will be instead hard to better this state of affairs. This general misconception has to be addressed meritoriously.

On a side note. all the societal workers I have meet were similar angels. kindhearted. apprehension and ne’er failed to have on on a big-smile!