Reconstruction FRQ Essay Sample

After the Civil War ended. America had a large undertaking to cover with. There was desolation throughout the state. The Reconstruction Era started. and the procedure of mending the Union went underway. Newly freed slaves had to get down the procedure of accommodating to society and doing it on their ain. They had some successes. but finally Reconstruction was a failure to African Americans. Reconstruction ( 1865-1877 ) failed to convey societal and economic equality of chance to former American slaves due to supremacist groups who. along with most Southern Whites. pushed for black codifications to be passed which demoralized and limited African Americans rights. and forced them into falling back into slave like inclinations.

Some Southern Whites were so embittered about their former slaves being free in society. that they turned to fall ining secret organisations that aimed to corrupt. panic. and terrorize freedwomans. Many Whites were resentful of the success and ability of black legislators every bit much as they were resentful for the corrupted souls pouring into the South. To cover with this bitterness. secret groups like the KKK emerged. The KKK used folly. and violent force to forestall freedwomans from voting. Many times they flogged. mutilated. or murdered freedwomans to strike fright into those who knew and heard about the hapless unfortunate psyche who was tortured. The KKK would sometimes travel on flings of force and leave 100s of victims behind trembling or dead.

This group. every bit good as others. was utmost racialists who would halt at nil to ache freedwomans. They even attacked incapacitated adult females and kids. who were defenseless against the beastly force of the white work forces. When Congress eventually intervened. Supremacist groups had already done its work of bullying. Many groups. including the KKK. continued their violent patterns against the jurisprudence and where seldom punished in tribunal. Supremacist groups made an ageless grade in forestalling societal and economic equality of chance to former American slaves.

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Black Codes were designed to command the personal businesss of the freedwomans similar to the slave legislative acts that were in topographic point in the pre-Civil War yearss. They varied from badness throughout the South. but they all had a batch in common. The chief end of the Black Codes was to guarantee a stable and subservient labour force for the South. The South’s economic system was crushed because of all the harm done to its Fieldss. They could non lift to power until the Fieldss were fixed. Many Whites wanted to do certain that they kept the tight clasp they had over black workers that they had antecedently had during the yearss of bondage. The Black Codes shortly arose. badly restricting the rights of the freedwomans. Strict curfews. vagrancy Torahs. labour contracts. and land limitations all came from the Black Codes.

Punishments were given to inkinesss who “jumped” their labour contracts which were normally a yearlong to one employer. “Negro-catchers” were paid to convey freedwomans back to their employers. The Black Codes besides sought to reconstruct white racial high quality. The codifications forbade freedwomans to function on juries. some prevented them from having their ain land. some required them to hold an employer. and those who rented lodging could be punished by the landlord. When freedwomans were allowed to vote. some provinces issued codifications that prevented them from voting unless they met rigorous demands. The Black Codes badly limited the success of freedwomans and took off many chances that would let them to thrive.

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The ambiance environing the freedwomans made it really hard to win. which forced many of them to fall back into slave like inclinations. Because of white supremacist groups and Black Codes. freedwomans had really limited chances to go successful on their ain. To get down with. many former slaves had nil when they were emancipated. They did non hold anyplace to populate. and many did non hold any money to purchase land. White persons took advantage of this and hired their former slaves and paid them following to nil which forced them to work for the employer until they could salvage up adequate money to go forth ( which was about impossible ) .

These freedwomans were basically brought back into the bridgeheads of bondage. Sharecropping was another manner that indispensable edge freedwomans to their employers in a slave-like manner. A freedwoman would go a tenant husbandman who would be provided with recognition for seed. tools. populating quarters. and nutrient. who worked an employer’s land and agreed to give a portion of his harvests. Many times the husbandmans would be unlucky and stop up acquiring sucked into the “morass of practical peonage” for coevalss. They basically became slaves to their creditors/employers. Freed African Americans were unluckily susceptible to break one’s back like inclinations. and there was nil they could make about it.

The Reconstruction had good purposes as to how to roll up freed African Americans into society ; they merely did non work out. Reconstruction failed to convey societal and economic equality chances to former slaves. White supremacist groups terrorized freedwomans. Black Codes limited infinite chances for them. and share-cropping caused them to fall back into a rhythm of bondage. Freedmans would non be given proper chances until the Southern Whites could larn to accept the African Americans as peers.

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