Reasons For Developing Strategy Information Technology Essay

The United Nations Secretariat is an international working squad in New York, the United Nations Secretary-General, and international civil retainers worldwide. Secretariat serves the other organisations under United Nations, and to put to death the organisations ‘ programs and policies.

The United Nations Secretariat provides surveies, information, and installations needed by United Nations organic structures for their meetings. The information is really of import for the organisation. The working squad of Secretariat is directed by the United Nations Security Council, the United Nations General Assembly, the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and other United Nations organic structures.

The Secretariat is an of import National organisation, it needs to transport out undertakings with the highest criterions of efficiency, competency and unity. The undertakings are extremely related to Nations political, safety and confidential issues. Therefore, information and information security is of the kernel to the Secretariat.

Reasons for developing the scheme

Information security has become one of the really of import attack of the organisation. The organisation is to accomplish the end to acquire the enfranchisement ISO 27001 information security direction. [ Ted Humphreys ] said that ISO/IEC 27001:2005 has been developed by diverse organizaA­tions with a common involvement – that of protecting their inforA­mation assets, the “ life-blood “ of all concerns. [ Vinod Kumar ] BS 7799 ( ISO 27001 ) consists of 134 best security patterns which organisations can follow to construct their Security Infrastructure. So it use to bettering the information security direction system papers to develop the scheme.

The organisation is use the unfastened beginning toolkits Six Degree to development the information security direction system. The ISMS is allows an organisation to specify how it will run in order to accomplish its ends and demands while still efficaciously protecting its information substructure and informations assets. If developed decently scheme provides a roadmap for success that includes the definition of the capablenesss, ends, timelines, maps, demands, and prosodies

required to develop and implement an effectual set of capablenesss.

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The grounds for developing the scheme are efficiency and handiness. By utilizing the scheme, it could free of the traditional blessing procedures. The system can be easy managed, organized. Policy, hazard and resource can be easy accessed, the hearers can utilize less on reading paperss, and pass more clip on understanding the organisation ‘s latest operation.

The ISMS can analyse the security and hazards control, and to follow the trail of job created. It is besides a cost-benefit attack that could maintain senior direction support by holding public presentation with low cost.


Due to the undertaking are successful to get the ISO/IEC 27001:2005 requirment, It can take the scheme to widen the range to other office.

Let the international organisation archive the end, the attack to utilize the undertaking direction method and ISMS follow the plan-do-check-act ( PDCA ) execution procedure. The PDCA lifecycle is underlying method/strategy which underpins the ISO 27001 attack:

First, it Plan to make a ISMS construction,

DO ( implementing and runing for the ISMS )

CHECK ( monitoring and reexamining the ISMS through the execution

ACT ( Reviewing, keeping and bettering the undertaking ) .

Fig. 1

It use the Six Degree unfastened beginning toolkit to plan the ISMS construction, work flows and resource allotment. It use the system theory and visual image method apply to the ISMS. That ‘s can be stand for the information as graphic. The system can roll up, analysis and describe the require information. It doing usage of information both internal and external to the organisation to measure the security issues the high hazards. Analysis the security demands, budget and civilization, that to develop a right information security scheme.

The ISMS provide simple interface for maintain the input, hazard control and undertaking timeline. Then follow the guidelines from the COBIT Governance Framework ( Fig ) . Use it to measure the organisation ‘s success of the activity.

Then utilize the conformity tracking methods to supply feedback to pull off disposal, represent in a splashboard, so it can specify hazard appraisals, analysis and place spreads, and program to better pattern.

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Human resource and activity direction comprises a set of policies designed to the organisation enhance direction capableness.

Finally utilize the operational critical menaces and exposure rating – OCTAVE methodological analysis to turn toing the information security hazard for easiness identify, analyze, and prioritize.

Form the above measure, it has different method to develop the organisation information security scheme.

Critical analysis of the success of the scheme

The success factor of the scheme is follow the ISO27001 standard process to construct up a ISMS. It has reflected the complex of control instruments.

Information Security Management Systems ( ISMS ) provides the clearest grounds that a company has taken clearly identifiable stairss to protect the confidentiality, unity and handiness of the organisation ‘s information assets. An ISMS is critical to an organisation that takes security earnestly and follows the pattern that regulation.

different states have different type of technological, economic, and educational development, I expect a something is the importance of success factors of ISM.

Fig. 2

[ Dr. Bill Brykczynski and Bob Small ] believe that a successful ISMS, like most systems, depends on the careful balance and interaction between people, procedure, and engineering. The chief consequence is to cut down hazard to the organisation from the potency.

via media of any information asset.From this figure, it can demo the information security scheme. The people may be deficiency of the cognition to do a error, this is a human factor to merchandise the job. The organisations have a proficient job to near a security scheme, the package have limit map to do the security job. they neglect the people and processes that make the engineering work. So it need a procedure to analysis the job with the iso 27001 certification. It need the alteration to better the organisation security.

In order to construct an appropriate information security scheme for an organisation, we assess and define their specific security demands, design a solution that meets those alone demands and deploy the necessary policies, engineering and processs to drive this solution. An organisation ‘s overall security scheme will supply a model for specifying those elements necessary in edifice and keeping a security direction system plan.

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IT use a six degree toolkit and PDCA lifecycle to plan a ISMS system to stand for the whole construction. The PDCA lifecycle can assist to developing, implementing, and bettering an organisation information security system. It is appropriate for develop a ISMS to protect the security of an organisation ‘s information assets for its strategic.

In the develop the ISMS, it use some standard process to assist set up. This can assist to success file away the end.

COBIT Governance Framework — COBIT enables the development of clear policy and good pattern for IT control throughout administrations, worldwide. ( P6 COBIT Steering Committee, COBITA® 3rd Edition Framework ) it is framework scheme to assist the organisation develop and maintain criterions system. The undermentioned diagram is the basic rule flow.


Use the OCTAVE methodological analysis can be manage information security hazard appraisals for easiness of ingestion. It approach uses catalogs of information to mensurate organisational patterns, analyze menaces, and construct protection schemes. [ Pyka Marek, Januszkiewicz Paulina ] OCTAVE is an of import first measure in nearing information security hazard direction. The OCTAVE attack is defined in a set of standards that includes rules, properties, and end products. Principles are the cardinal constructs driving the nature of the rating.

The attack usage more utile engineering and methodological analysis to develop a easiness apprehension and graphical ISMS. But “ Technical attacks entirely ca n’t

solve security jobs for the simple ground that information security is n’t

simply a proficient job ” [ Wade H. Baker, Linda Wallace ] . The ISMS chiefly to clearly demo up the organisation ‘s information security hazards. It is successful use the ISMS alternatively the papers to simple present the hearer end. And acquire to the hearer recognized.